One Piece Episode 1108 Review

One Piece Episode 1108 Review

The Seraphim’s Rebellion!

One Piece Episode 1108 felt pretty slow. And I don’t mean the pacing of the episode at large. I mean the animation. Like, there was a lot of floaty animation reminiscent of the first few arcs of the series. Are we really going back to animating the series like that?

At least we got some cute stills of S-Snake. The more we see her, the more I like her. She’s the most interesting of the Seraphim for multiple reasons. So, let’s get into those reasons right now — and no, it’s not just because she’s a cute girl.

Okay, but the fact that she’s a cute girl is definitely part of it. Like, yes, I like cute female characters, so there’s that. But the fact that she’s cute is actually part of her character. She’s a clone/cyborg based on Boa Hancock, after all.

S-Snake smiling from the anime series One Piece Episode 1108
S-Snake smiling

Boa’s whole thing is that she’s the most beautiful woman around, which works into her Love-Love Devil Fruit ability. Well, S-Snake is the cutest girl around, and that also works into her Love-Love Devil Fruit ability. See? There’s actually a reason for making these shots of S-Snake highlight how cute she is.

Why else is S-Snake the best Seraphim? She actually speaks. Like, I don’t think any of the other Seraphim have said a single word. Have they? I can’t remember any of them saying anything. But S-Snake does say things. And not just the words she uses with her ability. She spoke to Chopper and Jinbe, too.

It seems pretty clear that S-Snake is Oda’s favorite Seraphim (understandable). And because of that, he seems to be making her the most important of the Seraphim. As I said in one of the previous reviews, she actually has a human personality at times.

Dr. Vegapunk Located

Before we get to where Dr. Vegapunk is, I think we need to go over something Shaka said about the Seraphim’s rebellion. Shaka claims that the Seraphim not obeying his orders is a sign that the Vagapunks have been compromised. He thinks there’s a traitor among their ranks.

I disagree with Shaka’s conclusion. One of the Vegapunks betraying the others is not the only possibility here. As I explained in my review of Episode 1107, the Five Elders have higher priority than the Vegapunks when it comes to giving the Seraphim orders. It makes more sense to me for St. Jaygarcia Saturn to be behind this.

Also, wouldn’t orders from the Vegapunks cancel each other out? If one Vegapunk tells a Seraphim to walk forward and then another Vegapunk tells them to stop, what happens? My assumption is that the Seraphim will listen to the last order given by someone in a priority tier.

The fact that the Seraphim aren’t listening to Shaka at all seems to imply that whoever gave them their orders has a higher priority.

Dr. Vegapunk captured from the anime series One Piece Episode 1108
Dr. Vegapunk captured

But, let’s now assume that Shaka’s right. Which Vegapunk is the traitor? My guess would have to be Shaka himself. And my reasoning comes from the OP and where we see Dr. Vegapunk captured.

Dr. Vegapunk is being held in a room with a bunch of Cipher Pol members. These Cipher Pol members went missing when investigating Egghead Island. And we see that their hand prints are all over the window of the room.

Well, in the OP, we see Shaka standing in front of this window covered in handprints. So, I have to assume that he’s the one who trapped them all there. This would also explain how he “mysteriously lost sight of” Dr. Vegapunk on the monitors.

Straw Hats and CP0 Teaming Up?

Toward the end of the episode, we see Zoro and Luffy teaming up to fight S-Bear and S-Hawk. But the Seraphim don’t actually seem very interested in the Straw Hats. They’re more interested in assassinating Rob Lucci and Kaku.

It’s clear that the Seraphim’s current orders are to kill the Vegapunks. But, why would they also want to kill the members of CP0? That doesn’t seem to make much sense. That is unless we assume Shaka is the one behind all this. If Shaka’s the traitor, the pieces of the puzzle start to align.

Why would Shaka want to kill the CP0 members? Because they know about Stussy’s betrayal. If Shaka can kill Rob Lucci and Kaku, Stussy can go back to pretending she’s working for the World Government. If Rob Lucci and Kaku survive, they’ll tell the World Government about Stussy’s infiltration of CP0.

Luffy disgusted with CP0 from the anime series One Piece Episode 1108
Luffy disgusted with CP0

Now, because the Seraphim are trying to kill Rob Lucci and Kaku, those two offer to fight alongside Luffy and Zoro. They propose a temporary truce and say they’ll let the Straw Hats cuff them again once the fight is over. Obviously, Luffy and Zoro aren’t very interested in that.

Well, Luffy isn’t at first. He immediately believes the pair when they say they’ll let themselves be cuffed again.

However, I don’t think Luffy and Zoro actually need the help of CP0. Sure, they’re up against two of the Seraphim. But Luffy and Zoro are among the strongest people in the entire world at this point.

Luffy’s literally one of the Four Emperors. He awakened his mythical devil fruit and took down Kaido. Are you telling me the Seraphim are any match for him if he actually goes all out? And Zoro managed to cut Kaido. That’s impressive, too.

Final Thoughts

What do you think about One Piece Episode 1108? Do you think the other Seraphim will get as much attention from Oda as S-Snake has? Who do you think is behind the Seraphim’s rebellion and the disappearance of Dr. Vegapunk? And are you expecting Luffy and Zoro to let CP0 fight alongside them?

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