Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 2 Review

Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 2 Review

It’s Not What You Think, Ruka-chan!

I know what you’re thinking. Why is there a review of Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 2 today? Episode 2 came out last week! Well, I was away last week. So, today’s review is going to be of Episode 2 and tomorrow’s review is going to be of Episode 3.

Also, I haven’t watched Episode 3 yet. Any predictions I may make in this review are based on the events of Episode 2 alone. So, let’s get right into a prediction. I’m expecting the decision to allow Ruka to help with the movie to be a bad one.

In this episode, Ruka expressed that she’s against Kazuya helping Chizuru. But, she’s still going to allow it because she’s such a good girlfriend. That’s already a red flag. But, what’s more important to think about here is: What does Ruka bring to the table?

Ruka Sarashina crying from the anime series Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 2
Ruka Sarashina crying

Chizuru brings herself as an actress, her appearance, and her sob story about her grandma. That’s all good for getting crowdfunding money. Kazuya brings his unstoppable drive to help Chizuru in every way possible. And, he’s also serving as the producer of the movie they’re going to make.

But, what about Ruka? Does she have any particular skills that are going to be helpful? Not that we know of. And we didn’t see the trio discuss how she’s going to help out at all. So, I’m expecting her to only get in the way.

And, Kazuya could have avoided all this by manning up and putting his foot down. It doesn’t matter if Ruka is his “girlfriend.” She doesn’t have the right to dictate who he spends time with. Kazuya should have told her she can’t help because she’s his girlfriend. Mixing his personal life and his professional life is a no-no.

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The Perfect Couple

Contrary to what her grandmother says in Episode 2, Kazuya isn’t perfect for Chizuru. I’m the only one perfect for Chizuru. Kazuya doesn’t even understand how Chizuru feels. How can he be the perfect one for her? That’s right; he can’t.

So, why do both Chizuru and her grandmother think Kazuya is so great? It’s actually pretty simple. Kazuya is the only one Chizuru allowed to get close. If Chizuru allowed other guys to get close to her, she’d realize how terrible Kazuya is. She thinks Kazuya’s great because she never gave anyone else a chance.

Of course, this also extends to Chizuru’s grandmother. Kazuya is the only guy Chizuru ever introduced her to. I do think Chizuru’s grandmother thinks Kazuya’s a good guy. But, even if she didn’t, what’s she going to do? Is she going to tell Chizuru that Kazuya sucks? Obviously not. That would be rude.

Chizuru Ichinose from the anime series Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 2
Chizuru Ichinose

The thing is, all the other characters seem to have the wrong idea about Kazuya. They think he’s such a nice and considerate guy. But, the reality is he’s just indecisive and unable to say no. What part of leading Ruka on is nice?

And, his “relationship” with Ruka isn’t only unfair to Ruka. It’s unfair to Chizuru, too. Chizuru now has to be the third wheel in Kazuya’s fake relationship with Ruka. And yet, she somehow views it as Kazuya being a nice guy for not rejecting Ruka. How delusional is everyone in this series?

Well, actually, there is one character who’s normal. If you guessed Sumi Sakurasawa, you’d be correct. Sure, she’s extremely shy. But, aside from that, Sumi’s a normal girl with normal relationships with other people.

With all that said, Chizuru is still my beloved. She may be delusional, but I can fix her.

Mini Yaemori the Zoomer

After two episodes, I can confidently say that I like Mini Yaemori as a character. She’s cute and different enough from the other girls to warrant her inclusion in the series. But, she also brings out the beta male in Kazuya, which is bad.

I get it, Kazuya is always a cringe beta male. But, usually, he just gets flustered and doesn’t know what to do. When Mini pulled him into her apartment, though, Kazuya’s brain cells got left outside. Why did he think telling Mini everything about Chizuru was a good idea?

Fine, Mini had a video of Ruka referring to Chizuru as a rental girlfriend. That wouldn’t be good if it got out. But, Mini was never planning to release that video to the public. Kazuya’s mind immediately jumped to her blackmailing him and he told her everything.

Mini Yaemori wearing a police uniform from the anime series Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 2
Mini Yaemori wearing a police uniform

If anything, Kazuya just did more damage to Chizuru’s reputation than Mini would have. How’s Chizuru going to feel about him spilling her secrets to the new neighbor they met the day before? Now Chizuru has yet another classmate who knows that she works as a rental girlfriend.

The more people who know a secret, the harder it is to keep.

But, Mini said she wouldn’t tell anyone about Chizuru’s secret. So, it’s all going to be okay, right? Well, Mini is a zoomer. And not only that, but she’s a streamer. So, you may be able to figure out what I’m thinking.

Is Mini going to reveal the video by accident on her stream? I’m predicting she will. Then, we could see Kazuya, Chizuru, and Ruka play it off as if that’s actually a piece of marketing. They could make the plot of the movie about Chizuru’s life and pretend it’s fiction.


What do you think of Kanokari Season 3 Episode 2? Could Kazuya have pulled off denying Ruka’s request to help with the movie? Is Kazuya nice, or just a pushover? And, are you expecting Mini to leak the footage she took of Ruka calling Chizuru a rental girlfriend? Let me know in the comments.

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