Record of Grancrest War

Record of Grancrest War

Record of Grancrest War anime Cover Art featuring main characters
Record of Grancrest War Cover Art


Record of Grancrest War is one of two series I’ve been watching which started during the Winter 2018 season and is continuing in the Spring 2018 season; the other being Darling in the FranXX. Since that means this anime isn’t yet complete, this review will only be covering what has happened so far (15/24 episodes).

In this anime, the land is split into many small kingdoms which are each governed by their own lords who have a magical crest that proves their right to rule their land. By defeating other lords, one can obtain more crests, thereby making their own crest stronger. If one person combines all of the crests then they become the emperor of the land.

However, there are two rival factions who are each trying to complete this emperor’s crest known as the Grancrest. One side is the Alliance and the other is the Union.

Even though both sides want to use the Grancrest to unify the land and stop the constant war, for some reason they can’t seem to work together despite there actually being nothing stopping them from doing so.


There are two main protagonists who we follow throughout the story: Siluca and Theo.

Theo Cornaro is a wandering knight who left his homeland of Sistina so he could gain power as a lord and one day return to overthrow the tyrannical rulers, the Rossini family. He fights with a sword and a sleeve-like shield.

Siluca Meletes is a mage who contracted herself to Theo because she didn’t want to serve the lord she was supposed to. She was one of the most accomplished students at the mage academy and wants to help Theo reclaim his homeland and eventually unify the continent.

Besides these two, there are a number of important supporting characters, but I’ll just go over the two who have been the most important in the series thus far, Lassic and Irvin.

Lassic David is a lord who was defeated in battle by Theo but decided to pledge his loyalty to Theo because he believes Theo has the power to unify the continent. He’s considered one of the most formidable military leaders around.

Irvin is basically the same character as Sebas from Overlord or Wilhelm from Re:ZERO. He’s essentially a butler who doubles as an assassin with extraordinary fighting ability that would rival that of any top knight. He pledges himself to Siluca after recognizing her potential as a mage.

The mage Siluca Meletes from the anime Record of Grancrest War
Siluca Meletes


After the first episode, I wasn’t entirely sold on Record of Grancrest War, but over these past few months, I’ve begun to like the anime more. That said, for now, I still only have it rated at a 6/10.

While I think the story has gotten better, the animation is still fairly lacking. It’s kind of like the Boruto animation where they animate something partway and then say “good enough.” While this wouldn’t matter for most scenes, it’s very noticeable during fight scenes.

I think if the animation quality was better then the overall viewing experience would improve and so would my rating of the series.

Anyway, despite the animation quality, this is still an anime that I look forward to watching every week which means it must be doing something right. I may start doing weekly reviews of each episode, but if not, then expect a final review of the series once it concludes at the end of this season.

My review of the second cour of Record of Grancrest War is available now.

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