“Oshi no Ko” Season 2 Episode 13 Review

“Oshi no Ko” Season 2 Episode 13 Review

Aqua’s Three Options

“Oshi no Ko” Season 2 Episode 13 felt like it was only five minutes long. I’m not sure how much there actually is for me to dissect from this episode. So, let’s start this review by continuing a topic from my review of Episode 12.

Assuming Aqua is going to end up with one of the girls in this series, who is it going to be? There are three main options: Kana Arima, Akane Kurokawa, and Ruby Hoshino. Yes, I’m putting Ruby on this list over others like Mem-cho. I don’t see Mem-cho or any other supporting characters as real options.

Kana seems like the obvious choice. She and Aqua have a lot in common, and they’ve known each other for a very long time. Kana’s also my personal favorite of these three. However, I still think Kana ending up with someone else would be better for her character development.

Kana Arima annoyed from the anime series "Oshi no Ko" Season 2 Episode 13
Kana Arima annoyed

So, what about Akane, then? To me, she’s the boring pick. Akane’s not as much fun as Kana and Ruby. She’s kind of bland and is the “safe pick” of the three. She’s the generic girlfriend option. And that’s exactly why I don’t think she’s going to win.

Sure, Akane figured out that Aqua has some kind of obsession with Ai Hoshino. However, she doesn’t really know Aqua yet. At least, not in the way Kana does. Akane and Aqua don’t hang out other than to keep up appearances. Kana and Aqua do hang out.

Then, there’s Ruby, the incest option. For a lot of people, that’s going to discount Ruby right away. But I think the fact that they’re both reincarnations makes the incest angle less of a dealbreaker here. Maybe you disagree — that’s fine. However, Ruby and Aqua are linked by fate.

Abiko vs. GOA

The majority of episode 13 was about the conflict between Abiko and GOA. Abiko is the mangaka of Tokyo Blade, and GOA is the scriptwriter for the stage play version of the series. Unfortunately for both of them, neither is in the wrong.

Abiko is rightly angry that the play script makes some liberal changes to her characters. Though, the main reason she’s angry is that she asked for these changes to be fixed, and they weren’t. She recognizes that changes need to be made. But she also expects her input to be respected.

GOA, on the other hand, wrote the script based on the feedback he received from the people he works with on the play. He was under the impression that this feedback reflected what Abiko wanted. However, Abiko’s requested changes got lost along the way as they passed from one person to another.

GOA, Abiko, and the Tokyo Blade manga from the anime series "Oshi no Ko" Season 2 Episode 13
GOA, Abiko, and the Tokyo Blade manga

In the end, I can’t exactly fault either of them. And that’s especially true when we look at how GOA felt about some of the changes he was asked to make. He thought that some of these changes were wrong. Right there, we see that he and Abiko are on the same page.

So, why did things end up like this? GOA is out as the scriptwriter, and Abiko is now going to rewrite the entire thing. It all comes down to the middlemen. If there were no middlemen between Abiko and GOA, there would have been no issue.

These two should have worked together from the first time Abiko wanted changes made to the script. That would have solved everything. Abiko could explain what she wanted from the script, and GOA could explain what needs to change for the story to work as a stage play.

A Date with Akane

Alright, that’s enough talking about the stuff that happened in the episode. Let’s go back to talking about the girls. At the end of the episode, Akane invited Aqua on a date to see a “stage around” play.

So, my question for you is, do you accept her invitation? I’m not sure that I do. Why go watch a boring play with Akane (my girlfriend) when I could hang out with Kana instead? That seems like the obvious choice. The only reason I’d accept Akane’s invitation is if I felt like being nice.

Aqua makes it pretty clear that he’s not interested in plays. He says he doesn’t particularly hate them. But if he had the option, he’d rather watch something else. I’d say I’m in the same boat, except there are far more things I’d rather do than watch a play.

Akane inviting Aqua on a date from the anime series "Oshi no Ko" Season 2 Episode 13
Akane inviting Aqua on a date

Also, I get that Akane is into plays. Acting is her passion. However, since Aqua doesn’t this isn’t exactly a date for him — it’s work. He considers his relationship with Akane part of his job. And I’m sure he sees going to see this play as part of his job as an actor in the Tokyo Blade play, as well.

With that in mind, will this “date” actually make Aqua like Akane any more? Will it change his mind about their relationship being for the media? It’s possible, but I honestly can’t see how that would happen.

I’ll be a bit disappointed if Aqua comes out of this date suddenly having a great appreciation for plays. He can think it was a good play and that “stage around” plays are more engaging than traditional plays. But it’ll feel disingenuous if this one event changes his opinion on plays as a whole.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of “Oshi no Ko” Season 2 Episode 13? Do you agree with me that Ruby has as much of a shot of ending up with Aqua as Kana and Akane do? Who do you sympathize with more between Abiko and GOA? And would you go on a date to see a play with Akane?

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2 Replies to ““Oshi no Ko” Season 2 Episode 13 Review”

  1. I believe this episode was very informative about the inner workings of the industry.

    The mangaka would get eviscerated if he were to have Aqua end up with Ruby, so I still believe he’ll end up with Kana, who he has a lot of chemistry with.

    The OP showing Aqua and Ruby jump off a building together likely means that Ruby finds out that Aqua is the reincarnation of Dr. Gorou at minimum and that she is brought into the revenge plot.

    I sympathize with Goa more given how scriptwriters often get the short end of the stick. While Abiko is right to be furious, she comes across as extremely abrasive.

    I guess I would be open to going on a date with Akane given I have never seen a stage around play, but it’d be strictly for work as is the case with Aqua.

    1. Aka Akasaka is a coward if Aqua and Ruby don’t end up together. Their child could have both of Ai’s star eyes.

      But also I agree that Kana is the most realistic option.

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