Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage Episode 9

Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage Episode 9

Miranjo and the Demon

Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage Episode 9 did a stylized story right. The story of Miranjo and the Demon was way better than the story of Bosse and Shiina. And I’m not just talking about the story itself. I mean how it looked.

The art style of these two stories wasn’t the same. But, they had some similarities. However, the big difference was the animation. The animation in Episode 9 was way better than the animation in Episode 8. And that’s why Episode 8 looked bad.

But, let’s go over the content of this story because it’s actually pretty interesting. We learned a few things about the demon and demons in general. And the first thing we learned is that there’s an entire civilization of demons. Before this, I thought demons were rare, solitary beings.

Miranjo lost in the woods as a child from the anime series Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage Episode 9
Miranjo lost in the woods as a child

Apparently, the demon civilization exists. And not only that, but people seem to know about it. In one scene we saw a king from another country making a deal with one of the demons there. So, it would seem that some kings travel to this country in search of power.

But, when Desha heard about the possibility that a demon could save Ouken, he didn’t appear to know of them. And the reason for this could be that the demons live on a different continent. We saw that the child demon who eventually befriended Miranjo fell into what looked to be the ocean.

He was then washed away and woke up on the bank of a river near Miranjo’s village. That doesn’t quite make sense because rivers flow out to the ocean, not the other way around. But, it might not have been the ocean. The demons might live far upstream.

The Prince and His Treasures

Episode 9’s second story is about Bojji preparing to go on his next adventure with Kage. It takes place at the very end of Season 1 when Bojji leaves the throne to Daida. Before he heads out, though, he wants to give gifts to everyone in the castle.

These gifts Bojji is handing out are his treasures — his prized possessions. He wants everyone else to have them because he believes they’ll bring everyone good luck. And also maybe he wants them to have something to remember him by while he’s away.

Oh, and Bojji had been keeping all these treasures in a chest in his room. Is this chest the titular treasure chest of courage? You could make the argument that Bojji’s treasures are what give him courage. They remind him of the good times he’s had with everyone.

Bojji giving Mitsumata a mirror from the anime series Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage Episode 9
Bojji giving Mitsumata a mirror

So, what gifts did Bojji give to everyone? Well, Bebin’s gift was first and I can’t say it’s that great. Bebin got some skin Mitsumata shed as a small snake. Still, that’s probably better than the cicada shells Bojji gave to Hokuro and Domas. Those were the worst three gifts.

In the next tier up, we have the gifts Bojji gave to Apeas and Dorshe. Apeas got a piece of flint that looked like a spear tip. And Dorshe got a fang of some kind. Not great gifts, but not terrible.

Then, there are the gifts Bojji gave to the two random old guys in the castle. They each got a doll of some sort; not bad gifts, but I have no idea who those guys are.

Hiling, Daida, and Miranjo got the best gifts. Hiling received a feather to wear. Daida received a sentimental acorn to plant. And Miranjo got a crystal ball.

Bojji’s Journey Continues

Episode 9 felt like the final episode of the season. The second story ends in the same place as Season 1. And it appears to set up the next season well. But, this isn’t the final episode. There’s still one more.

I’m curious to see what this episode is going to be about. I think we’ve already covered everything shown in the OP. So, what’s left for the final episode? My hope is that it’s a lead-in to the next season. Though, as far as I know, a second season isn’t coming anytime soon.

What could a lead-in episode look like? One obvious option would be for it to follow Bojji and Kage as they prepare for their journey. We could see them do things like gather any additional items they need. Or, we could see them plan out their destination or route.

Miranjo accepting a gift from Bojji from the anime series Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage Episode 9
Miranjo accepting a gift from Bojji

Another option would be for the episode to focus on other characters who are going to be important. Rather than following Bojji and Kage, it might follow Desha. At the end of the first season, we saw Desha become the #1 ranked king and enter the vault.

So, could this last episode pick up where the last episode of the main series left off with Desha? Might we get to see what item Desha picked from the vault? I’d like it if that was the case. But, that also might be too important to cover in this spin-off.

It’s also possible that the final episode could introduce some new characters. We could get a sneak peek at where Bojji and Kage are heading. Or, it could set up whatever the next conflict of the series is.

Of course, the episode might do none of this. It could be another normal episode.


What do you think of Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage Episode 9? Were you surprised to learn that there’s an entire demon civilization? Which of Bojji’s treasures do you think is the best? And what are you expecting from the final episode of the season? Let me know in the comments.

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