One Piece Episode 1104 Review

One Piece Episode 1104 Review

Kuma’s Memories

One Piece Episode 1104 reminded me of old One Piece episodes. Is it just me, or did the pacing slow down significantly this week? There were a lot of repetitive scenes and shots that lingered for a bit too long. That’s what every episode of One Piece used to be like.

I won’t say that makes this a bad episode. But, it definitely could have been better. Though, considering what happened in this episode, I guess the pacing makes a bit more sense. This episode was all about setting things up, not finishing them.

Alright, so what’s the first thing Episode 1104 sets up? Whatever happened with Bartholomew Kuma. We still don’t really know. However, we’re getting closer to the truth and we may be able to infer a lot of the details. Still, we’ll have to wait for confirmation on everything.

Bartholomew Kuma before undergoing surgery from the anime series One Piece Episode 1104
Bartholomew Kuma before undergoing surgery

First of all, we don’t yet have proof that Kuma made the decision to become a cyborg on his own. Dr. Vegapunk said that’s the case, but nothing in the flashback we got confirms that. What it does confirm is what Vegapunk hoped to achieve with this experiment.

Vegapunk’s goal doesn’t appear to have been to turn Kuma into a cyborg. That looks like a secondary project, most likely funded by the World Government. Vegapunk’s main goal was to extract Kuma’s soul and memories from his body for research purposes. Is that still shady? Of course.

But, the reason Kuma is a cyborg now is because his soul is no longer in his body. Instead, his soul and memories are what Bonney finds within Vegapunk’s lab. I assume she’ll touch Kuma’s memories and that’s when we’ll find out why he chose to go down this route. What was in it for him?

Another Zoan Awakening

Rob Lucci awakening his Cat-Cat Fruit Model: Leopard was fine. Luffy’s gotten a lot stronger and awakened his Devil Fruit since their last fight. So, it was cool to see that Lucci has gotten stronger in a similar way since then. But, did we need Kaku to awaken his fruit, too?

What did Kaku’s awakening actually do? What was the point of it? It shows that Kaku has gotten stronger since his last fight with Zoro. But, I mean, didn’t Lucci’s awakening kind of already illustrate that?

Did anyone see Lucci’s awakening and think that he was the only member of Cipher Pol to get stronger since Enies Lobby? I doubt it. Lucci’s awakening didn’t only show that he got stronger. It implied that Kaku and the rest of them got stronger too without explicitly showing that. So, we didn’t need to see Kaku’s awakening to know he got stronger.

Awakened Kaku vs. Zoro from the anime series One Piece Episode 1104
Awakened Kaku vs. Zoro

On top of that, Kaku’s awakening isn’t very interesting. It looks pretty much the same as Lucci’s, with the black flames and everything. I guess this is the default awakening look for Zoan-type Devil Fruits. But, since it’s the same as Lucci’s awakening, why do I care?

Okay, sure, Kaku can extend his giraffe neck now. That’s it? That’s so boring compared to other awakenings we’ve already seen. Doflamingo, Katakuri, Sakazuki, Kuzan, and Luffy can all alter the terrain around them. Law can attach operating rooms to people. And Kid can make other people magnetic.

Compared to those, normal Zoan awakenings aren’t anything special. Lucci got faster and stronger and Kaku got a longer neck. So, again, why did Kaku have to awaken his fruit? It’s not like Zoro has a Devil Fruit and Kaku’s matching him. And, I highly doubt Kaku’s going to win here.

Stussy, the Vampire Queen of the Pleasure District

It’s time we talk about Stussy. Clearly, she was the one Dr. Vegapunk called for help. And, as it turns out, she’s a clone of Buckingham Stussy, former member of the Rocks Pirates. So, that was kind of a huge reveal.

This was an extra huge reveal for me, though. That’s because I forgot that Stussy and Kalifa were different people. This whole time I thought Stussy was the one with the Bubble-Bubble Fruit. That’s not Stussy. That’s Kalifa (also of CP0). But, now I understand.

The reason that’s an important distinction, though, is that Stussy might have a different Devil Fruit. When she betrays Lucci and Kaku, she grows large bat wings, her canines extend, and she drinks their blood, putting them to sleep. That’s definitely a different ability than the Bubble-Bubble Fruit. But, what is it? Is it even a Devil Fruit power?

Stussy the vampire from the anime series One Piece Episode 1104
Stussy the vampire

If this ability is a Devil Fruit power, I think there are only two possible fruits it could be. Either it’s the (mythical?) Human-Human Fruit Model: Vampire. Or, it’s a vampire bat fruit — maybe the Bat-Bat Fruit. But, there’s a problem with those theories.

There’s already a mythical Bat-Bat Fruit Model: Vampire that exists in one of the One Piece Games. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count as canon. But, as far as I’m aware, Oda doesn’t reuse these non-canon fruits in the canon story.

Also, Stussy is a clone. If cloning also copied Devil Fruit powers, there would be no reason for Vegapunk to develop the Green Blood for the Seraphim.

So, what other option is there? Well, Stussy could actually be (a clone of) a vampire. That would explain this ability we see and explain how she has it without the Green Blood.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of One Piece Episode 1104? Did you think the pacing of this episode was extra slow compared to recent episodes? How do you feel about Kaku awakening his Devil Fruit? And, do you think Stussy has some kind of vampire Devil Fruit or is a vampire herself?

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