Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage Episode 8

Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage Episode 8

Kage’s Yearning

Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage Episode 8 wasn’t that good. Neither of the stories in this episode was particularly interesting. But, if I had to choose between the two, I’d say I liked the first story more. And not because it was about Kage.

Kage’s backstory isn’t the best. There are many better characters in Ranking of Kings than him. However, this story also featured Sir Kyo, the ultimate chad of the Kingdom of Bo. Sir Kyo is the top knight of the kingdom and the one all the children want to emulate.

Because of his face, mostly his eyes, Sir Kyo doesn’t seem like a nice guy. I was expecting him to perpetuate the stereotype that the Shadow Clan is evil. Though, is it really a stereotype if they are actually assassins? Either way, I thought he’d be mean to Kage.

Sir Kyo on his horse from the anime series Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage Episode 8
Sir Kyo on his horse

However, what we see from Sir Kyo is that he cares about all citizens of the kingdom. Sure, he was probably a bit suspicious of Kage when he first saw him. After all, as I mentioned, the Shadow Clan members are assassins. But, that didn’t stop him from saving Kage when he was in danger.

You could argue that Sir Kyo only saved Kage because Kage saved the other child. That doesn’t seem right, to me, though. And my reasoning is that Sir Kyo did more than save Kage. He also inspired Kage to want to help more people.

When Kage asks for his name, he says his name isn’t important. He’s a knight, and a knight’s job is to protect the citizens. And, more than that, he commends Kage for his bravery. He wouldn’t have done all that if he only saved Kage out of obligation.

A Great Mother

The second story of Episode 8 is where things really get bad. First of all, we’ve already seen a decent amount of the content from this story. For example, Bosse meeting Shiina was already covered in the main series. The extra stuff we got here wasn’t that important.

Did we actually learn anything new about these two from this episode? We already knew Shiina was a great mother. She gave her life to protect Bojji from Miranjo. And, we already knew Bosse actually cared about Bojji, as well. None of that was new.

What was new was the art style for this story. I get that it was stylized. But, stylized doesn’t mean good. Well, the art itself was fine. But the animation was bad. And because the animation was bad, it made the art look worse. I don’t know why they chose to do this.

Bosse before becoming a king from the anime series Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage Episode 8
Bosse before becoming a king

Alright, well, I guess I have to actually write about the things that happened in this episode. So, Queen Shiina stops a girl from stealing a baguette. But, this girl has a sob story about how her father can’t work because he’s hurt. So, Shiina hires her on the spot.

Now, I expected this woman to then be the one who raised Bojji. But, that’s not the case. She’s just a maid. And, I don’t believe we’ve ever seen her in the series before in other flashbacks. From what I remember, there was an older woman who often looked after Bojji.

There was one thing we learned from this episode, though. Bojji was born before there was even a castle in the Kingdom of Bosse. That means Bojji is the same age as the nation. We don’t know exactly how old Bojji is, but that means everything happened fast.

Bosse Baby

I said there wasn’t really anything new in this story about Bosse and Shiina. But, that’s not entirely accurate. This may have been the first time we learned why Bosse wasn’t the #1 ranked king on the list. I could be wrong, but he was #2 or #3.

At one point, Desha of the Underworld was #2. And at the end of the first season, he was ranked #1. But, he might have been #3 until Bosse died. I don’t actually remember. But, what’s important here is that Bosse wasn’t ranked #1 despite having the potential to be.

So, why didn’t Bosse become the #1 ranked king? He simply didn’t care to be. That’s right. The Bosse who was so obsessed with becoming the strongest man in the world didn’t care about being the #1 king. He didn’t care about the treasure vault which could have made him even stronger.

King Bosse from the anime series Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage Episode 8
King Bosse

After having his first son, Bosse no longer cared about being the strongest. All he wanted was to give Bojji everything he could ever want. And that’s not new information. We already knew that part. But, we hadn’t seen Bosse turn down competing for the top ranking.

Shouldn’t Bosse have wanted to be the #1 king for Bojji’s sake, though? And, we know he later reconnects with Miranjo and seeks out power then, too. So, why did he turn down the ranking this time? I’m not sure. You could say it was Miranjo who corrupted him.

But, that still doesn’t explain why Bosse wouldn’t want more power for Bojji. And, let’s not forget the treasure vault. Bosse could have found an item in there that would restore Bojji’s power. Desha wanted to be the #1 king for a similar reason — to save Ouken from his curse.


What do you think of Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage Episode 8? Do you think we’ll ever see Sir Kyo again? How did you feel about the art/animation of the second story of the episode? And, why don’t you think Bosse wanted the #1 ranking for Bojji’s sake? Let me know in the comments.

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