Princess Connect! Re:Dive

Princess Connect! Re:Dive

Princess Connect! Re:Dive anime series cover art
Princess Connect! Re:Dive

Series Overview

Princess Connect! Re:Dive (プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive) is an action-adventure series set in a fantasy world. It’s also technically an isekai, but at this point, that’s basically expected for a fantasy anime. However, what sets this series apart from others like it is that it’s based on a mobile game (that I haven’t played).

You might expect this anime to be on the mediocre side due to its source material being a game. However, Princess Connect! seems to take the best parts of mobile game anime adaptations and leave out the worst parts. For example, it has a lot of really cute character designs, but it doesn’t have some nonsensical plot.

Really, although it isn’t tagged as one, Princess Connect has a lot of slice of life aspects to it. And it’s those slice of life aspects that I think keep the series from following in the footsteps of other mobile game adaptations. Would I like to see more of the adventure side? Of course, but I’ll take slice of life over a mobile game plot.

The series focuses on the four members of the Gourmet Guild. The mission statement of the Gourmet Guild is to travel the world in search of tasty food they can eat together.

What I like about the Gourmet Guild itself is that it’s not something we often see in fantasy anime. Normally when there’s a guild involved, it’s a combat-focused guild. And even when the guild doesn’t have a set mission statement and it’s just for “friends to hang out,” the default is that the guild will focus on combat.

Yes, the Gourmet Guild has competent fighters. But fighting isn’t their goal; it’s how they sometimes achieve their goal.

Gourmet Guild Members

Yuuki is the protagonist and only male member of the Gourmet Guild. I would say that he’s the leader of the guild, but as you’ll see, that’s not really the case even if that’s what the guild’s paperwork says.

The thing about Yuuki is that he’s not really your typical isekai protagonist. He’s also not your typical self-insert character, even though that’s essentially what he is. What sets Yuuki apart is that he’s severely mentally handicapped. He lost his memories, doesn’t know how the most basic things work, is illiterate, and is effectively mute.

Kokkoro is Yuuki’s assistant. Yuki descended to the world from the heavens at the start of the series, and Kokkoro is the one who was selected by the Goddess to help him. She’s an elf who specializes in support magic. And I happen to think she has the best character design of the main cast.

The members of the Gourmet Guild from the anime series Princess Connect! Re:Dive
The members of the Gourmet Guild

Pecorine (that’s her nickname) is the third member of the Gourmet Guild as well as its de facto leader. In fact, it was Pecorine who originally came up with the idea of the Gourmet Guild. She loves to eat (her nickname is a play on pekopeko “ペコペコ” which means hungry) and she’s the resident chef of the guild. Pecorine also has my favorite personality of the main cast.

The final member of the guild is Karyl, a catgirl who seems to be the fan-favorite. I know this will make some people unhappy, but Karyl is actually my least favorite of the main girls, and potentially of all the girls, in this series. Yes, she’s a tsundere catgirl, but I find Kokkoro to be cuter and Pecorine to be funnier.

If you want to know who the overall best girl is, it’s Eriko, the yandere oni.

Why Don’t People Like This Anime?

For some reason, it really seems like people don’t like this anime. I like it, but I also liked How Not to Summon a Demon Lord, which is another one a lot of people apparently didn’t enjoy. I’d go on a rant about Demon Lord, but today I’m here for Princess Connect!, so I’ll refrain.

I just don’t see what people wouldn’t like about this anime as a whole. It’s understandable if people don’t give it a try because it’s based on a mobile game and they expect it to be mediocre at best. But for anyone who’s actually watched it, it should become quite clear that this series is good.

The character designs are good, the art is nice overall, the voice acting is good, the comedy is pretty good, the music is pretty good, the characters are pretty good, and (what I was most surprised about) the animation is extremely good. That’s right, if you’re into animation (sakuga), then you should watch this series.

Kokkoro from the anime series Princess Connect! Re:Dive

The best comparison I can make to describe Princess Connect! is to say that it’s like if you took KonoSuba and made all the characters wholesome instead of jerks. The Gourmet Guild has the same family-like dynamic, but the type of comedy associated with the characters is different.

So why don’t people like Princess Connect!? I’m not actually sure.

I don’t believe I’ve talked to anyone so far who didn’t think it was a good anime. But going by the score it has on MyAnimeList, people clearly have some issue with it. And even scrolling through the reviews on MAL, all the ones I see actually rated this series higher than even I did.


For me, Princess Connect! Re:Dive is a 7/10. It’s an all-around solid anime, but it just doesn’t have anything that pushes it over the edge and into the 8 territory. If it gets another season, I’ll definitely watch it, but because it’s based on a mobile game, I get the feeling that it won’t. It’s basically just an advertisement for the game, after all.

Both the OP and ED for this series were good as well. They’re both sung by the three female leads, which is something I like. I definitely have to say I prefer the OP more. It has a better song and better visuals.

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