One Piece Episode 1105 Review

One Piece Episode 1105 Review

Stussy’s True Identity

One Piece Episode 1105 revealed even more information about Stussy. But, before we get to that, we need to quickly recap what we learned about her in Episode 1104.

Last week, we learned that Stussy is actually a clone of Buckingham Stussy, former member of the Rocks Pirates. And, we also learned that she has some kind of vampiric ability. She can grow bat wings and suck people’s blood to put them to sleep.

That information didn’t really tell us much, though. I mean, we didn’t know anything about Buckingham Stussy. And we still don’t know if Stussy has a devil fruit ability or if she’s a real vampire.

But, at the very least, we now have more information about the original Buckingham Stussy. It turns out, this is a character we’ve seen before. Buckingham Stussy is none other than Miss Buckin, the mother of Edward Weevil.

Stussy from the anime series One Piece Episode 1105

Okay, so why does this matter? Well, for starters, Buckingham Stussy is the sixth member of the Rocks Pirates that we’ve met in the story. The others are Whitebeard, Big Mom, Kaidou, Shiki (in a movie), and Captain John. If you don’t remember Captain John, he was a zombie on Thriller Bark.

Second, we also learned that Buckingham Stussy was the slacker of MADS and that she knows Dr. Vegapunk. In case you forgot Judge Vinsmoke, Caesar Clown, and Queen were also members.

Third, since she’s still around, she can probably give us a lot of other information. She’s the only person we know of who was on Rocks’s crew and a member of MADS. And, she goes around telling everyone that her son is Whitebeard’s son. So, she has connections.

But, in the next section, I’m going to tear that all down and explain why she’s likely a fraud.

Is Weevil Really Whitebeard’s Son?

To answer the question right away, I don’t believe he is — sort of. But, to explain why, we need to look at Buckingham Stussy a bit more. In this episode, she was stated to be the slacker of MADS and a self-professed scientist.

To me, that doesn’t make it sound like she’s actually a scientist. And, if we look at how she goes around trying to legitimize Weevil, I have even more doubts. She seems like someone who’s just trying to ride off the success of those around her.

I don’t doubt that she was a member of MADS. After all, Vegapunk confirmed that Stussy is a clone of her. So, that implies that Buckingham Stussy and Vegapunk are connected in some way. But, after seeing how she acts compared to the other members we know of, I can’t see her actually contributing anything.

Edward Weevil from the anime series One Piece Episode 1105
Edward Weevil

Also, look at the other former members of the Rocks Pirates we know of. They’re all formidable pirates in their own right. Then, look at Buckingham Stussy. It seems like she was likely a freeloader on the Rocks crew, as well.

The only piece of information that points to the contrary is Stussy (clone). She took down both Kaku and Rob Lucci, even if it was a surprise attack. So, it’s possible that Buckingham Stussy could actually fight when she was younger. But, I still find that unlikely.

So, what about Edward Weevil? Is he the son of Whitebeard? Buckingham Stussy claims that Vegapunk can verify it.

Well, my guess is that Weevil is a sort of clone of Whitebeard. We already know Buckingham Stussy was cloned. So, why not Whitebeard? Weevil doesn’t seem to be a pure clone, though. I get the feeling he also has some Queen DNA in there.

St. Jaygarcia Saturn

For me, the biggest surprise of the episode was the appearance of St. Jaygarcia Saturn. Is this the first time we’ve seen one of the Five Elders alone and not in their plotting room? Also, is this the first time we’ve learned the name of one of them?

Even if this isn’t, let’s break down his name. Is he actually a saint? No. As you may recall, the Celestial Dragons are all referred to as saints. And, I don’t know if this was confirmed, but I believe the Five Elders are selected from among the Celestial Dragons.

So, the fact that his name has St. at the start isn’t surprising. What is surprising is the second part of his name, Jaygarcia. It’s surprising because I have no idea what the relevance would be. I think that’s his name, and there’s nothing more to it.

St. Jaygarcia Saturn from the anime series One Piece Episode 1105
St. Jaygarcia Saturn

What about the Saturn part? That seems important. And, my guess is that this is his title within the Five Elders. Technically, they’re not called the Five Elders. That’s what the English subtitles call them. They’re actually the Gorōsei (五老星), which translates to “Five Elder Stars.”

But, Saturn isn’t a star, right? Correct! However, sei (星) isn’t only the word for “star.” It can also mean “planet” (other than Earth). So, with that information, his name being Saturn makes a lot more sense. I’m going to predict that the other Five Elders are also named after planets.

Which planets are they going to be named after, though? Well, that’s actually easy to figure out. Earth isn’t going to be one of them. And, the ancient weapons are already named after Pluto (not a planet, I know), Uranus, and Neptune. So, that only leaves Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

The more you know.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of One Piece Episode 1105? Do you think Buckingham Stussy has ever been anything other than a fraud? Do you believe her when she says that Edward Weevil is Whitebeard’s son? And, did you realize what the names of the other Five Elders were after seeing Saturn’s?

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