Overlord IV Episode 7

Overlord IV Episode 7

Pe Riyuro of the Quagoa

I need to start this review of Overlord IV Episode 7 with a correction. I assumed that the Quagoa we saw leading the attack on the Dwarves in Episode 6 was a red variant. That doesn’t appear to be the case.

As far as I understand it now, that was a blue Quagoa that happened to have red hair. There’s only one red Quagoa, and that’s the Clan Lord, Pe Riyuro. But, if you thought the Clan Lord was going to be a threat of any kind, you’d be mistaken.

While Pe Riyuro is a bit stronger than the other Quagoa, he’s still no match for even the weakest member of Nazarick. Still, he does have a unique skill that seems like it could be useful to Ainz in the right situation. Pe Riyuro has the ability to turn his soldiers into berserkers.

Pe Riyuro, Clan Lord of the Quagoa from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 7
Pe Riyuro, Clan Lord of the Quagoa

If he felt so inclined, Ainz could use the Quagoa as the first wave of his forces. But, I don’t see that making much of a difference. Ainz’s actual forces are so much stronger than the Quagoa that the Quagoa wouldn’t matter.

Think of it this way. If the enemy is weak enough that the Quagoa can defeat them, then any of Ainz’s allies could defeat them even easier. And if an enemy is stronger than the Quagoa, then there’s no use in sending them into battle anyway. So, I don’t really see the value in the Quagoa.

But, at the same time, what’s the value in the Lizardmen? Other than the one Lizardman serving as Ainz’s guide to the Dwarven Kingdom, what are they doing? Aren’t they just footsoldiers in Ainz’s army serving under Cocytus? That doesn’t seem like a very important role either.

Great White Dragon Lord

The only new character in Episode 7 I thought was cool was Lord Olasird’arc. He’s also known as the Great White Dragon Lord and is the ruler of the dragons residing in Feo Berkana. Unfortunately, Ainz kills him immediately by crushing his heart.

Olasird’arc is the largest of the dragons in this episode. Below him are 3 adult females who serve as his wives. And below them are Olasird’arc’s 16 children. We don’t get the names of his wives, but we do get the names of two of his children.

Let’s start with Trangealit. He’s a black dragon and a son of Olasird’arc. After Ainz kills his father, Trangealit attempts to stand up to Ainz and meets the same fate. After witnessing Trangealit’s death, the rest of the dragons fall in line. Though, the death of Olasird’arc should have been enough of a warning.

Great White Dragon Lord Olasird'arc from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 7
Great White Dragon Lord Olasird’arc

The other child of Olasird’arc named in the episode is Hejinmal. For the purposes of the series, Hejinmal is the main dragon. He’s the first of the Frost Dragons Ainz comes across and quickly submits to Ainz’s authority. You see, Hejinmal isn’t like the other dragons.

Hejinmal is a hikikomori dragon. He spends all his time cooped up in his room doing whatever nerd dragons do. He also wears glasses and is overweight for a dragon of his age and size. So, basically what I’m saying is that Hejinmal is the least cool of all the dragons.

Other than Olasird’arc himself, the other thing I liked about the dragons is how Ainz treated them. Despite the fact that they’re intelligent creatures, Ainz views them as animals. He wants to kill them for their meat and scales. To him, the dragons are hardly worth subjugating. But, he still does so.

Until 10,000 Remain

We didn’t get a cool fight between Ainz and the dragons. I was looking forward to that. Like, he could have at least used a flashier skill to kill Olasird’arc. Crushing his heart with a skill isn’t exciting after we’ve seen it a few times.

After that disappointment, I hoped we’d at least get to see a cool fight against the Quagoa. But, we didn’t exactly get that either. It wasn’t a fight; it was a bloodbath. Shalltear killed 50,000 Quagoa without even breaking a sweat. It was pretty cool but would have been cooler with better animation.

So, the reason Shalltear killed 50,000 Quagoa was that they didn’t immediately submit to Ainz. He gave Shalltear and Aura instructions to offer the Quagoa the chance to serve him by choice. If they declined, then a genocide was to unfold.

Shalltear Bloodfallen in her armor from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 7
Shalltear Bloodfallen in her armor

Pe Riyuro states that he has 60,000 clansmen and that it won’t be so easy for them to bow to Ainz. In response, Shalltear tells the Quagoa to fight among themselves until 10,000 remain. Specifically, there should be 4,000 males, 4,000 females, and 2,000 children when they’re done.

Instead, the Quagoa choose to attack Shalltear, and the result is the same. She slaughters them all until 10,000 remain. She could have wiped out the entire clan. But, I guess Ainz has an idea for how he wants to use them. They’ll probably be frontline soldiers as I mentioned earlier.

Anyway, something I like about Overlord is how brutal Ainz can be at times. He has no problem killing adventurers, hunting sentient races, or annihilating entire groups. That’s way more interesting to watch than TenSura, for example. Both series are about building nations in very different ways.


What do you think about Overlord IV Episode 7? Even though we didn’t get the fights I wanted, I still thought it was a good episode. I’m hoping Hejinmal isn’t around too much, though. I wish we could have had a cool dragon join Ainz instead of that nerd.

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