Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick Cover Art featuring Yuu and Haruka
Sakura Trick Cover Art


So today, in honor of the new yuri anime Citrus starting this week, I figured we’d take a look at an older yuri anime: Sakura Trick. It’s a romantic comedy about two girls, Yuu and Haruka who are best friends, but then find out that they love each other.

The basic plot is that they’re trying to hide their relationship from their classmates and families, and because of this they tend to find themselves in compromising situations. The anime is basically the two main girls kissing and trying not to get caught which is surprisingly more suspenseful than it sounds.


It’s been a while since I originally watched this anime so we’ll stick to covering the two main characters to avoid accidentally saying anything that I may have forgotten is a spoiler of some kind.

Yuu is the blond girl with the pigtails and flowers in her hair. She’s the ditzy one of the two and has an older sister who the girls are trying to keep their relationship a secret from. She’s also the less mature of the two and often acts like a child to get her way.

Haruka, on the other hand, is the one with brown hair with a ribbon. She tends to take charge when Yuu is in trouble and comes to her rescue. She’s the dependable one of the two.

Yuu falling and knocking over Haruka
Haruka and Yuu


Honestly I had this at a 5 until I started writing this review and then I bumped it up to a 6/10 because it deserves more credit than I originally gave it. Sure there’s not too much going on in it, but it’s a romantic comedy slice of life so there isn’t really going to be much going on anyway.

The art was nice and the characters were all different enough from each other to make it interesting so I really don’t have any major complaints. I just didn’t feel that there was anything special enough about it to give it a rating of anything higher than a 6. The manga is still running I believe so maybe we’ll get a season 2 some time in the future which could improve the rating some.

Finally, as is the new tradition, the OP can be viewed here.

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