One Piece Episode 1111 Review

One Piece Episode 1111 Review

Another Vegapunk Bites the Dust

One Piece Episode 1111 had a huge twist at the end. But before I get to that, we have a few other things to cover. And the first of those other things is that a second Vegapunk has died.

In Episode 1110, Shaka got shot in the face and definitely isn’t coming back. And now, S-Snake killed Pythagoras. He tried to escape from her in his head form, but she stomped on him, causing his head to explode. That’s two of the seven Vegapunks down. Only the original, Lilith, Atlas, Edison, and York are left.

Of these remaining five, Edison seems like he might be the next to go. He’s already in bad condition, so it’s possible that he’ll succumb to his injuries. Or, S-Shark could finish him off. However, that seems slightly less likely because Sanji is currently fighting S-Shark.

S-Snake killing Pythagoras Vegapunk from the anime series One Piece Episode 1111
S-Snake killing Pythagoras Vegapunk

Oh, I guess I should mention that the original Dr. Vegapunk could be the next one to die, too. He’s currently being held at gunpoint. And if his captor feels like it, they could eliminate him right now. Will that happen? I have no idea.

Logically, it makes sense for Dr. Vegapunk’s captor to kill him as soon as possible. That’s their mission. But the fact that he’s still alive makes me wonder if they’ll follow through with it. Like, why even capture him, to begin with? Why not assassinate him right away? They must want him alive for some reason.

My guess is that the World Government wants Dr. Vegapunk alive. Why else would St. Jaygarcia Saturn be heading to Egghead Island? He wants to meet with Dr. Vegapunk personally. He’ll still likely order Vegapunk’s execution. But it’s clear that he’s looking to get something out of Vegapunk — probably how much he knows.

24 Hours Remaining

The narrator drops a bombshell on us in this episode. He states that there’s only one day left of the battle for Egghead Island. In 24 hours, it’s going to be over. And I have a feeling that it’s not going to end well for the Vegapunks.

Two of the Vegapunks are already dead, and an Admiral and one of the Five Elders are on their way. Who’s going to stop them? The Straw Hats? I mean, they technically could. But the Straw Hats’ goal is to get Vegapunk off the island, not take down the World Government.

If the battle’s going to be over in 24 hours, that kind of only means one thing: The destruction of Egghead Island. Sure, the Straw Hats fleeing is an option, but the Marines would chase them if they had a Vegapunk on board. So, would that count as the battle being over?

Sanji stopping a punch from S-Shark with his face from the anime series One Piece Episode 1111
Sanji stopping a punch from S-Shark with his face

I think the Satellites will all be defeated/dead by the end of the battle. And I think Dr. Vegapunk will, at best, be alive in World Government custody. There’s no way this part of the arc is going to end this quickly with a Straw Hat victory.

Look at Wano as an example. Luffy lost to Kaido many times throughout the arc before finally beating him. I feel like this arc is going to be somewhat similar. Egghead Island will be destroyed, and the Straw Hats will “lose.”

But then, the second phase of the arc will begin, and they’ll have to fight Kizaru and St. Jaygarcia Saturn to rescue Dr. Vegapunk. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the OP gives us any clues. But that’s kind of important too. It implies we’ll get a new OP for this next phase.

York Vegapunk’s Betrayal

Okay, time to talk about the person who betrayed the Vegapunks: York. I have to say, I didn’t see that coming at all. When we saw York walking down the stairs, I thought she might be Bonney, whom I honestly forgot about.

But it’s revealed that it’s actually York, who we previously saw get petrified by S-Snake. So, the series is going to have to explain that. Are there more than one York? Or did she become unpetrified and sneak away during the battle? I think I’d prefer the former, in this case.

Why is York killing the other Vegapunks, though? According to her, she wants to become a Celestial Dragon. So, I assume the Five Elders agreed to make her an honorary Celestial Dragon if she helped them. But will they really? I doubt it. I think St. Jaygarcia Saturn is going to kill York.

York revealing her scheme to Dr. Vegapunk from the anime series One Piece Episode 1111
York revealing her scheme to Dr. Vegapunk

It’s very possible that the Five Elders want to keep York alive. She’s a Vegapunk who’s siding with them over the other Vegapunks. She could still be very useful to them, considering the technological advancements Vegapunk has made. However, I think they’ll see her as a threat.

She’s effectively blackmailed them into letting her become a Celestial Dragon. That’s not the same as actually being their ally. So, if she ever decided she didn’t want to work with them anymore, she could release all the information she has to the world. The government can’t have that.

There’s one last thing I need to bring up. Do York’s actions make sense? In fact, they do. Every satellite embodies a specific “nature.” What’s York’s nature? Greed. That explains why she’s willing to sacrifice the others for the chance to be a Celestial Dragon. She wants status and power.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of One Piece Episode 1111? Were you surprised to see another Vegapunk killed so soon? How do you predict the battle of Egghead Island is going to end? And did you accurately guess that York was the traitor among the Vegapunks?

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