One Piece Episode 1107 Review

One Piece Episode 1107 Review

Kuma’s Memory Filler

One Piece Episode 1107 wasn’t a very good episode. And a large reason why it wasn’t a good episode was the Kuma memory filler. The first six minutes of the episode included exactly two things: The OP and Kuma and Bonney yelling and crying.

I can forgive the OP because that’s standard at the start of every episode. But why did we need another four and a half minutes of Kuma (child) and Bonney yelling and crying? It literally didn’t add anything to the episode. And even if it did, it didn’t need to be that long.

Obviously, Bonney exploring Kuma’s memories is going to be an important part of her character development. It’s going to be a core part of this arc, as she learns why Kuma agreed to become a cyborg and lose his humanity. However, for now, it’s being used as filler.

Bonney reaching toward Kuma's memories from the anime series One Piece Episode 1107
Bonney reaching toward Kuma’s memories

The One Piece anime has always had issues with pacing. Sure, there have been a few episodes here and there with good pacing. Those tend to be the episodes that also have insane animation. But, for the most part, the pacing sucks so the anime doesn’t catch up to the manga.

In some cases, the slower pacing isn’t very noticeable, which is good. But then there are cases like this one. This wasn’t some random conversation that doesn’t have any further implications. It wasn’t a second of dead time being added in every 30 seconds.

This was annoying. Listening to Kuma and Bonney yell and cry isn’t an enjoyable experience. If it had gone on any longer, I would have muted it or skipped ahead. And I have a feeling that Kuma’s memories will continue to be used in this way in the next few episodes.

Where Did Vegapunk Go?

In my review of Episode 1106, I suggested that Vegapunk didn’t actually go anywhere. I predicted that Shaka just didn’t realize that the random child walking around in the lab was Vegapunk. But, after the events of Episode 1107, I’m not so sure about that.

It could still be the case. I don’t want to completely discount that possibility. But I have to admit that it’s seeming less and less likely. I still think it’s odd that Shaka wouldn’t mention there being some random kid in the lab if he saw Vegapunk on the monitors.

Also, none of the parties that have been searching the lab for Vegapunk have found him. And we now know that there’s also at least one intruder in the lab — most likely more than one. So, the likelihood that Vegapunk is still there is shrinking.

Stussy teasing Sanji from the anime series One Piece Episode 1107
Stussy teasing Sanji

So, where did Vegapunk go? Is he still alive? The answer to that second question is: Definitely. I don’t believe Vegapunk’s assassination is going to be successful. However, even if it was, there’s no way it would be something that happens off-screen. Vegapunk is one of the most important characters of the arc.

What’s more likely is that one of the intruders captured Vegapunk and took him somewhere else. I’m not sure exactly where else he could have been taken, though. After all, the Labophase is still under lockdown. So, wherever Vegapunk is, he should still be within the Labophase.

Yes, someone had the ability to temporarily disable the Labophase’s defenses. But Shaka knew about it when that happened. Shaka hasn’t mentioned the defenses dropping again, so I have to assume they’ve remained up.

Now we need to ask: Who are the intruders? Who’s controlling them? And are they the same person who disabled the defenses?

The Seraphim Are Rebelling

Who are the intruders? That’s an easy question to answer. The intruders are the Seraphim. We saw S-Snake attack Pythagoras and then turn York to stone. But I have to imagine that she’s not the only Seraphim within the lab. Surely, the other Seraphim are there too.

A harder question to answer is, “Who’s controlling the Seraphim?” However, while this is a harder question, it’s not actually that difficult to answer. Based on the information we have, the Seraphim follow the same chain of command as the Pacifista. Commands from someone higher up override commands from lower authorities.

At the bottom are authority chip holders, like CP-0. Next up is Sentoumaru. Then, there are the Vegapunks. And finally, the highest authority is the Five Elders. We learned this back in Episode 1100.

If the Seraphim aren’t following Edison’s order to stop, what does that tell us? Someone with a higher authority gave them a new order.

S-Snake from the anime series One Piece Episode 1107

The only people with a higher authority are the Five Elders. And as we saw in Episode 1105, St. Jaygarcia Saturn seemed to be on his way to Egghead Island. If anyone gave the Seraphim new orders, it’s going to be him.

Something else we know about Pacifista is that they don’t listen to orders given through transponder snails. Commands have to be given in person. So, I assume the same is true for the Seraphim. And that means Saturn made it to Egghead Island.

I’m also going to predict that he had something to do with the Labophase’s defenses going down. I don’t know how he would have managed to do that. But if he has a higher Pacifista/Seraphim authority than the Vegapunks, he might have a higher Labophase authority, too. Why Vegapunk would design it that way, I don’t know.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of One Piece Episode 1107? How many episodes do you think it will take to fully get through Kuma’s memories? What do you think happened to Dr. Vegapunk? And do you agree with my assumption that Saturn has made it to Egghead Island?

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