Nobunaga-sensei’s Young Bride

Nobunaga-sensei’s Young Bride

Nobunaga-sensei's Young Bride anime series cover art
Nobunaga-sensei’s Young Bride


Nobunaga-sensei’s Young Bride (Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma / ノブナガ先生の幼な妻) is a highly echhi, romantic comedy series. However, unlike one of the other ecchi series I watched this season, Why the hell are you here, Teacher!?, I don’t think that this one would have been better off as a hentai.

Stay tuned for my review of that series in the future, by the way.

Oddly enough, despite being ecchi trash, I think that the fact this anime only has 12-minute episodes was actually a bad thing. Typically I would say the opposite, but there was just something about this series which always left me feel like it ended too soon.

But don’t let that trick you into thinking this is a good anime by any stretch of the imagination. It definitely wasn’t the worst anime of the season, but it wasn’t anywhere near good. Honestly though, I don’t think it was ever trying to be good.

Nobunaga Oda from the anime series Nobunaga-sensei's Young Bride
Nobunaga Oda

So what is Nobunaga-sensei’s Young Bride all about? It follows a standard, single guy, probably in his 30s, who works as a history teacher in a high school. His name? Nobunaga Oda, of course, the same as the legendary, historical, Japanese figure.

Nothing too out of the ordinary so far, but just wait. When Nobunaga touches ancient Japanese artifacts, he summons the lovers of his ancestor, Nobunaga Oda, from the past. Also, when he touches girls (or boys) whose ancestors were lovers of his own, they become possessed by the spirits of those ancestors.

Why does this matter? Because they all want a piece of Nobunaga. Thus begins the harem, power fantasy of a 30-year-old virgin.

Censored vs. Uncensored

As is the case with a decent amount of censored, ecchi anime, there’s an uncensored version as well. Or, in the case of this series, there’s a less censored version. Obviously I chose to watch the “uncensored” version, but I also checked out the censored version as well so I could compare the two.

Of these two versions, the censored one is funnier. The reason for this is because they way they chose to censor everything is to simply put a rainbow filter over the entire bodies of characters who are naked. The “uncensored” version, on the other hand, opts to put a chibi version of the respective character’s face in front of any promiscuous body parts.

Honestly I think the censoring in the “uncensored” version would have done the trick for the censored version as well. However, it should be noted that this chibi-censoring wasn’t applied to the one adult, female character. She’s completely uncensored as far as TV censoring is concerned.

If you’ve seen Haganai then you may be familiar with this form of selective censoring. Essentially, any female character who is, or appears to be, underage is censored. Though I’m pretty sure in Haganai Sena isn’t actually of legal age, she just has the most “mature” body type which is why she’s uncensored.

Interestingly, not all anime follow this trend. I remember in particular that the final episode of Is This A Zombie? of the Dead included an uncensored shot of Haruna. And if you’re familiar with that series you’ll know that Haruna is underage and very much looks underage. So I’m not quite sure how that was allowed.

Anyway, both versions of this series are mostly censored. Which one you watch just depends on the level of censorship you want.


I don’t remember all of the characters’ names, and not all of them are even listed on the Wikipedia page for this series. So with that in mind I’ll only be going over a few of the major characters.

First up we have the titular Nobunaga Oda. I’m not really sure how this guy got a job as a teacher, because he’s clearly attracted to high school girls. In fact, he doesn’t really seem to try hiding his preferences, he just occasionally says things like “no I can’t do that; it’s illegal.” To which the girls respond, “then don’t tell anyone.”

Kichou Saitou is the original Nobunaga Oda’s wife. She was transported into the current century when the current Nobunaga touched an antique vase or something. She’s 14 years old, hence the title of the series. She’s also determined to have Nobunaga’s children at any cost.

Kichou Saitou from the anime series Nobunaga-sensei's Young Bride
Kichou Saitou

Kitsuno Ikoma is one of Nobunaga Oda’s concubines. Like Kichou, she too was summoned into the current century after Nobunaga interacted with an antique, though she was resurrected rather than transported. Despite her physical appearance, Kitsuno is actually 29, something Nobunaga is thrilled to hear.

Mayu Biwajima is one of Nobunaga’s students who has a crush on him. And as creepy as it is, he tells her how happy he is when she confesses to him. Upon being touched by Nobunaga, the spirit of one of Biwajima’s ancestors, a former concubine of Nobunaga, takes over her body.

The final character I’ll mention is Yuri Hoshigaoka. She’s another teacher at the same school as Nobunaga, and much like Biwajima has her body taken over by a former concubine of Nobunaga’s. While she finds Nobunaga gross, she’s strangely okay with his relationships with the younger girls.


Overall I gave Nobunaga-sensei’s Young Bride a 3/10. It was strangely entertaining to watch, which is why I wouldn’t have minded the episodes being full length. But it was still a really bad anime with barely any other redeeming qualities aside from pure entertainment.

And somehow it seems to be getting a second season. I don’t understand how this series did well enough to secure a second season, but the ending of this season set it up. I’ve also heard rumors that there will in fact be a second season, though I haven’t confirmed them for myself just yet.

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