Re:ZERO Episode 43

Re:ZERO Episode 43

Betty and Ryuzu

As is usually the case when it comes to Re:ZERO, Season 2 episode 43 dumped a lot of information in our laps. So, let’s begin sorting through it with the flashback of Betty and Ryuzu Meyer. We weren’t given a time period for this flashback, but since Echidna was alive, we know it’s at least 400 years ago.

Surprisingly, I don’t actually think the Betty and Ryuzu content of this flashback is all that important. Or at least, it doesn’t have any importance to us right now. It might become important later. I just don’t see how at this point.

The important parts of the flashback are the mention of the Sanctuary’s true nature being revealed around that time and the appearance of Roswaal.

Betty and Ryuzu Meyer from the anime series Re:ZERO Season 2
Betty and Ryuzu Meyer

First, we know that the Sanctuary was Echidna’s laboratory. That much has been established since we learned of Ryuzu Meyer’s existence, but it was confirmed here. However, it was implied that there was a secret reason for the existence of the Sanctuary as well. And I’m guessing this isn’t simply that Echidna was searching for immortality.

If I had to guess, I’d say that the secret of the Sanctuary has to do with the barrier that was erected around it. Perhaps Echidna was attempting to seal something, and the barrier is the product.

As for Roswaal, we’re actually given some conflicting information about him. Ram states that the Roswaal in Ryuzu Meyer’s memories is the Roswaal of a previous generation. However, current Roswaal states that he knew Echidna. So is Ram simply making an assumption without knowing that Roswaal is actually over 400 years old?

That’s possible. But I think it’s also possible that Ram is correct and that when Roswaal mentioned meeting Echidna, he meant during a previous attempt at the trial.

The Day Betelgeuse Laughed

With a title like “The Day Betelgeuse Laughed,” I assumed that we were going to see the point at which he snapped and became the maniac he was first introduced as in the series. That didn’t happen. But it was sort of implied that the Witch’s Factor is what eventually caused him to become that way.

However, the big takeaway from this part of the episode for me was that Betelgeuse didn’t have the Witch Factor before this. Well, he had it in his possession, but he didn’t have it if that makes sense.

Why does this matter? Because when Subaru fought Betelgeuse, the latter mentioned that his unseen hand was granted to him by Satella herself. But in this episode, we’re shown that he has the Witch Factor in a small box and then uses it on himself. It seems pretty clear that it wasn’t given to him by Satella.

Geuse using the unseen hand from the anime series Re:ZERO Season 2
Geuse using the unseen hand

So what gives? Why would Betelgeuse have claimed that he received his Witch Factor from Satella? Did Satella give him the box? Unlikely. He probably received the box from the church. And the fact that he hadn’t used it earlier may mean that he was initially tasked with locating someone worthy of accepting the Witch’s Factor.

His line about being given the power by Satella was likely in reference to him being able to wield it. Over time, he most likely came to believe that he was chosen by Satella. When in fact, the Witch’s Factor would have infected anyone it came into contact with.

After all, we saw that he was rejected by Satella when he met her within Subaru’s “soul” or whatever that was. I am interested in learning how Betelgeuse came to acquire the Witch’s Factor in the first place, though.

Oh, and it was stated that Betelgeuse was a spirit — because everyone seems to be.

The Black Serpent

This section is going to be shorter, but I did want to touch on the Black Serpent. We’ve heard about the Black Serpent two times before this. The first was during The Frozen Bond, and the second was, I believe, when Subaru spoke to Daphne during the Witchs’ Tea Party.

As we should have expected, the Black Serpent doesn’t really look like a normal serpent. The White Whale was a giant, flying whale that could create clones of itself and the Great Rabbit is actually about a million normal-sized rabbits that eat anything that gives off mana.

The Black Serpent appeared to be a mass of black tentacles more than snakes. I didn’t notice any snake heads. But it’s also unclear as of right now whether it’s one physical entity or a bunch that work together like the Great Rabbit.

And, we saw that once someone is poisoned by the Black Serpent, there’s nothing that can be done. I believe this was also hinted at in The Frozen Bond, though.

Pandora, Archbishop Sin of Vanity

Maybe you don’t agree with this, but I think the introduction of Pandora was the biggest part of the episode. She wasn’t introduced as an Archbishop Sin, but I’m pretty sure we can infer that’s the case considering she has an overpowered and unknown ability and referenced the Witch of Vanity when granting Betelgeuse his title.

Before I get any further into Pandora herself, who’s the Witch of Vanity? Well, Crunchyroll’s subtitles like to use different words for things. For example, Satella was originally referred to as the Witch of Jealousy, but now she’s the Witch of Envy. The same thing happened here.

Typhon is the Witch of Vanity, but she was previously referred to as the Witch of Pride. Vanity and Pride are interchangeable terms here.

Pandora’s name is in reference to Pandora, one of Jupiter’s moons. She’s the first of the Archbishop Sins not to be named after a star in a seemingly relevant constellation. I doubt that difference between her name and the names of the others is that important, but I figured I’d point it out.

Pandora, the Archbishop Sin of Vanity from the anime series Re:ZERO Season 2
Pandora, the Archbishop Sin of Vanity

Obviously, the big thing about Pandora is what I assume is the power granted to her by her Authority of Vanity. She can reset things. However, she doesn’t reset things like Subaru does. When Subaru dies and resets time, it was implied he creates a branch timeline in which only he has memories of the other timelines.

With Pandora, she can reset portions of the current timeline, and anyone within that timeline is very much aware of it. For example, she didn’t reset time so that the confrontation between Regulus and Betelgeuse never happened. But she did reset Regulus’s involvement in the situation, which means anything he caused — such as Betelgeuse losing an arm — is reset too.

She was even able to reset her own death. So it’s unclear what the limitations on her ability are. Could she simply reset someone out of existence? And if she can reset her own death, does that make her effectively immortal? If she died from old age, couldn’t she reset herself to a younger age?

Pandora definitely seems to be the strongest Archbishop Sin we’ve met. I think she could defeat all three of the others at the same time.


What do you think of Re:ZERO Season 2 episode 43? Is the Roswaal we saw in Ryuzu Meyer’s memories the same clown we know and love in the current timeline? Why do you think Betelgeuse was carrying the Sloth Witch Factor in a box? And what’s your first impression of Pandora? Let me know in the comments.

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7 Replies to “Re:ZERO Episode 43”

  1. Vanity and Pride are considered different Sins. Also Pandora seemed to refer to her self as the Witch of Vanity, rather then being the Sin Archbishop of Vanity.

    1. Sometimes they’re considered different sins. Vanity is also often considered part of the Sin of Pride. It’s possible that she’s a witch considering how strong she seems to be. But I feel like it would be very odd to introduce more witches at this stage. We’ve already had the Tea Party that introduced all seven of them. Adding more now seems like an odd choice considering nobody ever mentioned there being more before.

      1. Vainglory was a historical sin, and in the modern day, hardly anyone uses “vainglory” anymore, opting to use “vanity” to mean the same thing. So Crunchyroll likely just used the word that is commonly used these days. Pandora did not address herself as a Sin Archbishop but as a Witch of Sin, so I will follow her own self-identification. So if Tappei is using historical sins, it’s possible that there’s also a Witch of Acedia too.

        As for Roswaal, he clearly and unambiguously said that he met Echidna 400 years ago in the first cour, so I take that as being a true statement. Hence, I can think of 2 possibilities. Roswaal has either cloned his body multiple times and injected his soul into the clones or possessed the bodies of his descendants. Given we know that cloning exists from Echidna’s experiment with the Sanctuary, that first possibility should be possible. I don’t know how a human would be able to possess bodies, so I’d say that one is not as plausible.

        Petelgeuse having a box with the Sloth Witch Factor could be a sign of his status in the Witch Cult. Already in this flashback, people were calling him Bishop Romanee-Conti, so it’s possible that he was given the box when he became a Bishop of the cult. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason Petelgeuse had followers in the first place was because he carried the Sloth Witch Factor with him. In that case, I wonder who gave him the Sloth Witch Factor. Before taking in the Sloth Witch Factor, Petelgeuse said he was sorry to Flugel-sama, and I’m guessing this is because Petelgeuse promised this Flugel to never take in the Sloth Witch Factor. If you recall from the first season, the people referred to the tree that the strike force burned down to trap the White Whale as Flugel’s tree, and Rem indicated that Flugel planted the tree hundreds of years ago. Given that Petelgeuse knows both Beatrice (who got stuck in a library 400 years ago) and Flugel, Petelgeuse was very likely to have been around for at least 400 years at the minimum. I guess him being a spirit explains how he could have survived for so long while maintaining a youthful appearance.

        I also find it interesting that Regulus has not seemed to age at all since this flashback, and I assume that he isn’t a spirit, so if there’s something keeping him young, I think it could be the Greed Witch Factor. Perhaps Witch Factors extend the livesof their carriers.

        1. I know Vainglory is a historical sin. But it’s become a part of the sin of Pride over time. And considering Crunchyroll’s subtitles swapping from “Jealousy” to “Envy” for Satella’s sin, I think it’s understandable that I would assume this is just a case of them mixing things up again. Additionally, according to the English subtitles, she didn’t actually introduce herself as the Witch of Vanity.

          Pandora grants Betelgeuse his Archbishop Sin title “in the name of the Witch of Vanity.” That’s not the same as her claiming to be the Witch of Vanity. When someone says they’re doing something “in the name of” something, there’s no implication they are the something referred to. Most commonly, that phrase is used when taking action on behalf of someone or something else. For example, if you were to do something “in the name of” God, the church, the king, the state, etc. You wouldn’t be saying you are those things. Conquering a region “in the name of the Emperor” doesn’t mean you are the Emperor. It means you’re carrying out the Emperor’s will.

          However, I’m not saying it’s impossible for Pandora to be a witch. She’s clearly stronger than any of the Archbishops we’ve met. And, all of the other Archbishops are named after prominent stars in relevant constellations. Pandora is named after a moon, which falls more in line with the naming of the witches who are named after moons, asteroids, etc.

          As for Roswaal, I think this is the same Roswaal. I don’t think he cloned himself or anything. I think he’s just going to be revealed to be a spirit. Basically, half the cast is over 400 years old at this point. And more and more of them are being revealed to actually be spirits. So I see no reason to assume Roswaal and Regulus wouldn’t also be spirits.

          1. But present day Roswaal identifies as Roswaal L. Mathers while flashback Roswaal identifies as Roswaal A. Mathers. If he is a spirit, I don’t understand why he would pretend to be different people. With Regulus, I just assumed that he wasn’t a spirit because of the manner in which he revealed that Petelgeuse was a spirit.

  2. You’re right. I must have seen somebody else call him Roswaal A. Mathers and assumed I saw that when I watched the episode.

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