Overlord IV Episode 13

Overlord IV Episode 13

Time For the Kingdom to Burn

The final episode of Overlord IV was good. Well, most of it was good. There was one part of Episode 13 I wasn’t a fan of. Can you guess which part it was? It’s something I’ve complained about before with other series.

If you guessed that I didn’t like Princess Renner breaking out into song, you’d be correct. I thought I was watching an episode of Love Live for a second there. Other than that, though, I enjoyed this conclusion to the season.

At the start of the episode, Mare said some interesting things. His task is to burn down the capital city. But, he’s worried that he won’t be able to do a good enough job. He’s concerned that some people may be able to escape from the fire. What a considerate thing for Mare to think about.

Mare about to burn down the Kingdom from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 13
Mare about to burn down the Kingdom

Anyway, the interesting part is how Mare’s actions later in the episode go against what he said. Despite his concerns about there being survivors, he told Climb to get to safety. At the time, this was pretty confusing. I started doubting what Mare meant at the beginning of the episode.

Later on, we learn why he did what he did. Ainz’s followers had orders not to kill Climb. I’ll get to why that is in the next section. But, again, at the time I didn’t understand why Mare let Climb go. And that’s even considering I knew Princess Renner was working with Nazarick.

So, my question to you is, did you realize what was going on when Mare let Climb escape? Or, like me, were you wondering why he would do something like that? After all, Mare doesn’t seem to have any qualms about slaughtering humans — even women and children.

Princess Renner’s Master Plan

As I mentioned, Ainz’s followers were under orders not to harm Climb. This comes at Princess Renner’s request. But, why did she want Ainz to spare Climb? And why did she betray her kingdom in the first place?

According to her, it was all so that she could spend the rest of eternity with Climb. Princess Renner’s goal from the start was to be with Climb. Under normal circumstances, she wouldn’t have been able to marry him. But, even when her father offers Climb her hand in marriage, that’s not good enough.

By selling out the Kindom, Princess Renner struck a deal with Ainz. In return for her planning out the Kingdom’s downfall, he’ll turn her into an immortal demon. And as a bonus, he threw Climb in as well, so she can be with him forever. This is what all the people of the Kingdom died for.

Princess Renner's demon form from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 13
Princess Renner’s demon form

Honestly, the sacrifice of those tens of thousands, –or even hundreds of thousands — was worth it. Not because Princess Renner and Climb get to be together forever. It was worth it because we got to see Princess Renner’s demon form. She suddenly has the best character design.

Now, what I’m left wondering is what Princess Renner being a demon actually means. Allegedly, that means she’s immortal now. And we can see that she has little bat wings growing out of her back. Her canines also seem to be more pronounced than before — like fangs.

So, when she says that Ainz made her into a demon, does she actually mean a vampire? I want to say yes. But, if that was the case, wouldn’t she be Shalltear’s underling instead of Albedo’s? From what I remember, Albedo is supposed to be a succubus.

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The Kingdom Has Fallen

I think my favorite scene of the episode was Ainz sitting on a thrown of rubble out front of the castle. That was such a power move. I can’t think of a better way for him to celebrate his hard-earned victory.

But, there was something missing from the end of the episode. You may recall that I predicted Ainz would resurrect Prince Zanac. He resurrected Climb for Renner. So, we know it’s within his ability to do so. But, unfortunately, it would seem that my boy Zanac isn’t making a return.

Although, I’m going to hold out hope that it could still happen in a future season. When the local lords arrived at the capital, Ainz told them to continue governing as they were. But, he also mentioned that he’d let them know when a new governing system was in place.

Ainz sitting on a thrown of rubble from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 13
Ainz sitting on a thrown of rubble

Even I’ll admit that Zanac making a return seems unlikely at this point. And it’s not like his character is necessary. There are still a lot of characters — and there will undoubtedly be a lot more introduced. I hope that one of the new characters will be able to fill the void left by Zanac’s death.

Maybe Princess Renner will be the new Queen of Re-Estize. That is if the country gets to maintain its “autonomy.” Of course, it won’t actually be an autonomous nation regardless of what happens. Ainz will be in charge. But, there’s no guarantee he’ll make it into a part of the Sorcerer Kingdom.

We should also remember why Ainz destroyed the Kingdom, to begin with. He did it to send a message to all the other nations that this is what he does to his enemies. So, could he leave the capital in ruins forever?


What do you think of Overlord IV Episode 13? Did you think it was a good ending to the season? Do you like Princess Renner’s new character design? And what do you think will become of the Kingdom in the future? Let me know in the comments.

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2 Replies to “Overlord IV Episode 13”

  1. She was transformed into an Imp not a vampire Albedo and Demiurge are both variations of one, and i think the ending was fantastic Renner breaking into song because basically she won i loved every second of it i can’t wait to see whats next.

    1. I just can’t take anime (or any movie/show) seriously when characters break into song like that. It was definitely a good final episode, though.

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