Overlord IV Episode 10

Overlord IV Episode 10

Blue Rose and Drop of Red

Something I like about Overlord is that we get to see various adventurer teams. They add a bit of intrigue to the world. It’s neat to think about how there are adventurers out there going on quests even if we don’t always see them.

Last week, we met the mithril adventurer team known as the Four Armaments. Now, in Episode 10, we got to learn a bit about one of the adamantite adventurer teams, Drop of Red. And we learned a little more about the Blue Rose adventurer team, as well.

Blue Rose is the adamantite adventurer group we’ve followed since the start of the series. Or, close to the start. I don’t remember exactly when they first showed up. But, I didn’t realize how notable their distinction as adamantite adventurers is. According to Albedo, there are only 3 adamantite teams in the Re-Estize Kingdom.

Blue Rose adamantite adventurer team from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 10
Blue Rose adamantite adventurer team

Obviously, being an adamantite adventurer is a big achievement. But, I guess I assumed there would be a bit more of them than there are. At this point, I don’t think we know what the third adamantite team in the kingdom is. However, we now know Drop of Red is the second.

Well, it may be more accurate to say Drop of Red is the first and Blue Rose is the second. Based on the way everyone spoke of Drop of Red, they seem to be the top adventurer team in the country. Even the Blue Rose members respect them.

For now, we don’t know much about the Drop of Red members. We know their leader is the uncle of the leader of Blue Rose. And we know another one of their members has mecha armor. I’m hoping it won’t take too long to see the rest of them.

The Black Scripture

I guess technically speaking, The Black Scripture isn’t an adventurer team. Azuth of Drop of Red calls them the Theocracy’s elite heroic unit. My best guess is that the main difference between them and an adventurer team is that they work for a country.

Normally, adventurer teams don’t get involved in things like wars between nations. But, I have a feeling the same doesn’t apply to The Black Scripture. They seem to be on a mission from the Theocracy to defeat the Sorcerer King (Ainz). And they want to recruit Drop of Red and Blue Rose to help them in this mission.

As a whole, The Black Scripture has the best character designs of all the adventurer teams we know of so far. Their leader’s design isn’t that interesting. But, the other three have good designs. The large guy is cool, the invisible guy is cool, and the witch has a big hat.

The Black Scripture of the Theocracy from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 10
The Black Scripture of the Theocracy

I mentioned in the review of Episode 3 that the adamantite rank of adventurers doesn’t have a “level cap.” Ainz (Momon) is an adamantite adventurer despite being far stronger than any others (as far as we know).

Why am I bringing this up again? Because one of the members of The Black Scripture implied this is true of Evileye as well. The Black Scripture seem to be stronger than most adamantite adventurers. At least, the large guy doesn’t view Azuth or most of the Blue Rose to be threats.

But, he does single out Evileye. He says she’s as strong as him, maybe even stronger, and that she’d be “a bit troublesome” to deal with. Now, that doesn’t mean Evileye’s on the same level as Ainz by any means. However, it shows that other adamantite adventurers recognize that she’s not normal.

A Meeting Between Royalty

In my Episode 8 review, I said that Prince Zanac is one of the more interesting characters in the series. I actually like his character a lot. So, you can probably imagine that I wasn’t too happy about his death at the end of this episode.

And, it would appear that Ainz wasn’t too happy about Zanac’s death either. He sentences the nobles who killed Zanac to be tortured until they beg for death. And he also loses interest in the battle, telling Cocytus and Mare to slaughter the opposing army.

But, why would Zanac’s death affect Ainz in this way? Well, Ainz seems to have come to respect Zanac from their brief interaction. Yes, Zanac asked for Ainz to show mercy. But, he also accepted Ainz’s choice to follow through with the attack. Even when he knew he and his people would die, Zanac didn’t act like a coward.

Prince Zanac meeting with Ainz from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 10
Prince Zanac meeting with Ainz

Ainz left his meeting with Zanac thinking Zanac acted as a true member of royalty. And this even goes back to the fact that Zanac approached Ainz for an audience without guards. Despite how he looks, Zanac is a good ruler, as I’ve said before.

I should also point out that Zanac left his meeting with Ainz with similar feelings. He views Ainz as a good ruler because he puts the happiness of his people above all else. Though, he obviously disagrees with the methods Ainz is choosing. As Zanac said, there are other ways for Ainz to achieve his goal.

The last thing I want to mention here is that Ainz was very interested in Gazef’s sword and armor. Even after he found out Zanac died, he asked about the armor he was wearing. There must be some reason for his interest.


What do you think about Overlord IV Episode 10? Will we meet the third adamantite team of the Re-Estize Kingdom? Which member of The Black Scripture is your favorite? And are you disappointed to see Zanac killed off? Let me know in the comments.

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8 Replies to “Overlord IV Episode 10”

  1. A couple of reaction videos I watched for this episode noticed that the leader of the Black Scripture looked like a character we’ve seen before. So while his design might not be that interesting his connection to that other character might prove to be.

    I wasn’t exactly sure what the meeting between the Black Scripture and the two adamantite adventurer teams was about. It was a bit vague but my interpretation was different than yours.

    I don’t think they were there to confront Ainz yet. I think they were trying to recruit the adventurers to come back to the Slane Theocracy with them for the purpose of building up the Theocracy’s strength for it’s eventual confrontation with the Sorcerer Kingdom.

    From the Slane Theocracy’s point of view the Re-Estize Kingdom is done for. If the adventurers get killed in the inevevitable losing battle to defend it would be a loss of a valuable resource to humanity.

      1. I actually saw someone post that fact in a comment on another review of this episode. I chose not to say so here because the anime hasn’t explicitly done that yet and I thought it might be taken as a spoiler.

        I’ve been reading the light novels and only just started volume 9. So I do have some knowledge of things that haven’t been explicitly stated in the anime (although they have been implied). However I haven’t gotten to the part where Clementine’s brother is revealed.

        So I don’t know if that was more explicit in the novel at this point in time or not. Either way I tend to tread lightly with posting things I know from novels even when they are concurrent with the anime.

  2. Just a minor correction that should be added. We do know the third adamantite adventure team operating in the Kingdom. It’s Ainz’s alter ego Momon and Nabe of black from season 1

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