Overlord IV Episode 11

Overlord IV Episode 11

Kingdom Annihilated

Overlord IV Episode 11 was good, but also a disappointment at the same time. This isn’t confirmed yet. But, it would seem that we skipped over the battle that wiped out the Re-Estize Kingdom’s forces. Though, now that I think about it more, do I really care about the battle?

Without Ainz playing a role, would the battle be all that interesting? I don’t know. But, what I do know is that one of my favorite parts of Overlord is seeing Ainz’s forces decimate their opponents. And this battle would be perfect in that regard.

I want to skip to the end of the episode now, though. At the end, the dragon lord says something interesting. He mentions not being able to silence someone completely. And the reason for not being able to do this is the existence of resurrection magic.

Ainz and Albedo prepared for battle from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 11
Ainz and Albedo prepared for battle

Who exactly the dragon lord was referring to when he made this comment is a bit unclear. I’ll go over my theory later in the review. But, for now, I want to focus on the existence of resurrection magic. That seems quite important. Though, not for the reason you might expect.

In Episode 10, we lost one of my favorite characters, Prince (King?) Zanac. Zanac’s death is what caused Ainz to lose interest in the battle. And now, we have the dragon lord bringing up the existence of resurrection magic. So, my bet is that we’re going to see someone bring Zanac back to life — probably Ainz.

Ainz told Albedo to bury Zanac’s head. But, we don’t know what actually happened to it. Ainz also inquired about the whereabouts of the rest of Zanac’s body. He asked about the armor, but what if the body was his real goal? Zanac better return.

Platinum Armor of the Nameless Warrior

Episode 11 revealed that the Drop of Red member in the mecha suit is none other than Azuth. I assumed it was going to be a different member of the guild. But, I don’t have any strong opinions about Azuth being the one in the armor one way or another.

The bigger reveal had to do with the warrior in the platinum armor. As far as we know, this is not a member of Drop of Red. That might seem obvious to you since we saw that the armor was being remotely controlled by a dragon lord.

But, that fact doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no connection. The dragon lord could be the true leader of Drop of Red, with Azuth only appearing as the leader. Still, that’s likely not the case. Instead, the dragon lord and Azuth teamed up because they both perceived Ainz as a threat.

"Riku Aganeia" from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 11
“Riku Aganeia”

It may be important to note that Azuth seemed very familiar with the dragon lord. He referred to him as a dragon lord and by the name Tsa, which I assume is his name. So, the dragon lord at least trusts Azuth enough to let Azuth know his identity.

Anyway, Ainz (Pandora’s Actor?) recognizes the platinum armor the dragon lord is controlling. He doesn’t know the name of the warrior who wore it. But, he knows that one of the 13 Heroes wore platinum armor. So, the obvious conclusion is that this is the same armor.

What became of the hero, though? It’s possible that the dragon lord killed him and that’s how he came to possess the armor. Or, it’s possible that he died some other way and someone entrusted his armor to the dragon lord. Either way, the “made-up” name of Riku Aganeia is probably the hero’s real name.

The Strongest Dragon Lord

Azuth calls Tsu the strongest dragon lord. But, Tsu is probably nothing compared to Ainz. After all, he wasn’t even fighting against Ainz when he said that Ainz was stronger than him. He was fighting against Pandora’s Actor — not exactly the strongest member of Nazarick.

Speaking of Pandora’s Actor, I’m glad we got the reveal about him standing in for Ainz at the end of the episode. If that scene didn’t happen, I was going to be complaining a lot more in this review. When he begged on his knees for Riku Aganeia to listen to him, that was very out of character for Ainz.

But, because we learned that it was actually Pandora’s Actor, I no longer have an issue with that scene. Though, maybe Pandora’s Actor should refrain from doing something like that as Ainz. It wouldn’t be good if someone else saw that.

Dragon Lord Tsa from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 11
Dragon Lord Tsa

Back to the dragon lord, I do think he was telling the truth when he said he was fighting to save the world. In his mind, the players are a dangerous faction originating from another world. As long as they exist within this world, the balance of power will be thrown off.

Why are the players so dangerous? Well, look at Ainz. He’s so much stronger than any natural being from this world. He can single-handedly take down entire nations. The mere existence of a being as powerful as Ainz is enough to disrupt the way nations interact with each other.

But, with Ainz, it’s much worse than that. He’s not existing off on his own. He’s getting involved in the affairs of all the surrounding countries. The players are a plague that descended upon the world. And from what we’ve seen, Ainz is the biggest threat of them all.


So, what are my takeaways from this episode? I think Zanac is going to make a return. He’s too good of a character to leave dead. And I also think that the dragon lord is an old ally of the hero who wore the platinum armor. But, what stood out the most from this episode to you?

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