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RPG Real Estate

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RPG Real Estate

Series Overview

RPG Real Estate (RPG Fudousan / RPG不動産) is a slice of life comedy series set in a fantasy world. And in case you’re wondering, no, RPG doesn’t stand for “role-playing game.” It stands for “Rent, Plan, Guide for you,” which is the tagline of the real estate business our main characters work at.

The premise of this series is pretty simple. The girls of RPG Real Estate have to find homes for all the fantasy-folk who walk through their doors. And the way this happens tends to follow a pretty similar pattern in every episode.

Someone comes to them with extreme needs for their home. The girls then struggle to find a place that matches all the criteria. And in the end, they come up with the perfect solution. Sometimes, we already know of this solution thanks to the magic of foreshadowing. Other times, it comes out of left field at the end.

It’s not an amazing series by any means. For the majority of the season, I had it sitting at a 5/10. But, after it ended and I had a chance to look back on the season as a whole, I raised my score.

Part of the reason I raised my score was that I felt the series nailed the final episode. There are so many anime that fail to stick the landing at the end. RPG Real Estate wasn’t one of them. I didn’t have very high expectations for the ending, to be fair, but it far surpassed them.

The other big reason I upgraded my rating was that I enjoyed all the different client characters. All the client characters are so unique. And it’s fun to see what kind of home each of them ends up paired with in the end.

Main Characters

I don’t like the main characters of this series as much as the supporting characters. But, there are way too many supporting characters for me to go over. And since the main characters appear in every episode, it’s more important to cover them here.

Kotone Kazairo is the protagonist of the series. At the start of the series, she moves to the city from the country to work at the company. Back at home, she has two younger sisters, Tsuzumi and Hibiki. There’s not much else to say about her other than that she dresses like a mage.

Rufuria is the leader of the RPG Real Estate girls. RPG Real Estate is a government agency, though. So, it’s not like Rufuria is a business owner. She’s more like the assistant manager of the local branch of the agency. Her dream is to get promoted.

Rakira, Rufuria, Kotone, and Fa from the anime series RPG Real Estate
Rakira, Rufuria, Kotone, and Fa

Rakira is second in command at the branch office, if you can call Rufuria first in command. In reality, Lady Satona is the one in charge of the branch. But, anyway, Rakira is super strong, obsessed with training, and fights with a sword. Despite this, she wants others to see her as feminine.

Lastly, we have Fa, who’s the most interesting of the four main characters. I’m going to go into some light spoilers with Fa to explain her character.

Throughout the series, there’s a dragon attacking the surrounding lands. And a recurring question is, “is Fa the dragon?” It’s obvious based on Fa’s appearance that she’s a dragon. The other characters don’t seem to recognize that, though.

But, despite it being obvious to the viewers that Fa’s a dragon, it’s still up in the air whether she’s the dragon. So she’s interesting because there’s some mystery surrounding her.

It All Comes Together

I watched the final two episodes of RPG Real Estate today before writing this review. And they improved the series as a whole because they tied everything together. We got answers about Fa and some supporting characters from earlier made a return.

At the end of Episode 10, we got the big reveal that Fa isn’t the dragon that’s been attacking the kingdom. And in Episodes 11 and 12, we learn more about this. The dragon attacking the kingdom was being controlled by someone. That someone also controls Fa at the end of Episode 11 to make her attack Kotone.

I’ll come back to that in just a moment. But first, let me go over the first supporting character(s) to show up. Toto and her pet pegasus Shiro are from Episode 4. But in Episode 11, they give Kotone a lift so that she can rescue Fa.

Kotone showing Lily a house from the anime series RPG Real Estate
Kotone showing Lily a house

Now, back to Fa attacking Kotone while controlled. The wound Fa inflicted was mortal; Kotone died. And, I was quite impressed that the series did this. Killing off the protagonist at the end of a slice of life anime is bold. But, I had a feeling that Kotone wasn’t going to stay dead.

It turns out, I was right. After Kotone died, I remembered that Episode 3 introduced Lily, a necromancer. And sure enough, Lily found Kotone’s soul, put it into a doll, and then was able to later put it back into Kotone’s body.

And, finally, in Episode 9 we learned that gods exist in this world. But, before we learned that, Kotone wished to the gods that she could live in a nice house with her friends. Guess what happened in the end? Kotone’s wish came true — though, the explicit callback wasn’t needed.


In the end, I gave RPG Real Estate a 6/10. That might not sound very good. But, a 6/10 for me means that I enjoyed it. If you like slice of life anime or anime set in fantasy worlds, you might like it too.

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