New Game!

New Game!

New Game! anime cover art featuring main and supporting characters
New Game! Cover Art


New Game! is a slice of life anime about an all-female video game company. There’s not much going on here other than the various characters interacting with each other both in and out of work.

The show is built around a core group of four characters who I’ll go into a bit more in the characters section below. Other than that core group, however, there are many supporting characters who are almost like main characters themselves.


Aoba is the protagonist and the newest recruit to the company. She dreamed of working as a character designer for games ever since she played one of the games made by Eagle Jump when she was younger. Coincidentally, Eagle Jump is where she gets hired.

Aoba is fairly small and due to this in conjunction with her twin tails hairstyle and suit which looks like a school uniform, she is often mistaken for a middle school student instead of an adult.

Hifumi is another character designer who works at Eagle Jump. She’s quiet and has trouble talking to other people when not through some sort of medium such as an online chat. When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her pet hedgehog and dressing up in cosplay for events.

Over time, Hifumi becomes more comfortable around Aoba, who is in many ways her opposite. While Hifumi tends to be quiet and alone, Aoba is very outgoing and wants to make friends.

Yun is a third character designer who specializes in drawing up monsters for the games. She’s a tsundere character who dresses in a maid-like fashion. It’s not quite a maid’s outfit, but it’s also not quite gothic lolita either. She’s the “girly-girl” character of the group despite her love of creating monsters.

Hajime is the opposite of Yun. She’s a tomboy who is the only one of this main group of characters who isn’t on the character design team. Instead she is part of the animation team, but works in the cubicle with the character design team because there is no room for her with her team. She is very energetic and has a lot of toy weapons on the wall near her work-space which she uses to figure out how characters would move with them in games.

Hifumi is the senior of the main group, Hajime and Yun came next, and Aoba the following year.

Aoba Suzukaze looking surprised from the New Game! anime
Aoba Suzukaze


There are currently two seasons of New Game! which are differentiated by the number of exclamation points at the end of the title. The first season has one exclamation point and the second season has two. Each of these seasons takes place over the development course of a different game created by Eagle Jump.

While I did like this anime, it didn’t have anything special going on. Because of this, I can only give it a 6/10 despite the fact that I enjoyed it.

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