Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos the Movie Part 2 Review

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos the Movie Part 2 Review

The Sailor Quartet Returns!

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos the Movie Part 2 (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Cosmos Movie / 劇場版 美少女戦士セーラームーンCosmos) is the end of Sailor Moon. This is it. There’s nothing left. And I don’t just mean that there’s no more Sailor Moon anime for me to watch. I mean, this concludes the series.

So, is it a good ending? Yes.

I liked this movie way more than Cosmos Part 1. That’s kind of to be expected, though, because Part 1 was setting up everything for Part 2. Of course, Part 2 is going to be better since it’s the part in which all the stuff happens.

Now, instead of going through everything that happened in this movie, I want to focus on some of the highlights. And, the first highlight was the return of the Sailor Quartet from Eternal Part 2.

The Sailor Quartet from the anime movie Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos The Movie Part 2
The Sailor Quartet

If you read my review of that movie, you may recall that I said I hoped these characters wouldn’t return. The Sailor Quartet are Chibi Moon’s guardians, and this is the climax of Sailor Moon’s story. I wanted the movie to focus on Sailor Moon and her guardians. But, when the Sailor Quartet showed up, I changed my mind.

Obviously, I said I didn’t want these characters returning before I knew what this arc was about. Once I knew it was about the deaths of the sailor guardians, things changed. Chibi Moon and the Sailor Quartet are the next generation, so this was actually the perfect time for them to shine.

In fact, the Sailor Quartet showing up might have been my favorite part of the movie. Seeing them and (now) Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon was awesome. It makes me wish there was more to the series. But, I recognize this is a good ending point.

Sailor Galaxia Is a Good Villain

I liked Sailor Galaxia in Cosmos Part 1. She’s a cool villain for two main reasons. She literally destroys entire planets, and she’s technically a Sailor Guardian. But, she gets even better in Part 2; she’s here to kill Chaos.

From what I remember, Chaos only showed up briefly in Part 1. Or, she may not have shown up at all and was instead only mentioned. Either way, Chaos is Sailor Galaxia’s master and a fitting final boss for the Sailor Moon series. After all, what’s a greater threat than chaos itself?

But, Sailor Galaxia isn’t really a follower of Chaos. Her ultimate plan is to overthrow Chaos and become the ruler of the universe. Who does she think she is, Darth Vader, when he asks Luke to join him in overthrowing the Emperor so that “together [they] can rule this galaxy!”

Sorry, I watched The Empire Strikes Back yesterday.

Sailor Galaxia from the anime movie Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos The Movie Part 2
Sailor Galaxia

Really, though, I think Sailor Galaxia’s ambitions make her a better villain and character. It’s not because she wants to rule the universe in itself. It’s because we know why she wants to rule the universe. She’s looking for a place to call her own and hasn’t been able to find it.

Do we want her to find that, though? After all, she’s the greatest threat to the universe other than Chaos. Well, sort of. Yes, Sailor Galaxia killed billions of people by destroying countless planets. But, if you think of her like Sailor Saturn, don’t you kind of feel bad for her?

Sailor Galaxia refers to herself as the Guardian of Destruction. Isn’t that the same thing Saturn called herself? And, in case you forgot, Saturn also tried to destroy everything — not because she wanted to, but because it was her destiny.

A Great Ending to Sailor Moon

Let’s talk about the ending ending of Sailor Moon. It turns out Chibi-Chibi is actually Sailor Cosmos. Who’s Sailor Cosmos? She’s the final, ultimate form of Sailor Moon from the far-far future. Chibiusa’s from the 30th century. Sailor Cosmos is from far beyond that.

That reveal told us something important — that Sailor Moon wasn’t going to die here. Though, technically, she did die. Sailor Moon sacrifices herself to defeat Chaos. However, she and the other Sailor Guardians all get revived in a Deus ex machina.

Alright, so I know that Deus ex machina are typically frowned upon. They’re not exactly the best way to wrap up a series. But, in this instance, it worked for two big reasons.

The first reason is that Sailor Moon had to sacrifice everything to defeat Chaos. If she beat Chaos without doing that, Chaos wouldn’t have felt like a final boss. Also, I’ve heard Naoko Takeuchi wanted to kill everyone off at the end of the original season of Sailor Moon. So, she finally got to do it.

Mamoru and Usagi getting married from the anime movie Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos The Movie Part 2
Mamoru and Usagi getting married

The second reason is that it meant despite Sailor Moon’s sacrifice, we got to see the epilogue. And, I’m not sure I can explain to you how much I enjoyed this epilogue. It was kind of the perfect ending to Sailor Moon.

We got to see Usagi and Mamoru get married. I didn’t think we were going to get to see that. After all, we didn’t need to see it. We already knew it was going to happen — they’re married in the 30th century and have a daughter: Chibiusa.

But, actually seeing the wedding scene at the very end brought everything together. Forget all this saving the universe nonsense. Usagi’s true wish finally came true.

Final Thoughts

This may sound high, but I gave Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos the Movie Part 2 an 8/10 and Cosmos as a whole a 7/10. Yes, Part 1 was much worse. But when you add Part 2 to it, the whole is significantly better. This is a good movie.

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