Re:ZERO Episode 47

Re:ZERO Episode 47

Subaru isn’t “That Person”

Re:ZERO Season 2 episode 47 definitely wasn’t as good as I was hoping it would be based on the setup from last week. We got a bit of the fight between Garfiel and Elsa, we didn’t get any of the fight against Maylie, and we only got a short montage of the fight against Roswaal.

There were also quite a few moments throughout the episode when some potentially retconned information was dropped into our laps. The first of this information came from Betty when she told Subaru that her copy of the Tome has always been blank.

Previously, Betty had stated that she used to follow the Tome, but that one day it stopped showing her future. And she claimed that this is when she lost hope. So which is it? Was Betty’s copy always blank, or did it actually tell the future at one point?

Betty from the anime series Re:ZERO Season 2

Something else you may have noticed is that Betty was much more willing to offer up information this time around. I get that this sort of needed to be done so that we didn’t have to sit through the same conversation between Subaru and Betty again. But it came off a bit odd considering Betty normally isn’t so loose-lipped.

She’s the one who brings up her copy of the Tome, mentions Roswaal’s copy of the Tome, and even brings up Ryuzu’s name. If she had said any of those things in the previous loop, Subaru wouldn’t have understood what she was talking about. But here, she mentions them as if the two of them had previously discussed them even though they hadn’t in this loop.

Maybe it’s just me, but I felt like that was a bit of an immersion-breaking conversation.

Frederica isn’t Ready to Die

Another conversation from this episode I thought was odd was when Petra implied that she didn’t want Frederica to die this time. Frederica then consoled her by saying that this time around she has no plans to die. That’s a pretty strange thing to say, isn’t it?

It seems to me that the implication here is that they both have memories from the previous loop for some reason. I don’t think that’s actually the case. But I have no idea what else this exchange would have been referring to. Did Frederica already die off-screen in this loop and get revived?

The implication here was definitely that Frederica was killed at some point, not just defeated temporarily. So I have no idea what’s going on with Frederica and Petra. I’m probably thinking about these lines way too much, but they stood out to me due to how strange they were.

Maylie from the anime series Re:ZERO Season 2

Now, my lovely Discord members Rain. and PenguinFTW believe that Frederica and Petra were simply talking about how Frederica fought off Elsa earlier so that Petra could escape. And while I do see where they’re coming from, the phrasing makes it seem like they’re referring to something much more extreme.

Petra makes it sound like something terrible happened to Frederica and that the two of them had been apart for a long time. But it probably hasn’t been more than 15 minutes since they parted ways and Frederica is unharmed. So that doesn’t really add up to me.

I recognize that the mundane answer is probably the correct one. It’s definitely not going to be revealed that Frederica and Petra have memories of other timelines. But, it’s not impossible for that to be the case in a weird way. I’m pretty sure earlier this season Emilia mentioned feeling like something had happened before which was from a previous loop.

Happiness Reflected on the Water’s Surface

There will probably be a lot of people who disagree with me on this, but Emilia’s second trial was the worst part of the episode. Yes, we got a great shot of Emilia diving into her reflection on the water (which she hit face-first, by the way). But other than that, I was pretty bored.

Seriously though, diving off a cliff and breaking the surface of the water isn’t something I would recommend. Seems like a great way to get a concussion and break a few facial bones or your neck.

Anyway, compared to Subaru’s second trial, Emilia’s was a walk in the park (literally). Subaru had to see what the aftermath of him dying in all those other timelines was. Emilia just had to see people she cared about being happy. I get why it was her trial, but I also hardly consider that a trial.

Emilia diving into her reflection from the anime series Re:ZERO Season 2
Emilia diving into her reflection

Still, there were two interesting pieces of dialogue to come out of this trial. The first was when Archi questioned whether or not Betelgeuse is actually dead. As far as we knew, he was definitely dead. Subaru even obtained his Sloth Witch Factor as proof of this. But now doubt has been cast.

Will we see Geuse show up again in the present? And if so, what form will he take? Will he be back to his old Geuse ways before he became mad? Will Emilia have to confront him? It could definitely be interesting. However, I generally prefer that dead characters stay dead within the same timeline.

And, the other point of interest was Echidna reaffirming her hate for Emilia. This time around, I’ll say that my theory about Emilia being Echidna’s daughter is probably wrong. Maybe Echidna hates Emilia because she doesn’t think a descendant of Satella deserves to be happy? That seems like the most logical explanation for her hatred now.


What do you think about Re:ZERO Season 2 episode 47? Do you think there’s any significance to Betty now saying her Tome was always blank? What do you think Frederica and Petra were referring to? And would you want to see Geuse return into the series? Let me know in the comments.

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2 Replies to “Re:ZERO Episode 47”

  1. I don’t find it immersion-breaking that Beatrice mentioned Roswaal’s not-quite-Tome of Wisdom or Ryuzu. It’s just that Subaru pushed her in a different direction with him saying that she should do as she has always done, to which Beatrice had some negative things to say about that. When Subaru says or does different things compared to different loops, it’s only natural that Beatrice reacts differently. I still think the only reason Beatrice thought that Subaru was “that person” the last time she appeared in Cour 1 was because Subaru evacuated everyone from the mansion, leading her to conclude that Subaru had some special purpose for coming to her, so she expected what she had been waiting for ages.

    What I think Beatrice means is that her not-quite-Tome of Wisdom has been blank for so long that it’s hard to remember a time when it was functional. Crunchyroll has not really been all that reliable, such as when it translated Pandora as saying, “In the name of the Witch of Vanity,”, translating Sloth Witch Factor as Envy Witch Factor, and translating that if Emilia was deemed to NOT be a suitable vessel that Satella would be reborn on the coming fated day even though that sentence literally made no sense in the context that it was said. Considering how little Crunchyroll pays its translators, it’s no surprise that there are mistakes in the translating of the series. I take it as fact when Beatrice previously said that eventually her not-quite-Tome of Wisdom stopped telling her the future. Additionally, Beatrice even said that her not-quite-Tome of Wisdom was all she needed this episode, which shows that it was extremely likely that it did tell the future at one point, as otherwise there would have been no point in holding on to the point, even if it was a gift from Echidna.

    I agree with your Discord buddies about Petra meaning that Frederica fully went into her battle with Elsa being prepared to die. I believe in this case, much like the case with Hector and Roswaal, that the mundane answer is the answer in that Beatrice, who revealed in Season 1 that she could heal near fatal wounds and even indicated her intent to save Roswaal before he actually dies in episode 45, healed Roswaal rather than Roswaal combining with Hector.

    As for Archi during Emilia’s second trial, I think Echidna/Archi was just acting on what Emilia knew about Petelgeuse. Emilia does not know whether Petelgeuse had passed on because Subaru and co. hide appear to hide as much information as possible about the Witch Cult from her, possibly to avoid causing her distress, so I don’t think she knew that Petelgeuse was the Sin Archbishop of Sloth and that Subaru had personally killed him. I reckon that if Petelgeuse appears again in Re:zero that it’ll be in a flashback from when Flugel, the man from centuries ago who planted the giant tree that was brought down to trap the White Whale, was alive, which may or may not have been over 400 years ago. Petelgeuse would be sane in that case since that flashback will probably take place before Emilia had even been born. In any case, I find Petelgeuse before he became insane a charming character and would like to see him more.

    I’m still not convinced that Emilia is necessary even a descendant of Satella. All Roswaal revealed is that Emilia and Satella have the same lineage, which could mean they are sisters born hundreds of years apart or cousins of varying degrees of closeness. I say this because it appears that Subaru’s name is a major part of the lore of the series. Subaru is also what the Japanese use to refer to the Pleiades star cluster. Six of the stars in that cluster are visible to the naked eye, and incidentally, there are six dead Witches of Sin. The Pleiades star cluster is also referred to as the Seven Sisters, and there are seven witches bearing the name of the seven deadly sins in Re:zero. Vainglory and Acedia/Melancholy are historical sins, and vainglory is hardly used in modern times, with people using vanity to mean the same thing, so Crunchyroll probably just went with the modern term. Given the presence of Pandora and Hector in the story, Tappei is drawing also from historical sins for the lore of his story. Interestingly enough, there are eleven stars in the Pleiades star cluster with nine of them having names, making it fitting that there might be 9 Witches of Sin. Two of the stars have yet to be named, and as such, I propose there might be two secret witches that have some other concept applied to them instead of sins. Given that not just Echidna but also Pandora also referred to Emilia as “Witch’s daughter”, it could mean that Echidna might not have said that to insult Emilia and maybe that Emilia’s mother is one of those yet-to-be-determined witches.

    1. My counterpoint to Betty’s copy of the Tome being referred to as blank as simply her meaning that it’s been a long time since it said anything is that earlier in the series she clearly stated that it used to contain text. It doesn’t really make sense for her to claim that it had text in a previous loop and then claim that it never had text in this loop. She hasn’t forgotten that it had text since she literally told Subaru that it did earlier.

      As for who “that person” is, I actually do think it’s Subaru. Subaru states that he’s not, but for all intents and purposes, he is. “That person,” as far as we know, is just referring to whoever it is that gets Betty to leave her duty of protecting the library. There’s no real significance behind it, despite what Betty may think. So when Subaru says that he’s not “that person,” what he really means is that he’s not the person Betty thinks she’s waiting for, he’s the person she is waiting for.

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