My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 145 Review

My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 145 Review

It’s Not a Quirk — Source: Trust Me, Bro

First of all, My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 145 was not a good episode. And this isn’t only my opinion. I asked other people who were watching what they thought, and they agreed. This season isn’t very good, and this episode was bad.

Second of all, why does Shigaraki have a new quirk that’s “totally not a quirk?” You can’t tell me that his infinite fingers have nothing to do with a quirk and that’s just what his body is like now. That doesn’t make any sense.

Well, okay, so in a way, I suppose it makes sense. Look at Froppy. If Aizawa used his quirk on her to suppress her quirk, would she suddenly lose her frog-like characteristics? I don’t think so. And that means that technically, Shigaraki’s fingers could work in the same way.

Shigaraki and his fingers from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 145
Shigaraki and his fingers

However, this isn’t something the series has ever explored before. At least, I can’t think of a time Aizawa used his quirk on a heteromorph. And because of that, this new “ability” Shigaraki got that apparently isn’t a quirk feels cheap. If there was precedent for it, I wouldn’t be as upset about it as I am.

Also, what even is a quirk? From what I remember, quirks are the result of mutation within genes. There are infinite different ways genes can mutate, so there are infinite different ways quirks can manifest. But if that’s the case, how does Aizawa’s quirk work?

Like, how does his quirk know what other quirks are? If quirks are simply the result of mutated genes, how does Aizawa’s quirk differentiate between Shigaraki’s Decay and his thousand fingers? As far as I know, there’s not a single quirk gene that Aizawa’s eyes turn off. Somehow, they know what is and isn’t a quirk.

Himiko Continues to Be the Best Villain

I might have mentioned this in my review of Episode 143 when I was discussing Himiko, but she’s the best villain in the series. I think she’s the only villain whose backstory I actually like. And she’s not evil simply for the sake of being evil, which is good, too.

But why is her backstory and general characterization better than the other villains? Well, what’s Shigaraki’s reason for becoming a villain? Isn’t it just that he felt neglected by his family or something? Like, his parents and grandparents didn’t have time for him — something like that.

And now, because of that, his goal is to create chaos in the world. Yeah, I don’t really find that a very compelling backstory. But at least it’s better than All-for-One. I mean, from what I remember, he’s just evil and wants to force his will on others.

Himiko Toga blushing from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 145
Himiko Toga blushing

The worst of them all is Dabi, though. He’s in his 20s or something and is having a teenage temper tantrum because his father was strict. Seriously? Grow up. Like most people, I thought Dabi was cool when he was first introduced. But now? He’s lame.

Spinner’s actually pretty good. His whole thing is that people treated him poorly because he’s a heteromorph. And he’s not exactly a villain. He’s fighting for justice in his own, twisted way. That’s pretty interesting and I want to see more of him going forward.

But then there’s Himiko. Like Spinner, she’s not exactly a villain. Though, she’s definitely more of a villain than he is. Really, Himiko’s just a girl who doesn’t conform to society. Her emotions are all twisted up, and she knows she’s not normal. However, she still only wants everyone to treat her as they would anyone else. I can fix her.

Look at How Little Happened

Did you notice how little happened in this episode? It was almost a recap episode. I know there are going to be some hardcore MHA fans who disagree with that, but look at how little happened in this episode. The majority of it was literally recapping stuff or characters standing around.

First, All Might recapped the whole plan that we just watched play out in Episode 144. Then, there was the OP. And after the OP, there was more recap covering what’s happened so far with Shigaraki. The title screen didn’t even pop up until 8 minutes and 45 seconds into the episode.

The next roughly 10 minutes covered the Himiko stuff, which was better. There was new content here. But there was also still quite a bit of recap mixed in. We got recap of Himiko’s backstory, recap of her previous fight with Uraraka, and recap of other random Himiko moments.

Dabi from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 145

Finally, from about 18 minutes and 30 seconds to the end of the episode, we got Dabi and Shouto dialogue. Well, and some random dialogue from Endeavor’s sidekicks who are there, too. But I wouldn’t call anything that happened during this part of the episode important.

So, overall, there was what? Maybe 7 minutes of actual content in a nearly 24-minute-long episode? Yeah, and I think we all need to prepare for this to be the new normal for this series. The manga’s still ongoing. We have at least a few more seasons of MHA before it’s over, and it’s going to drag.

Also, I should point out that a lot of the content we got wasn’t good content. There was that whole thing about Deku getting flustered when Himiko confessed. And then Froppy “saved the day” by not letting Deku find out Uraraka likes him, too.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 145? Did you think it was as bad as I did? How do you feel about Shigaraki’s infinite fingers not being considered a quirk? And which of the main villains do you think has the best backstory?

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