My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 144 Review

My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 144 Review

The Plan to Trick All-for-One

There’s a lot of time-wasting exposition in My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 144. For example, before getting to All Might’s plan, we have to listen to him hype it up again for a few minutes. And the same thing happens with Eraserhead’s plan, too.

I won’t say My Hero Academia is at Tensura levels of nothing happening. But it’s been going in that direction. I guess it’s more like One Piece, at this point. And that’s kind of an issue because One Piece airs year-round. MHA is a seasonal anime, so it shouldn’t have to stall out the run time.

Okay, so what’s the plan to trick All-for-One? The first stage of the plan relies on Shinsou’s quirk that lets him control other people. Before, he could only control their actions, not their thoughts and words. But after training, he doesn’t have that drawback.

Hitoshi Shinsou from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 144
Hitoshi Shinsou

When Aoyama is on the phone with All-for-One, Shinsou is controlling him. Somehow, this makes Aoyama’s words neither come from himself nor Shinsou. So, All-for-One’s lie detector doesn’t work. That doesn’t really make sense, at least to me. But, sure. I guess that’s fine. Horikoshi kind of wrote himself into a corner with that one.

The second stage of the plan relies on Monoma’s quirk that lets him copy other quirks. This is how the heroes are able to use Kurogiri’s portal quirl. They simply have Monoma copy it. By using this quirk, the heroes can send their forces to the battlefield and also split up the villains’ forces.

Later in the episode, Monoma also copies Eraserhead’s quirk to help fight against Shigaraki. Eraserhead can still use his quirk. But with only one eye, it’s not as effective as it once was. This is why the heroes need to rely on Monoma.

Divide and Conquer

Let’s talk about the part of the most important part of the plan: Dividing and conquering the villains. There’s pretty much no way the heroes would win if it was an all-out war. The combination of All-for-One and Shigaraki in one place would be too much to overcome.

So, that’s why the heroes need to split the villain’s forces up. And, in doing so, they split their own forces up so that they have an advantage. At least, that appears to be the case. If a hero has a quirk that’s effective against a villain’s quirk, that hero will be on the team fighting that villain.

Some of the notable matchups include Endeavor vs. All-for-One, Shouto vs. Dabi, and Deku vs. Shigaraki. Though, it’s not as if those heroes are alone. Endeavor has the help of other pro heroes, like Hawks. Shouto has other people with him, though I forget who. And Deku has the likes of Bakugo, Best Jeanist, and Mirko.

Dabi from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 144

Unfortunately for the heroes, their plan doesn’t exactly work. It almost works. But the one thing they didn’t account for is Himiko Toga’s crazy obsession. As the villains and heroes are being funneled into various portals, Himiko lassos Deko and drags him in with her.

Once the groups of heroes and villains are divided up, it quickly becomes apparent that Deku isn’t where he’s supposed to be. He went through the girls’ portal — you know because Uraraka and Tsu are always paired up against Himiko.

That’s kind of a big deal. It means that he’s not fighting against Shigaraki. And if Deku’s not fighting against Shigaraki, do the other heroes fighting him even stand a chance? Probably not. So, my prediction is Deku will use his Gearshift and Float quirks to traverse Japan in an instant.

There Are No Side Characters Here

Most episodes of MHA don’t have quotes that stand out. However, Episode 144 had one. When the pro heroes are trying to convince Monoma to help them with his quirk, Monoma says he always felt like a side character. His quirk isn’t a main character quirk.

And in response to this, Vlad King says, “There are no side characters here.” What he means is that everyone has an important role to play. Even if someone’s quirk doesn’t seem that impressive, it allows them to do something only they can do.

This could have been a cool quote. It’s definitely memorable. But there are some problems I have with it. And the first is that there definitely are side characters here. No matter what they tell Monoma, he is and always will be a side character. Even Vlad King, the one who says the quote, is a side character.

Neito Monoma using Eraserhead's quirk from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 144
Neito Monoma using Eraserhead’s quirk

The second problem with this quote is that it feels like it’s trying to copy Vinland Saga. If you’ve seen or read Vinland Saga, I think you’ll know what line I’m referring to. It’s Thorfinn’s iconic line, “I don’t have any enemies.”

Obviously, the meanings of Thorfinn’s and Vlad King’s lines are different. But they were delivered in the same way and serve the same purpose. These are lines meant to inspire and change the way we (the viewers/readers and the characters) think about the world.

I’m sure there’s going to be one person who’s thinking, “But that Vinland Saga episode only came out last year! Horikoshi wrote the chapters this episode adapted back in 2022!” You’re right. But the manga chapter in which Thorfinn said that iconic line came out in 2013. I find it very unlikely Horikoshi wasn’t inspired by that.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 144? Do you like how Shinsou was able to use his quirk to trick All-for-One? How do you think Deku is going to get to the battlefield he’s supposed to be at? And what did you think of Vlad King’s line about there being no side characters?

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