My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 143 Review

My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 143 Review

Himiko and Spinner Still Have a Chance

My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 143 was a set-up episode. Nothing really happened in this episode. But, it set up future developments. Some of those developments seem like they’re going to come to fruition next week. And some may not happen for years.

So, the stuff that I don’t see happening any time soon has to do with Himiko and Spinner. I’ve been saying for a very long time that Himiko’s going to change sides. She has good in her. She just needs someone (Urarako) to save her.

I might have been saying this since Himiko was first introduced. It just makes sense for her character to eventually help the heroes fight against All-for-One. And, I don’t know if I’ve said this about Spinner before, but the same is true for his character.

Himiko with a vial of Twice's blood from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 143
Himiko with a vial of Twice’s blood

At the start of Episode 143, we see how both of these characters are still holding on to the good within them. Himiko went back to her childhood home and was reminiscing about the past. I don’t think she wanted to be a villain. However, the villains were the ones who accepted her.

When she was younger, people around her were afraid of her quirk. And we see the same thing with Spinner. He feels like society treats him as a second-class citizen because he’s a heteromorph. So, it’s not that he wanted to be a villain — they were the ones to accept him.

Something I’ve definitely said before is that these two are loyal to Shigaraki. They’re not loyal to All-for-One. That’s why I see them swapping sides. Deku wants to save Shigaraki from his fate. And once Himiko and Spinner see what All-for-One is doing to Shigaraki, they’ll work with Deku to save him.

Imagine Being an Uraraka Fan

The Uraraka content in this episode reminded me of something. Kouhei Horikoshi really hates writing good female characters. Seriously, name one from this series. It’s certainly not Uraraka. And, I mean, look at what he did with Star and Stripe. She could have been such a cool and interesting character.

Now, this is a complaint many have made against a lot of the big shounen mangaka. Kishimoto, the mangaka of Naruto, is another one who comes to mind. I like Sakura, but yeah, I get it. Compared to Naruto and Sasuke, she takes a backseat.

Horikoshi’s even worse about this, though. With Naruto, people didn’t think Kishimoto could write female characters well. With My Hero Academia, Horikoshi doesn’t even try. I remember how Season 1 kind of introduced Uraraka as the female lead of the series alongside Deku and Bakugo. But, that didn’t last long. Todoroki replaced her almost immediately.

Izuku Midoriya from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 143
Izuku Midoriya

I guess you could argue that Uraraka’s gotten a better deal than, say, Nobara in Jujutsu Kaisen. But has she really? Obviously, Jujutsu Kaisen is another shounen series guilty of shafting female characters. However, I think what Gege did in that series is better than how Uraraka faded into the background here.

I can’t imagine being an Uraraka fan at this point. Do they still exist? I get that I’m a Rock Lock fan, and he has like 5 minutes of screen time in the whole series. But at least he does stuff when he’s on screen.

Okay, but what about other female characters besides Uraraka? People like Froppy, Mina, and Tooru. There’s also Mt. Lady and Midnight. Though, didn’t Midnight die last season? Well, anyway, those characters are all fine, at best. I’d say the only female character with real potential in this series is Himiko.

The Final Plan for the Second Decisive Battle

It pained me when All Might mentioned “the final plan for the second decisive battle” in this episode. Why? Because I know that the manga is still ongoing and is far ahead of the anime. So, this isn’t going to be anywhere near the final battle of the series.

If this is the second decisive battle, how many more decisive battles are we going to have before it’s over? And how many plans are each of those battles going to involve? I just want the series to wrap up at this point.

The good news is that it looks like the next episode should have some decent action. I didn’t watch the preview because I want it to be a surprise. So, I’m really hoping that the preview didn’t reveal that we’re not going to get the big fight next week.

All-for-One from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 143

Okay, so how did this final plan for the second decisive battle work? I don’t know, and neither does All-for-One. I don’t know how the heroes managed to trick All-for-One. Whose quirk lets them prevent All-for-One from finding out Aoyama was lying to him? Or, whose quirk turns Aoyama’s lies into truths? I have no idea.

Also, All-for-One was confused about how the heroes were able to use Kurogiri’s portal quirk. But I’m pretty sure we learned about that in one of the previous seasons. I don’t remember the details. However, I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to be a mystery to the viewer.

Unfortunately, since I know this season isn’t going to be the end of the series, the fights don’t matter much to me. Like, I know this fight isn’t going to solve anything. Maybe a single hero or villain will get defeated. But in the grand scheme of things, will that even matter?

Final Thoughts

What do you think of My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 143? Do you agree with my theory that Himiko and Spinner will change sides? Are you still an Uraraka fan, if you ever were to begin with? And are you looking forward to the fight that I assume is going to happen next week?

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