Okaa-san Online Episode 2

Okaa-san Online Episode 2

It’s Just a Coincidence They’re All Girls. Got That? Wipe That Smirk Off Your Face.

In my review of the first episode of Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? I made the bold claim that this series didn’t have anything that truly set it apart from other isekai series. I’ll be the first to admit that I may have jumped the gun with that assumption.

While I stand by my criticisms of the first episode, the second episode opened my eyes to the possibilities that lie ahead for this series. And to explain what I mean, I’ll be using One Punch Man as a parallel. If you’re concerned about general OPM season 2 spoilers, just skip down to the final paragraph of this section.

OPM season 1 was all about Saitama and the comedy surrounding his immense power. That’s almost how I assumed Okaa-san Online was going to be. And because I assumed that, I was severely disappointed when it turned out that Mamako doesn’t really play that same role.

Instead, Okaa-san Online seems to be much more like OPM season 2, in which Saitama is still around and overpowered, but is no longer the focus. Instead of the series following Saitama or Mamako, they’re all-powerful beings who exist off to the side which we can compare all the other characters to.

And this is why episode 1 of Okaa-san Online didn’t have much of an impact; the other characters who are to be compared against Mamako didn’t yet exist. Episode 2 solves this problem with the introduction of two, dare I say great, characters: Porta and Wise.

Porta the Porter

I wasn’t sure how to feel about Porta when she was first introduced, but I warmed up to her over the course of the episode. She’s the cute, wholesome girl who’s likely to be the fan favorite despite not actually being the best girl. You know, like how everyone loved Rem even though Betty exists and is clearly better.

But just because I don’t think Porta is going to be the best girl doesn’t mean she’s not a good character so far. She’s definitely cute, and that seems to be her whole purpose. She’s the cute girl who the other party members view as a daughter, little sister, or pet.

Porta saluting from the anime series Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?
Porta saluting

Porta was the first adventurer who applied to join Masato and Mamako’s party and was accepted. Mamako rejected all of the previous applicants for various reasons, mainly because she viewed their classes or unique skills to be too violent or criminal.

However, Porta doesn’t have that problem. Her class is that of a merchant, a respectable job, and she’s registered as a non-combatant. While this means Porta is unable to help during fights, it also means that she gets the Mamako seal of approval.

And it’s not like Porta is entirely useless either; she’s a support character. Her bag can carry 300 items of any size and weight, she can appraise and create items, and she can get discounts at various inns and shops. As Mamako says, she’s a walking discount coupon.

Wise the Face-Stepper

Now we get to the true best girl, Wise. Wise is a mage who seems to be fairly competent when her magic isn’t being sealed by slime monsters. We see her use a variety of spells such as attacks, teleportation, and transformation, so it’s clear that she’ll be useful to the party.

But what makes her the best girl is that she’s a sadistic tsundere who’s both aggressive and cute at the same time. Honestly, if you don’t want Wise to look down on you with a smug expression while also stepping on you, I don’t think you and I can be friends.

Wise looking down on you from the anime series Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?
Wise looking down on you

She’s smart, funny, cute, dominating, and arrogant. What more could you want from a best girl? It’s possible that the third and final(?) girl to be joining the party could be better than Wise, but I think that’s extremely unlikely. She’s kind of like if you were to mix Rin and Luvia from Fate.

Also I kept a counter of how many times we got Wise panty shots and by the end of episode 2 there were eight of them (not counting every time we saw them while she was flipping when falling from the sky). I think I’ve seen enough ecchi trash anime to know that’s also a sign of best girl.

Mom’s Massively Maternal Multiplayer Making-Up-With-Offspring Role-Playing Game

Wise is also the one to inform us, and Masato, that the game they’re in isn’t just any MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game). It’s actually an MMMMMRPG (Mom’s Massively Maternal Multiplayer Making-Up-With-Offspring Role-Playing Game).

But what does that mean for our heroes? For starters, it explains why Mamako was sent into the game world along with Masato. The purpose of this game is to create an environment where mothers and their children can learn to work together and get along. And, our main duo weren’t the only pair sent here.

Both Wise and Porta were also sent into this game world with their mothers. I don’t believe we know how Porta came to be separated from her mom just yet, but Wise apparently ditched her mom because she got on her nerves. Classic Wise move.

As for why the genre of game matters, there’s a win condition which needs to be achieved in order to escape from the game world. The mother and child must make up and learn to get along with each other. While this is currently achievable for Masato and Mamako, Porta and Wise are currently separated from their own mothers.

And since we don’t yet know why or how Porta was separated from her mom, there isn’t much to say about why she joined up with Masato and Mamako. Perhaps she didn’t mean to get separated and hopes that by joining them she’ll be reunited with her mom.

As for Wise, we know exactly why she joined their party. Wise hoped that Mamako would adopt her so that she could fulfill the completion requirement without needing to make up with her own mom. Again, classic Wise move.


Have you watched the second episode of Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? If so, what did you think of it compared to the first episode? Did you like it more as I did? Or are you one of those people who thinks Wise’s panty shots ruined the integrity of the series? Let me know in the comments.

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