One Piece Episode 1109 Review

One Piece Episode 1109 Review

Was It Worth the Wait?

Was One Piece Episode 1109 worth the extra one-week wait? I’d say so. The first half of this episode had more crazy animation, particularly by Vincent Chansard. And the second half of the episode gave us Shanks content. We’re finally going to see Shanks do something after over 1,100 episodes.

To start this review, let’s discuss the fight between Zoro and S-Hawk because that was the coolest part. Obviously, S-Hawk is an important adversary for Zoro to defeat. He’s a pseudo-clone of Mihawk, the man Zoro wants to beat in a duel.

But that’s not the only reason Zoro needs to defeat S-Hawk. S-Hawk also has the same devil fruit ability as Mr. One, Daz Bones. You may remember him as the top member of Baroque Works under Crocodile back during the Alabasta arc. And most importantly, S-Hawk isn’t white, and we all know Zoro’s track record with minorities.

S-Hawk attacking Zoro and Luffy from the anime series One Piece Episode 1109
S-Hawk attacking Zoro and Luffy

There’s not too much for me to say about the animation quality of this fight. Unless you’re blind, it should be pretty clear. And if you are blind and using a screen reader to read this review, then let me tell you that the animation was insane.

Something I thought was really cool, though, was the flashback to Daz Bones that Zoro saw. S-Hawk started spinning blades around his forearms, and Zoro immediately thought back to Daz Bones doing the same thing. Does this imply S-Hawk has more than just Daz Bones’s devil fruit ability?

Also, I liked how Zoro wasn’t exactly fighting S-Hawk. He was protecting Kaku — who was still handcuffed at this point — by tossing him around. The reaction shots of Kaku while this was all happening really made the fight feel more hectic. That was a nice touch.

Straw Hats x Cipher Pol Tag Team Action

In my review of Episode 1108, I mentioned how I didn’t think the Straw Hats needed to team up with CP0. I get that they were up against both S-Hawk and S-Bear and that the Seraphim are supposed to be super strong. But this is Luffy and Zoro.

I don’t want to say that it’s surprising that Luffy took Rob Lucci and Kaku up on their offer. But I still don’t believe it was necessary. And as proof, I’d like to point to what happened to the Seraphim.

Both S-Hawk and S-Bear were one-shot once Luffy, Zoro, Rob Lucci, and Kaku teamed up. That was the obvious outcome. Luffy and Zoro probably could have one-shot the Seraphim themselves. I don’t really see what Rob Lucci and Kaku added here.

But I also want to point out that I don’t think the Seraphim are down for good.

Kaku fighting S-Hawk from the anime series One Piece Episode 1109
Kaku fighting S-Hawk

If this is actually the end of the fight, I’ll be extremely disappointed. You can’t talk up the Seraphim and imply they’re stronger than Zoro and Luffy, only to have them get one-shot. There’s no way Oda would do that to me personally.

And what’s going to happen after this fight concludes? Are Rob Lucci and Kaku going to go back in Sea Prism handcuffs? I doubt it. These two Seraphim aren’t the only threat. So, I could see them teaming up with the Straw Hats for the rest of this arc.

This fight is also going to have some longer-term repercussions for CP0. Whoever’s controlling the Seraphim (probably St. Jaygarcia Saturn) gave them the order to kill CP0. I don’t think Rob Lucci and Kaku are going back to the World Government after this. Maybe they’ll form their own pirate crew of ex-Cipher Pol members. That could be fun.

The Final Road Poneglyph’s Location?

I was pretty excited to see the Red Hair Pirates on Elbaf at the end of the episode. And we also saw that the Kid Pirates are just off shore — the battle between Shanks and Kid must be coming soon.

But what was more exciting were two things Shanks said. The first is that he wasn’t the one who cut off Kid’s arm. This whole time, I was under the impression that Shanks gave Kid that injury. That’s how Kid’s been making it seem ever since we caught back up with him in Wano.

It turns out that Benn Beckman was the one who severed Kid’s arm. Benn Beckman doesn’t even fight with a sword. He fights with a long gun that he swings around like a bat. So what did he do to remove Kid’s arm?

The Red Hair Pirates and giants from the anime series One Piece Episode 1109
The Red Hair Pirates and giants

The second, and even bigger, reveal we got from Shanks is the potential location of the final Road Poneglyph. Shanks says to tell Kid that he can either leave and forget about the Road Poneglyph or he can fight Shanks. The implication here is that the Road Poneglyph is on Elbaf, and Kid will have to go through Shanks to get it.

But why is this such a big reveal? Doesn’t it make sense for the final Road Poneglyph to be on Elbaf? Sort of. I mean, Elbaf is an important island. And the other three Road Poneglyphs were on Zou, Whole Cake Island, and Wano.

However, this is a big reveal for two reasons. First, Shanks assumes Kid is there for the Road Poneglyph. And second, the final Road Poneglyph is supposed to be lost. So not only does Shanks know where it is, but he assumes other pirates do, as well.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of One Piece Episode 1109? Do you think waiting the extra week for this episode was worth it? What role do you think Rob Lucci and Kaku are going to play in this arc? And do you think the final Road Poneglyph is actually on Elbaf?

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