Re:ZERO Episode 35

Re:ZERO Episode 35

I Know Hell

As usual, there’s a lot to discuss with this episode of Re:ZERO season 2. But I’m going to stick to three main topics today, the first of which is my theory that Emilia and Satella are actually the same person. Over the course of these 35 episodes, there has been a fair amount of circumstantial evidence pointing to this being the case.

Starting off with the most obvious, Emilia and Satella are both half-elves with white hair who look exactly the same. Next, we know that Emilia is a very proficient magic user, as were the witches. She’s obviously not as powerful as them, but I’ll get to that in just a bit.

There’s also the fact that Subaru was immediately drawn to Emilia upon first encountering her. Sure, this could be because she’s a cute girl who saved him, but now that we know more about Satella, I think there’s more to it. I think Subaru’s attraction to Emilia is partially due to her being Satella, the one who loves Subaru above all else.

Satella from the anime Re:ZERO season 2

Additionally, we now know that Roswaal has a connection to the witches. He lords over the domain within which the witches’ tomb is located, he refers to Echidna by name, and his goal is to slay the dragon that helped seal Satella away. That last part is very important and may be connected to why he took Emilia under his wing.

How Could Emilia be Satella?

But what does this all mean? And isn’t Satella sealed away? Well, to answer that second question first, we know that Satella’s powers were sealed, but that her body was too strong to destroy. So, my theory is that Satella’s powers and memory of being the Witch of Envy were sealed, leaving her as the girl we know as Emilia.

According to the Frozen Bond movie, Emilia was found by Puck wandering in the forest. She has no memory of anything before she was alone in the forest and we don’t know how long she was there. She also had extremely powerful magic leaking out of her body which caused her to further isolate herself.

So, when Roswaal encountered her, he likely knew who she truly was, Satella. Roswaal seems to have a copy of the Tome of Wisdom and knowledge of Subaru’s return by death, so I think it’s reasonable to assume he would recognize Satella. He also didn’t seem that surprised when Satella appeared in the Sanctuary.

Also, speaking of Satella appearing in the Sanctuary, how did she get there? She seemed to have originated from within it, not outside it. And this makes sense if her true form was released from Emilia’s body — perhaps by Emilia learning of her dark past during the trial. Remember, this was the one trial attempt Subaru woke up from with Emilia nowhere to be found.

And moving back to Roswaal, if he knows that Emilia is actually just Satella with her true power and memories sealed, then his wanting to slay the dragon makes more sense. He wants to unseal Satella’s memories for some reason. Again, we don’t know that reason yet, but we know he’s connected to the witches in some way.

I think it’s very possible that Roswaal is an Apostle of Envy just as Subaru is now an Apostle of Greed.

Ryuzu Meyer

The second topic I want to discuss from this episode is the creation of the artificial beings known as Ryuzu. I don’t really think all of the Ryuzu are going to be that important to the story directly, but I do think they give us insight into other things that will be — such as the Apostles of Sin and Echidna’s motives.

So to get the whole Ryuzu thing out of the way, basically, Echidna was attempting to gain immortality by manufacturing bodies for her soul to enter upon her death. This original Ryuzu was Ryuzu Meyer, who can be found sealed in a crystal within the Sanctuary. There were then four copies of Ryuzu Meyer made, one of which is Ryuzu Bilma. From there, hundreds of other Ryuzu were manufactured.

Ryuzu Meyer from the anime series Re:ZERO season 2
Ryuzu Meyer

So, what are the important takeaways from this? First, we now know that Subaru is considered an Apostle of Greed because he ingested a part of Echidna. This allows him to control the many Ryuzu clones. Additionally, it’s implied that Garfiel is an Apostle of Greed as well since he too underwent the trial and is referred to as Subaru’s sibling now that Subaru is an Apostle.

I think the difference between an Apostle and an Archbishop in this sense is that the Apostles have actually come into contact with and been chosen by their respective witches. The Archbishops seem to revere Satella more than the other witches and, if Betelgeuse is anything to go by, don’t have a personal connection to them.

Finally, it was heavily implied that what Echidna is after right now is Subaru’s immortal body. She created Ryuzu in an attempt to gain immortality, and now she’s met someone who seemingly has the ability she longed for.

But, I don’t think it’s that simple. Subaru isn’t really immortal as far as we know. He can reset time to a certain point upon death, but that doesn’t stop him from aging. So even if his resetting ability works if he dies from old age, he’ll be stuck in a limited time loop. I don’t think Echidna really wants that.

Betty’s Contract

Finally, we have Betty. This is the topic that we have the least amount of information regarding at this point. But, let’s go over what we know about Betty, what we can assume about Betty, and what that might mean for her future.

I’m not going to explain this again this week, but I think Echidna is Betty’s “mother.” That’s the assumption at which my line of reasoning for this begins. So if we assume that Betty’s mother is Echidna, then that means Subaru is now the Apostle of Betty’s mother. And what do we know Apostles of Greed can do? They can control Ryuzu due to some contract.

Further, we know that if Subaru tells Betty that he is “that person,” she will be contractually obligated to ally with him. Now, I’m not saying that Betty is a Ryuzu, that much is clear by her appearance. But if both of them are linked to Echidna and have a contract that forces them to ally with Subaru, there’s definitely something connecting it all together.

Betty from the anime series Re:ZERO season 2

Now, originally I was thinking that Betty’s contract might be entirely separate from the one involving Ryuzu. However, upon further inspection, Subaru isn’t given the instruction to tell Betty he’s “that person” until after he had become an Apostle of Greed. So, if we assume Roswaal knew of this development, that explains why he suddenly gave Subaru that information.

“That person” refers to an Apostle of Greed.

The End of Betty

The only thing I’m still confused about is how this all affects Betty. I thought she would simply help Subaru fight, but based on her own words, that doesn’t sound entirely correct.

Betty speaks of this being the end of a very long contract and that it’s ironic that Subaru is the one causing it to end. She also refers to “bringing an end to the end of the end” and how she will truly be set free. Those words could be taken in two ways. Either she’s going to be free from some constraints placed on her, or she’s going to die. My bet is on the latter.

First, what does it mean to bring an end to the end of the end? Well, the final “end” is death. Therefore, the end of the end refers to being immortal — Betty’s 400 years old, so the “end” for her was ended. So, to bring an end to the end of the end simply means that her immortality is going to come to an end.

And if we also assume that Betty knows about Subaru’s return by death, which I do, then that explains why Betty finds it Ironic that Subaru is going to end her immortality.

Also, the whole part about finally being set free aligns with this theory. When Subaru told her he killed Betelgeuse, she commented on how Betelgeuse went on without her or something. So, now Betty will be able to follow after him.

But how is Betty going to die? Look, I know I said she isn’t a Ryuzu, but if she has a contract with an Apostle of Greed like Ryuzu does, then there must be some similarity. And as we saw, Ryuzu fights by self-destructing. So I think Betty’s about to blow up the entire mansion when Elsa and Maylie attack.

That’s the only thing I can think of that makes sense. She has a contract just like Ryuzu (who explodes), she’s going to ally with Subaru and help him fight, and she’s going to die in the end. Her exploding checks all of those boxes.


I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on Re:ZERO episode 35 and my theories that arose from it. Do you think Satella and Emilia could be the same person? My Discord server doesn’t think so, but I think it makes sense and could lead to a lot of development for Emilia far into the future of the series.

Also, what do you think is the difference between Apostles and Archbishops? And, of course, what do you think this contract is that involves Betty? Do you think she’s going to die, or was the meaning behind her words less ominous than it sounded? Let me know in the comments.

Oh, and I should point out that I don’t think this is the end of Betty. I think it’s extremely possible that she dies here, but as we all know, Subaru won’t let that stand. So either he’s going to prevent Betty from killing herself, or he’s going to reset after she does and find a way to avoid it from happening next time around.

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14 Replies to “Re:ZERO Episode 35”

  1. I think it’s impossible that Satella is Emilia much like your Discord server.

    I don’t think Emilia is in fact Satella given that Satella actually killed Emilia in episode 17 of Season 1. Killing Emilia would theoretically create a time paradox. It just seems completely impossible given that Satella was around 400 years ago, and Emilia was born sometime after that. There is an afterlife in Re:zero as Echidna has confirmed in episode 28 when previously, Petelgeuse in episode 17 was all viewers had to go with on the matter when he indicated he’d be reunited with the Witch in death, and there is also reincarnation as Arbiter Melakuera indicated in the Frozen Bonds OVA. We know from Beatrice that the legendary dragon, sage, and hero sealed Satella, the Witch of Envy’s because they could not destroy her body, and it’s likely that the reason Subaru smells more strongly of Satella whenever he comes back from the dead is because Satella’s soul is sealed in the afterlife, and Subaru’s soul and her soul come into close proximity after he dies, leading to him smelling more strongly of her after deaths because of increased exposure to her. In case it wasn’t obvious, I speculate that the foul smell of the Witch is the scent of her soul given that her body is sealed and should have no biological function right now, so her foul stench shouldn’t be the smell of her body. And if that is the case, Satella’s soul being confined to the afterlife has not gone through the reincarnation cycle, making it impossible for Satella to be Emilia, and if Emilia were indeed Satella, Emilia would have the same foul stench of Satella’s.

    I think the difference between Apostles and Archbishops is that Apostles are people who have the favour of the witch that shared pieces of her body with the Apostles while Sin Archbishops are people who worship Satella as Petelgeuse has made it clear that the one he worships is Satella, the feared Witch of the world, and all members of the Witch Cult reek of her foul smell, which I speculate is because Subaru and all Witch cultists’ souls are linked to Satella’s soul somehow, whereas that isn’t the case for Apostles of Greed.

    This is not related to your post today, but I speculate that the reason Subaru was summoned to Re:zero’s fantasy world is that Satella recognized the scent of his soul, and the only way I see that being possible is if Satella and Subaru in a past life had met, and she had fallen in love with him. I can’t think of any other way Satella would be able to recognize Subaru as her lover if she had to pick from millions of Japanese men who didn’t look like her lover to summon to Re:zero’s fantasy world. I mention Japanese men in particular because the people of Kararagi speak in the Kansai dialect, meaning that Kararagi was likely founded by or ruled by a Japanese person in the past who was summoned to this world.

    I think the contract Beatrice is talking about that is coming to an end is her contract with Roswaal to protect the Forbidden Library. I reckon her saying she is going to be free indicates that she does not actually like being the protector of Forbidden Library even though she does her job as best she can. I remember her looking longingly at Subaru and Emilia doing radio calisthenics, so that’s why I don’t think she actually likes her job.

    I don’t think Beatrice was ever immortal given that Puck said he could be killed and that Elsa was hired to kill Beatrice. Spirits probably have eternal youth but not immortality. As for whether she could be referring to her death with her remark about bringing an end to the end of the end, it’s definitely possible. I don’t have enough information to know whether that is the case.

      1. That’s a spoiler. I wish LN/WN readers wouldn’t spoil people for no reason before the material is actually shown in the anime. Someone on another blog spoiled me on something regarding Puck, and it was really uncalled for.

      2. On second thought, maybe this isn’t a spoiler but what you speculate to be the case. Given that Petelgeuse had the Sloth Witch Factor, maybe he inherited it from the Witch. Or he killed the previous sin Archbishop of Sloth like Subaru did, and that’s how Petelgeuse had it. I doubt that the dead Witches of Sin gave the Sin Archbishop’s their Witch Factors since they have been killed, and the Witch Cult seems to only serve Satella by Petelgeuse’s reaction in Season 1.

        1. I don’t think that’s a spoiler. According to Betelgeuse, the Authority was granted to him by Satella as part of his role as an Archbishop. And it seemed to me like the Witch Factor was connected to the gospel in some way. Or, the Witch Factor could have to do with how Subaru became Betelgeuse at one point. That could have left a lasting Witch Factor in his body. Regardless of if it was from that or him keeping Betelgeuse’s gospel, I do think the Witch Factors are connected to the Archbishops specifically, not the Apostles.

          After all, Subaru is an Apostle of Greed despite having the Sloth Witch Factor.

    1. I’m not entirely convinced that Satella’s miasma killing Emilia in episode 17 bars them from being the same person. Even if that does create a paradox of sorts, that’s not exactly new territory for the series. Subaru can reset time when he dies, and he and apparently many others have knowledge of those resets. I think that either the miasma of Satella within Subaru doesn’t recognize Emilia as herself (Satella) because of the sealed memories and power, or the miasma isn’t “alive” and just acts automatically. The former is what I’m leaning towards more.

      Also, I forgot until you mentioned the smell of the witch, but did you notice that this time around Garfiel referred to Subaru’s stench? In one of the previous timelines, he thought it was a bit strange when Subaru referred to it that way. It seemed to imply that Garfiel could sense it another way before, but this time he definitely implied that he smelled it. That may have been a translation error in this episode, though.

      And, you do have a good point about Betty’s contract relating to Roswaal. I was thinking the same thing until I noticed that talk of her contract only began after Subaru became an Apostle of Greed. I’m still not sure, but there’s been a lot of contract talk recently and I think at least some of it has to be related. I feel like the whole Ryuzu contract thing was specifically included to foreshadow or lead into Betty’s contract.

      1. I wouldn’t say that many others have knowledge of Subaru’s resets. Based on what has been presented so far, it seems that only Satella, Roswaal, Echidna, and maybe the other dead witches if Echidna spilled the beans to them know. I suspect that Echidna knows because those in the afterlife can tune in to different timelines because they are not limited in the same way as regular people who are still living.

        I am certain that Garfiel can “see” the Witch’s miasma much like Rem was able visually see it back in episode 15 when Subaru, Rem, Felix, and Crusch were all together, and Felix indicated that he could not do anything for Subaru regarding his current situation. It panned to Rem’s view, and it showed her seeing the miasma leaking out of his body.

        1. I’m still pretty confident that Betty knows about Subaru’s return by death ability. Roswaal knows, and she’s contracted to him in some way. And she also has a copy of the Tome of Wisdom.

          And I don’t mean it’s strange for Garfiel to know about the Witch’s miasma — that much has already been established. I just mean it was odd for him to refer to it as a scent this time around when he was previously confused about Subaru calling it that in another timeline.

          1. Garfiel was not confused when Subaru called it a scent three loops ago. Garfiel actually said that what Subaru said was an apt description of the Witch’s miasma

          2. Confused may have been a poor word choice. My point was that “scent” wasn’t the first of the senses that Garfiel would have selected to explain the witch’s miasma originally. So it’s interesting that he changed it up this time around.

  2. Emillia isn’t Satella. but I do think that Emillia is somehow have a distant connection with Satella, like a descendant or “Sister” or have the same race (half elf). And for why’s Satella is show up on the sanctuary I think she’s came from Subaru’s own soul, like a vessel. When he’s with Echidna on previous episodes he’s unconsciously summoning her “fragments soul to the real world”.

    1. You actually bring up a great point that I didn’t even consider for some reason. Emilia could very well be the descendant of Satella. And this may explain why she was originally found wandering the forest alone. Also, I can’t deny that the manifestation of Satella in the Sanctuary could have come from Subaru.

  3. Also DoubleSama, I think Echidna has the original Tome of Wisdom.

    Subaru realized when he was in the shadow that Echidna knew what was going to happen. That’s probably why she meddled with the handkerchief and turned it into a special knife/blade. But if she did know what was going to happen, that means that she too can see the future. If Beatrice and Roswaal have the two copies of the not-quite-Tome of Wisdom (Beako reveal episode 7, Roswaal reveal episode 9), that means Echidna must have the original Tome of Wisdom. I wonder what her endgame goal is since she’s deliberately helping Subaru, and if I’m right, even changed up Emilia’s trial three times two loops ago in an attempt to get Emilia to break out of her shell.

    1. I think that’s very possible at this point. Originally I was thinking Satella may have taken the Tome after she killed Echidna. But, if that were the case, wouldn’t Satella always be one step ahead of Subaru right now? It doesn’t feel like she is. It feels like she’s desperately trying to get him under her control.

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