One Piece Episode 1106 Review

One Piece Episode 1106 Review

Revenge of the Pacifista

One Piece Episode 1106 reveals a new type of Pacifista. These are the Pacifista Mark-III, or PX-III, for short. As you’d expect, they’re even more powerful than the previous versions of Pacifista. But, so far, we actually only know of one way in which they’re stronger.

The key upgrade is that the PX-III has a bubble shield. It was a little unclear to me exactly how the bubble shield works. But, I’ll try my best to explain what I understood.

So, first of all, it looks like the bubble shield is made of bubbles from the Sabaody Archipelago. At least, those are the most prominent forms of bubble in this world. So, I assume it’s based on those. However, I don’t remember those bubbles having the special property of the bubble shield.

Based on what we saw, I think the bubble shield can capture anything and reflect it back.

A Pacifista Mark-III from the anime series One Piece Episode 1106
A Pacifista Mark-III

Now, when I say it can capture anything, I mean anything. A marine fired an exploding cannonball at a PX-III. The cannonball exploded. And, it looked like the bubble shield captured the explosion itself. Then, the PX-III was able to reflect the explosion back at the marine.

Is the bubble shield a Devil Fruit power made via green blood? I don’t believe so. One of the marines said that this was an upgraded version of a bubble shield used during the Paramount War. I don’t remember that. But, if true, that seems like it would have been before Vegapunk invented green blood.

Also, the reason there are only a handful of Seraphim is because they’re so expensive to make. I’d assume that the green blood is one of the main expenses. So, I highly doubt it’s being used on 50 PX-IIIs. The bubble shield is something else.

Atlas Is Back

The biggest surprise of Episode 1105 was when Edison and Lilith repaired Atlas. Why was this a big surprise? Because I completely forgot that Atlas even existed. Once she was damaged, she disappeared from my brain. I guess I have the object permanence understanding of a literal baby.

Since Atlas wasn’t in the Labophase helping with everything that was going on, I forgot she was one of the Satellites. Also, the Straw Hats needing to get Atlas off the island isn’t an immediate concern anymore. Now, the bigger concern is finding Vegapunk. So, my attention was shifted away from her.

Speaking of Vegapunk, where is he? Luffy and Chopper searched everywhere they could within the Labophase. Also, Shaka has been using the security monitors and hasn’t seen him, either. But, that doesn’t make sense because he knows where Bonney is. He’s always known where Bonney is.

Atlas, Lilith, and York from the anime series One Piece Episode 1106
Atlas, Lilith, and York

So, what’s the deal with Vegapunk? My prediction is that Shaka can see him but doesn’t realize it’s him. I’m guessing that Shaka doesn’t realize Bonney turned him into a child. He’s looking for an old man. If he sees a child on the monitors, he’s not going to think that’s Vegapunk.

However, that brings up another question. Surely, Shaka’s seen the child Vegapunk on the monitors, right? I mean, he was with Bonney, and now he should be right outside the room Bonney’s in. So, why hasn’t he mentioned that? Should a random child in the Labophase raise a red flag?

Anyway, now that Atlas is back, the Straw Hats and Satellites are splitting up to search the lab. Pythagoras is searching on his own. Edison, Nami, and Brook are searching together. And Stussy, Jinbe, and Sanji are searching together. The others are staying in the control room.

Morgans’s New Scoop

At the end of Episode 1106, we catch up with Morgans of the World Economic Journal. He’s dictating the latest “big news” to his reporters. But, before I get to that, there’s something more important I need to mention: Vivi.

I believe this is the first time we’ve seen Vivi since the Reverie. And, she’s not alone — Wapol is there too. Based on what Wapol says, the two of them are hiding from the World Government, and Morgans is giving them a place to stay — or, he’s giving them a lift. Either one.

Okay, so what’s the big news Morgans has this time? Well, it’s kind of an odd story. He’s claiming that Luffy is holding Vegapunk hostage. He knows that’s not the case and that the World Government is trying to assassinate Vegapunk. But he thinks that this story will put him in the government’s good graces.

"Big News" Morgans from the anime series One Piece Episode 1106
“Big News” Morgans

Once this story spreads, what do you think will happen if the assassination is successful? The World Government can simply say, “Look, the Straw Hats killed Vegapunk! We tried to save him, but those evil pirates executed him!” And, they’ll thank Morgans for his service and maybe even pay him.

Why is this an odd story, though? It’s because Morgans’s rationale is the opposite of his rationale when he broke the news after the events of Wano. If you forgot how that went down, watch the Punk Records Library short at the end of this episode for a recap.

Basically, after Wano, the World Government didn’t want news of Luffy’s awakening to get out. But, Morgans thought it would be more interesting to report on the truth despite that. So now, it’s odd that he’s making up a story rather than reporting on this very interesting truth.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of One Piece Episode 1106? Do you think the bubble shield is some kind of Devil Fruit power, or something else? Did you forget Atlas existed as I did? And how do you feel about Morgans’s inconsistent rationales behind printing his stories?

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