Rescue Me! Review

Rescue Me! Review

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I wasn’t planning to review Rescue Me! (れすきゅーME!) today. But the final episode of Train to the End of the World got delayed by a week, and I didn’t have anything else to write about. So, since this is a one-episode OVA, I figured, “Why not?”

The first thing to know about Rescue Me! is that it’s tagged as an erotica on MyAnimeList. That means this is an 18+ series. However, it’s not a hentai or an ecchi. The Erotica tag is for anime that fall somewhere in between.

I think we all know what hentai is. It’s anime porn — there’s explicit sex. Ecchi, on the other hand, often has sexual overtones, and if you’re lucky, there might be some uncensored breasts. Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo is a hentai and Gushing over Magical Girls is an ecchi.

Sayaka Shimizu and Anna Ozono from the anime OVA Rescue Me!
Sayaka Shimizu and Anna Ozono

Erotica is more sexual than ecchi but doesn’t include explicit sex. There’s often sex, but it’s not explicit. We’re not seeing everything despite knowing exactly what’s happening. Examples of erotica series include Redo of Healer, Interspecies Reviewers, Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World, and World’s End Harem. Also, Citrus is an erotica.

So now that we know what an erotica is, what’s this one about? Our protagonist, Masayuki Mizutani, is a high school student whose parents just went overseas for work. But instead of leaving him alone, they ask a girl in his grade, Sayaka Shimizu, to take care of him.

All Masayuki wants is to be left alone. However, Sayaka is determined to service him in every way possible. She calls him “Master” and is always fantasizing about sex. All of the sex scenes in the OVA are fantasies of the girls. Masayuki never actually has sex with Sayaka or any of the others.

Sayaka, Anna, Yuka, and Mai

As is typically the case in hentai, erotica, and ecchi anime, the protagonist, Masayuki, isn’t an interesting character. There’s really nothing of value I have to say about him. Instead, let’s take a look at the four main girls of the series.

First up is Sayaka Shimizu, Masayuki’s new maid. Although she’s in the same grade as him, she’s not actually in his class. However, these two know each other because their parents are friends. You could say that Sayaka is Masayuki’s childhood friend. But it doesn’t look like their relationship goes that deep.

It’s clear right from the first time we meet her, though, that Sayaka likes Masayuki. She has a crush on him, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make him fall for her. Personality-wise, she’s pretty easily the best character.

Yuka Takamura and Mai Takagi at the beach from the anime OVA Rescue Me!
Yuka Takamura and Mai Takagi at the beach

The second girl we meet is Anna Ozono, a first-year student who’s on the School Beautification Committee with Masayuki. Like Sayaka, Anna has a crush on him. But she seems content with being the side-chick. She concedes that Sayaka’s body is better for servicing Masayuki and doesn’t fight for his attention.

Yuka Takamura is the third girl. She’s a middle school student but also Masayuki’s aunt — she’s the younger sister of Masayuki’s mother. As you might have guessed, she, too, has a crush on Masayuki despite their relation. Unlike Anna, Yuka actively fights with Sayaka over Masayuki’s love and physical intimacy.

The final girl is Mai Takagi, another middle school student. She’s Yuka’s friend but wants to be more than that. Unlike the other girls, she’s not interested in Masayuki himself. She’s originally interested in him so she can “have kids with Yuka’s DNA.” But the one she actually wants to be with is Yuka.

What if it Wasn’t Only One Episode?

I liked the main girls quite a bit. They were all unique, though Anna could have had a bit more going on. Of the four, she’s obviously the “vanilla” option. But the biggest problem I have with the OVA is that it’s only one episode.

Again, there are four main girls here who all have to share a single episode. That doesn’t leave very much time for each of them. For example, I thought there was going to be a lot more content of Sayaka serving Masayuki as his maid than there actually was.

Also, I looked into the manga, and it’s 44 chapters split into 4 volumes. So, I think the OVA would have worked a lot better if it was four episodes. It doesn’t have to follow whatever “story” the manga has. Just give each girl their own episode and cherry-pick content from the manga for each.

Sayaka kissing Masayuki from the anime OVA Rescue Me!
Sayaka kissing Masayuki

It’s pretty clear that the fact that Sayaka is Masayuki’s maid while his parents are away is a big part of the series. That’s the main gimmick of the series. So, having a full episode about Sayaka would have felt a lot better to me as a viewer.

As I mentioned, Anna also could have benefitted from a full episode because she needs more character development. She’s right on the edge between being a main character and a supporting character. But with a little more time, she could have found a niche for herself.

I almost want to say that Yuka and Mai could share an episode, but I’m actually not sure about that. An episode about Yuka and Sayaka fighting over Masayuki would be good. And then there could be another episode all about Mai’s relationship with Yuka. That seems like the best option.

Final Thoughts

I ended up giving Rescue Me! a 6/10, which is actually higher than the average rating for the OVA. If what you’re looking for is erotica with some comedy mixed in, it’s pretty good. But if it had more episodes, it could have been even better. I don’t think a 7 is out of the question.

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