Okaa-san Online Episode 3

Okaa-san Online Episode 3

Underwear is Armor. Make Sure It’s High in Defense. Otherwise, My Son Might Die!

Episode 3 of Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? (Okaa-san Online) wasn’t quite as good as the previous episode. After all, there was only one Wise panty-shot compared to eight featured in episode 2. I was really hoping this would be one of her running gags since it was so overplayed early on.

But what really made this episode worse was the lack of any meaningful content other than the setup for the first antagonist of the series. While you might think what I mean by that is simply that the episode was slow, that’s not exactly the case. I’ll explain more about what I mean as we make our way through this review.

The episode starts off with our party of heroes getting fitted with some sweet, new armor. In particular, Mamako tries on a few sets — one of which is pictured below — which Masato doesn’t seem to appreciate as much as the viewers.

Mamako Oosuki trying on armor from the anime series Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?
Mamako Oosuki trying on armor

In the end, Mamako settles on the less provocative set we see her wearing on the anime cover art and in most promotional material. Basically it’s just elbow pads. I’m sure Porta also got a somewhat different outfit, but I honestly couldn’t tell, so maybe she didn’t.

As for Wise and Masato, they’re now matching (cute), though Wise’s outfit is red while Masato’s is blue. At least, I’m pretty sure they weren’t matching before now. I’d have to go back and check, but I refuse to do that so just take my word that they weren’t matching before.

This is the first piece of “meaningless content” in the episode I was referring to. Did it really add anything?

Hot Springs Adventure!

I’m sure I’ve said this many times before, but a good comedy anime is achieved when characters with good chemistry are thrown into unforeseen, yet “realistic” scenarios. KonoSuba is my go-to pick to illustrate this idea, and since Okaa-san Online is also an isekai, it works even better as a parallel.

Sure, the scenes of Mamako trying on armor may have been a bit funny in the moment, but think of them in the long run. Did that really add anything to the series other than being a one-off gag? The answer is, probably not. But one instance of this happening isn’t enough for me to say an episode wasn’t all that good.

Next our heroes go to a hot spring, because why not? This is where my parallel to KonoSuba comes in. Sure, KonoSuba puts our band of misfits into a wide variety of crazy scenarios, but they all make sense within the world the series sets up from the start.

In KonoSuba they go to a hot springs town, but not “just because hot springs episode.” I mean, I’m sure that was the reason it was put into the series, but Kazuma and his party actually have a reason for going there which is laid out beforehand. They don’t simply find themselves there.

Further, the fact that the characters are at a hot spring isn’t the sole gag of their trip in KonoSuba. Other things happen! The same can’t really be said for Okaa-san Online. In this series, nearly everything that happens at the hot spring is directly related to the fact that our characters are at a hot spring together.

It even included mixed bathing, though there wasn’t nearly enough good content of Wise in the hot spring.

Empress of Night

So after all the hot springs shenanigans go down, we learn a bit more about a shadowy enemy who was previously mentioned by the mayor of the town, the Empress of Night. From her very first response to hearing this name, it was obvious that Wise was somehow connected — and by somehow, I mean it’s her mother.

From Wise we learn that her parents got a divorce when she was younger, and only recently did her mother come back and try to make amends with Wise. The pair then opted into the MMMMMORPG in which our heroes are stuck. And that’s when the problems started again.

Once Wise’s mother realized that she was powerful and could make men bend to her will, she tossed aside any thought of making up with Wise. After all, why should she make up with her daughter and be sent back out of the game when this world is perfect for her?

Wise hugging Porta on her lap from the anime series Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?
Wise hugging Porta on her lap

And this is the final thing I’ll complain about in this episode. I get that antagonists are going to exist, and I’m not saying that antagonists in general are bad. However, I don’t think serious antagonists are something that comedy series like this one really need.

The draw of a series like this is, in fact, the comedy, not the overall story. So by adding in more serious antagonists, you’re just taking away from the highlight of the series. But, perhaps the Empress of Night won’t actually be a serious antagonist. Perhaps all my worrying is for naught.

After all, I did think pretty poorly of this series after the first episode, but quickly turned around my opinion of it after episode 2.


What did you think of episode 3 of Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? Did you think this episode was better than the previous one? Was it worse? Was Porta sitting on Wise’s lap the highlight of the episode? Let me know in the comments.

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