Overlord IV Episode 9

Overlord IV Episode 9

Declaration of War

We might not have gotten all the action I wanted. But, Overlord IV Episode 9 was still a good episode. Right from the start, it had my full attention. I thought Albedo was going to kill King Ramposa III right then and there.

But, Albedo was under direct orders from Ainz to deliver a message to the king and his court. This message was that the Sorcerer Kingdom is declaring war on the Re-Estize Kingdom. The war will begin in 1 month, and there’s nothing the kingdom can do that will prevent this war.

This obviously isn’t what the king wanted to hear because he hoped to give his life to preserve peace. It’s also not what the prince wanted to hear because he wanted to submit to the Sorcerer Kingdom. But, it’s not all bad news. Ainz did offer up a concession to his opponents.

Albedo standing before King Ramposa III from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 9
Albedo standing before King Ramposa III

The brief message delivered by Albedo stated that Ainz wouldn’t use large-scale spells. Basically, Ainz is saying that he won’t kill their entire army in one shot. Instead, he’ll slaughter them all the old-fashioned way. Is he not merciful? It’s an honor to die by the hand of a Supreme Being such as Ainz.

We also learned that Ainz and his followers have been working on a plan to facilitate this slaughter. They’ve been eradicating the towns on the outskirts of the kingdom. This is so they can cut off any escape routes out of the country. And, it also blocks other countries from coming to Re-Estize’s aid.

With all that said, I’m still not convinced that Ainz is actually going to follow through. We know he’s not as bloodthirsty as the Floor Guardians of Nazarick. And, I don’t see how destroying the entire kingdom benefits him.

Nazarick’s Faction of Peace

There’s another reason why I don’t see Ainz slaughtering everyone in the kingdom. That reason is that there are those within Nazarick who want peace. Specifically, the dog-maid whose name I don’t know and Nigredo, Albedo’s sister. These two believe that Humans are the future of civilization.

Before going any further, I have something to confess. Well, this might not actually be all that surprising. But, I have absolutely no memory of Nigredo before this episode. Based on context clues, I can assume we’ve met her before. I don’t remember her at all, though.

So, as far as I’m concerned, Nigredo isn’t allowed to leave Nazarick for some reason. If that reason was already explained to us in an earlier season, please let me know in the comments. If not, then I’m sure we’ll learn more about her in the future, so don’t spoil anything.

Nigredo from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 9

Despite the fact that Albedo’s and Nigredo’s names are obvious to me, I guess I should explain them. You know, just in case someone doesn’t get it. Albedo’s name is a reference to white and Nigredo’s name is a reference to black. That’s why they wear those colors. And, they have opposing personalities.

Anyway, because this peaceful faction exists within Nazarick, it gives Ainz an out. He still has to come up with an explanation for why he’s letting people survive the war. He needs to tell the Floor Guardians something. But, he could frame it as him taking into consideration the views of other members of Nazarick.

Ainz has been teaching his followers that different viewpoints are actually good. So, this could be him leading by example. And if everything turns out well, he can point to that as proof that different viewpoints have value. It’s the perfect setup.

The Four Armaments

My favorite part of the episode is when we got to see the Four Armaments in action. Well, we didn’t get too much action. But, we got enough. The Four Armaments is a Mithril-rank adventurer team. In case you forgot, Mithril is 2 ranks below Adamantite (the top rank).

At their level, the Four Armaments were about on par with a single Death Knight. They probably could have won against the first one. But, once the second got involved, I doubt it. If the Adamantite adventurer hadn’t shown up, they’d all be dead.

Speaking of the Adamantite adventurer, that didn’t seem like a normal adventurer to me. Well, you might be able to say that about every Adamantite adventurer. But, based on their armor and weapon, I have a feeling that was another player like Ainz. It could have been one of the Godkin we heard of from the Theocracy.

The Four Armaments about to face a Death Knight from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 9
The Four Armaments about to face a Death Knight

Anyway, back to the Four Armaments. They have a mage, a priestess, a female warrior, and some other guy. The female warrior is the leader of the team. But, the only one whose name we get is the priestess, Lilynette.

Something we learn about Lilynette is that she has some unique tastes when it comes to men. Specifically, she prefers them to be “unripe.” Nothing makes her drool more than the idea of becoming a 12-year-old’s concubine. Unfortunately, it seems that I’m way too old for her.

But, Lilynette isn’t my favorite member of the Four Armaments anyway. I like the female warrior; she’s cool. She fights with a one-handed axe that has a “shadow” double that can also hit her opponents. This shadow can either be used as an attack on its own or as a follow-up attack.


What do you think of Overlord IV Episode 9? Do you think Ainz is actually going to destroy the entire Re-Estize Kingdom? Do you remember Negrido from earlier in the series? And how many episodes do you think it will take for the Four Armaments to die? Let me know in the comments.

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3 Replies to “Overlord IV Episode 9”

  1. Nigredo was suppose to appear back in season 1 during Shaltear’s “betrayal” and in season 2 during Demiurge’s invasion of the capital.

    She was imprisoned because she tried to rescue the children that Demiurge kidnapped during his invasion.

    1. I’ve just been reading the light novels the last few weeks. I’m on book 8 at the moment.

      I remember Nigredo’s first appearance that would have been in season 1 but even though I just read the books a couple of weeks ago I can’t remember the season 2 appearance you are referring to.

      I’ve read comments that Nigredo and Pestonya saved some human children from being sent to Demiurge’s farm but I can’t remember an actual scene from the book.

    2. Since you say she was supposed to appear in seasons 1 and 2, I assume that means she didn’t and that this is the first time I’m seeing her as an anime watcher.

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