Rent-a-Girlfriend 2nd Season Episode 6

Rent-a-Girlfriend 2nd Season Episode 6

Boomer Gifts

Rent-a-Girlfriend 2nd Season Episode 6 was alright. It was a Chizuru episode, which usually means I’m going to like it. Chizuru is my favorite character in the series, after all. But, the majority of this episode wasn’t all that good. The only part I really liked was the end.

This is the beginning of the review, though. So, let’s talk about the beginning of the anime when Chizuru acknowledges Kazuya’s gift. For her birthday, Kazuya got Chizuru a box of pickled plums. I can’t say I would have wanted that gift, but Chizuru enjoyed it enough.

Kazuya made two mistakes with his gift, though. The first is that he gave her something edible. If he’s trying to win her over, he needs to give her something that’s going to stick around. That way, every time she sees it she’s reminded of him.

Chizuru on her balcony from the anime series Rent-a-Girlfriend 2nd Season Episode 6
Chizuru on her balcony

Kazuya’s reasoning for choosing a food item is that other gifts are a hassle to get rid of. But, that’s thinking about this the wrong way. If getting rid of gifts is a hassle, give her something she won’t want to get rid of — not something that gets rid of itself.

By this point, he should know what Chizuru likes. Does she have a favorite animal? Then get her a small stuffed animal. It should be something that doesn’t take up much space. Something that’s not a hassle to keep is ideal. But, I’d say something like a necklace or other jewelry is a no-go since they aren’t actually dating.

The second mistake Kazuya made is that he placed her gift on her balcony. As Chizuru says, that’s a bit of an invasion of privacy. If he’s going to leave a gift for her anywhere, it should be at her front door.

A Tale of Two Chizuru

The first time Kazuya saw Chizuru in her Chizuru Ichinose form, didn’t he recognize her? And yet, nobody else can recognize that Chizuru Ichinose is Chizuru Mizuhara. Well, I’m sure Chizuru’s female friends would be able to tell. But, they haven’t seen her in her Mizuhara form.

It’s pretty crazy that none of the guys recognize both Chizuru are the same person. They have the same name, the same birthday, and they look the same. And, yes, even when “disguised,” both Chizuru Ichinose and Mizuhara look the same. She changes her hairstyle and puts on glasses.

If I was one of Kazuya’s friends, I wouldn’t think Chizuru Ichinose and Mizuhara are different. I’d think, “Oh, Chizuru has a different hairstyle today and she’s wearing glasses. She must have been wearing contacts that other time I saw her.” I’d also think it’s odd that Kazuya’s acting like he doesn’t know his girlfriend.

Yoko fondling Chizuru from the anime series Rent-a-Girlfriend 2nd Season Episode 6
Yoko fondling Chizuru

Let’s also not forget about how rude Kazuya’s friends were being to Chizuru. They think this is a different Chizuru from the one they already know. And their response is to comment on how much prettier the other Chizuru is.

Okay, from our perspective it’s not that bad. We know they’re actually complementing Chizuru. But, what if they were right in thinking Chizuru Ichinose was a different person? Then they’d be comparing the appearance of a girl they just met to someone they think is prettier. It’s no wonder these guys are all single.

Look, I don’t want to take Kazuya’s side or make him out to be some catch. But compared to his friends, Kazuya’s not that bad on the outside. Sure, his thoughts are those of a deranged stalker. But he can at least act like a decent person in social situations.

The Stinky and Gross Boy

For possibly the first time, Kazuya said something I agree with. He called himself “all stinky and gross.” Of course, he was referring to the fact that he was puking into a toilet after drinking too much. But, I’d argue he’s always stinky and gross.

Despite the sounds of Kazuya puking, this was actually my favorite part of the episode. I like when the girls of Rent-a-Girlfriend act like real girlfriends. When Chizuru is on a fake date with Kazuya and she’s in “girlfriend mode,” I don’t care.

I like when Chizuru is off the clock and still shows that she cares about Kazuya in some way. In this case, she stayed with him in his apartment while he was sick. That’s the good content. And we got something similar 2 weeks ago with the Ruka episode.

Chizuru sitting on the floor in Kazuya's apartment from the anime series Rent-a-Girlfriend 2nd Season Episode 6
Chizuru sitting on the floor in Kazuya’s apartment

Now, for some predictions. Chizuru is going to spend the night in Kazuya’s apartment. She’s going to do this for 2 reasons. The “official” reason is to make sure Kazuya is alright. And the unofficial reason is that she’s jealous that Ruka got to spend the night there.

With that said, she’s going to be gone by the time Kazuya wakes up in the morning. She might leave a note behind. Or Kazuya will otherwise realize that she stayed the night. Either way, he’s going to be mad at himself for being too drunk to remember what happened (nothing).

If my prediction is true, I don’t see Chizuru ever bringing up the fact that she spent the night at Kazuya’s to Ruka. She doesn’t seem like the kind of person to rub it in the way Ruka did. As long as she knows Ruka isn’t ahead of her, she’ll be content.


What do you think of Rent-a-Girlfriend 2nd Season Episode 6? Do you think Kazuya crossed a line with his gift placement? Do you prefer Chizuru Ichinose or Mizuhara? And do you think Chizuru is going to spend the night in Kazuya’s apartment? Let me know in the comments.

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