Overlord IV Episode 2

Overlord IV Episode 2

Planning to Fight the Sorcerer King

Overlord IV Episode 2 made me realize how much of the series I don’t remember. For example, I don’t remember anything about Princess Renner’s storyline. But, based on what we saw at the end of the episode, I can assume she’s working for Ainz Ooal Gown.

And, with that information, the earlier scene featuring the princess makes more sense. I wondered why Princess Renner was asking Evileye so many questions. But, now it’s clear that she was attempting to gather information for the Sorcerer Kingdom. Though, I’m not sure Ainz needs the information to be successful.

Additionally, the information we as viewers get from this scene isn’t anything new. We got confirmation that there’s nobody around (that Evileye knows of) who can defeat Ainz. Though, she does say that the adventurer Momon might stand a chance against him.

The adventurer Evileye from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 2
The adventurer Evileye

So, why does none of this information matter? Because we know that Ainz and Momon are the same person. All this scene did was confirm how much stronger than everyone else Ainz is. Why not throw in some new information? Maybe Evileye’s heard a rumor about another adventurer on par with Momon.

Something I do remember from earlier in the series is from the very first season. Back then, someone was able to control Shalltear. And I’m pretty sure the implication was that this was another player from the real world. But, we haven’t heard anything about other players since then.

This scene could have been an opportunity to reintroduce that other players exist. Sure, Ainz believes that his former guildmates are somewhere in the world. He’s brought that up a few times. But, that’s just an assumption on his part. What about the other players? Or, are the ones interfering actually his guildmates?

The Re-Estize and Sorcerer Kingdoms

Despite the appearances everyone is putting on, they all want to partner with Ainz. As I mentioned, Princess Renner is already working alongside the Sorcerer Kingdom. And, we see that Prince Zanac is no different. He too wants to align with the strongest kingdom around.

The main difference between these two siblings is how they go about it. Princess Renner is subservient to the Sorcerer King. Though, she may be being controlled by him. I don’t actually remember if she’s working for Ainz of her own free will.

Prince Zanac doesn’t want to be subservient to Ainz. He doesn’t want his people to see him as bowing before another ruler. And he likely doesn’t want Ainz to view him as a retainer. Prince Zanac wants to be on equal footing with Ainz — even though we know that won’t happen.

Second Prince of the Re-Estize Kingdom, Zanac from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 2
Second Prince of the Re-Estize Kingdom, Zanac

It seems pretty clear to me that the Re-Estize Kingdom isn’t going to be independent for much longer. I don’t see it getting destroyed like whatever kingdom used to be where the Sorcerer Kingdom now lies. But, it won’t surprise me if Prince Zanac doesn’t survive this transfer of power.

At one point, Prince Zanac says that he’ll award his sister by gifting her some backwater province. In his mind, he’s going to be the next ruler of the kingdom. But, Princess Renner feels the same way. She sees herself as the next ruler of Re-Estize, albeit serving beneath the Sorcerer King.

And, something I noticed is that Princess Renner didn’t seem to be as merciful as her brother. It didn’t look like she plans to let him live out his days in a faraway province. I think she’s going to be the one to orchestrate his assassination.

Albedo’s Diplomatic Trip

I was quite surprised to find that Albedo’s trip to the Re-Estize Kingdom was diplomatic in nature. Though, it’s not to forge any kind of relationship with the current ruling family. Her goal is to incite a revolution of those loyal to Ainz within the kingdom.

What I don’t understand is how she planned all this out. As we saw, Albedo has Hilma Cygnaeus working for her. I don’t know if Hilma is actually one of Ainz’s underlings or someone Albedo found on her own. But, regardless, Hilma’s role is to introduce new lords who want to make names for themselves to Albedo.

So far, this all makes sense to me. But, what doesn’t make sense is how Philip Montserrat became involved. Yes, I know he introduced himself to Albedo and proposed holding a banquet for her. The problem is, that doesn’t explain how he became central to Albedo’s plan.

Philip Montserrat and Albedo from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 2
Philip Montserrat and Albedo

Albedo and Hilma are the ones pulling the strings. And so that means Philip’s introduction to Albedo should be part of the plan. But, it doesn’t seem like it was. From what we saw, he decided to introduce himself to Albedo upon seeing her.

Now, I did consider that Hilma could have used magic to control Philip. That makes sense since she and Albedo view him as a pawn. But, even that doesn’t quite add up. Why not? Because Philip’s infatuation with Albedo horrified Hilma (and disgusted Albedo).

If Philip was being controlled by them, this shouldn’t have become a problem. So, maybe Hilma told Philip of Albedo’s arrival ahead of time. And in doing so, she may have made an offhanded comment about how getting close to her would benefit him. It’s possible Hilma manipulated Philip and underestimated him at the same time.


What do you think of Overlord IV Episode 2? Did you remember that Princess Renner is an ally of the Sorcerer Kingdom? Do you think Prince Zanac is going to survive this season of the anime? And, how far into the series do you think we’ll get before revisiting plot points set up in Season 1? Let me know in the comments.

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