One Room

One Room

One Room Cover Art featuring Yui, Moka, and Natsuki
One Room Cover Art


One Room is an interesting experience to say the least. I’ve seen 12 episodes of it, but apparently there are three more episodes which I guess count as bonus content as well as what appears to be a second season.

It’s a short anime. The 12 episodes I watched were each around 4 minutes in length so you can get through it pretty quickly. This may seem like a drawback, but it really isn’t. It’s an awkward, uncomfortable, and cringe worthy anime because it’s all viewed from the first person point of view.

Natsuki Momohara being embarrassed
Natsuki Momohara

There are three girls in the show and they each get a mini arc of four episodes. There is the protagonists new neighbor, his little sister, and his childhood friend. The protagonist flirts with all of them and we are forced to have a front row seat.

At least the protagonist has no dialogue, or at least so little that I don’t remember any of it. Nothing is worse than seeing something from the first person point of view and then having to listen to terrible dialogue coming out of “our” mouth.

The writing isn’t so bad, and the art is nice, but if the episodes were any longer than they are then I would have dropped the show partway through the first episode. The fact that this is a mini series really helps the show overall as nobody would want to watch it for any longer.

The story also does not take place in a single room as the title implies. It doesn’t even take place in a single apartment or building. I was also expecting it to be in 3D due to the logo design of the title, but that is also not the case. I probably would have rated it slightly higher if it was 3D just because it would have been interesting to see.


This may have sounded like a scathing review, but it really isn’t. Sure the anime had its drawbacks, but it was decent for what it was. It was a fairly interesting concept and they did it in a timeframe which made it bearable.

It was fine for what it was, and so it gets a 6/10 from me. Still not as good as other mini series such as Space Patrol Luluco, but decent nonetheless.

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