One Piece Episode 1110 Review

One Piece Episode 1110 Review

The Seraphim Battles Continue

As I assumed would be the case, One Piece Episode 1110 continues the battles against the Seraphim. There was no question that the battle against S-Snake would continue. And I don’t think we saw S-Shark get involved until this episode. But S-Hawk and S-Bear are a different story.

In Episode 1109, we saw Luffy, Zoro, Lucci, and Kaku “one-shot” S-Hawk and S-Bear. They made it look really easy, too. But, of course, this wasn’t actually enough to take down those Seraphim. However, I have to admit that I forgot something that Zoro later brings up.

These Seraphim have Lunarian DNA (duh). That’s not what I forgot, though Zoro didn’t seem to realize this. Despite them having white hair, dark skin, flaming backs, and black wings, it took Zoro a while to notice. But when he did notice, he pointed out that Lunarians are almost invincible while their backs are ignited.

S-Shark attacking Nami from the anime series One Piece Episode 1110
S-Shark attacking Nami

That’s what I had completely forgotten. Zoro could only damage King when the flame on his back went out. So, of course, S-Hawk and S-Bear were going to be okay after taking those hits in Episode 1109. And by the end of Episode 1110, they’re still standing.

Something I still don’t remember is when the flames on Lunarians’ backs go out. I know their speed increases and their defense decreases when the flames go out. But do they choose when this happens? If so, why would they ever choose speed over defenses?

I get that speed helps them go on the offensive. There’s technically an incentive there. However, being invincible seems like a way better option than being faster. In 99% of cases, I’m choosing to be invincible if I’m a Lunarian or have Lunarian DNA. I mean, what’s your opponent going to do about it?

The S-Snake Controversy

Speaking of the Seraphim, I need to address the S-Snake controversy that came out of this episode. Some S-Snake content in Episode 1110 was a little questionable, and most viewers seem to think about it in one of two ways.

One side believes that the S-Snake content was cute, and the other side believes that it sexualized a minor. So, which side do I fall into? I recognize that the content appeared a bit lewd. However, I also believe that wasn’t the intent — and if we look at the in-universe context, this was meant to be cute.

Oh, and I should also point out that people were calling on Toei to do better because they didn’t like this scene. This wasn’t Toei’s doing or even the doing of the animator who worked on this scene, so don’t harass them. They simply animated the scene that Oda created in the manga.

S-Snake being cute from the anime series One Piece Episode 1110
S-Snake being cute

Okay, so I definitely see why this scene is lewd to a lot of people. You have a young girl pinned down and blushing while making noises. But consider this: why do we see that as lewd? It’s not inherently lewd. We only see it that way because of context outside of One Piece.

If we only look at the context within One Piece, it’s not lewd at all and actually makes a lot more sense. Boa uses her beauty to trick her enemies. S-Snake similarly uses her cuteness in this way. That’s all that was happening here.

Franky released S-Snake because he saw a cute child claiming to be in pain. In Episode 1108, York also falls victim to S-Snake’s cuteness. And we even see her acting extra cute back in Episode 1101. The only people who sexualize her are the viewers. Nobody in-universe does.

Shaka’s Assassin

Moving on from the Seraphim, someone assassinated Shaka at the end of the episode. Like, assassinated assassinated. They killed him. He’s dead. At least, I assume Shaka’s actually dead. As far as we know, he’s a biological being, not a robot like Edison and Pythagoras.

Now, you could definitely make an argument for Shaka being a cyborg like Atlas. In that case, it’s possible that he’s not dead. But my argument against that is that he looks pretty dead. He was shot in the face, and then we saw him lying in a pool of blood.

I guess that could be blood-red cyborg fluid coming out of him. However, I’m going to stick with my assumption that he’s dead. And I actually think him dying here is better for the story. He was almost too helpful. So removing him will make the Straw Hats struggle a bit more.

Shaka after being shot in the face from the anime series One Piece Episode 1110
Shaka after being shot in the face

There’s also the question of who Shaka’s assassin is. He believed that one of the Vegapunks betrayed the others. Could one of the other Satellites be the one who shot him? Well, we know it’s not Lilith, York, or Edison — and probably not Atlas. And it’s not Shaka or Dr. Vegapunk.

That leaves Pythagoras as a possible assassin. But wasn’t Pythagoras part of the group attacked by S-Snake? Yes. However, you may recall that his head was separated from his body. It’s possible that his body is walking around independently of his head right now.

Unless St. Jaygarcia Saturn is already on Egghead Island, this seems like the most likely scenario. The only other option would be for there to be an entirely new threat we currently have no knowledge of. And, to me, that’s a lot less interesting than a traitor.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of One Piece Episode 1110? Like me, did you forget that Lunarians are basically invincible when the flames on their back are lit? Which side are you on in the S-Snake controversy? And do you think Shaka’s actually dead for good, or will he return like Atlas?

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