School Days

School Days

School Days Cover Art featuring Kotonoha and Sekai
School Days Cover Art


I’ll start off by saying that School Days is a bad anime which has become infamous for the ending scenes.  Some people may claim that the ending redeems the whole show, but those people would be wrong.

The main character’s name is Makoto and he falls in love with a girl named Kotonoha after seeing her on a train.  He later becomes friends with another girl named Sekai who helps him out by introducing him to Kotonoha.

I’ll leave my plot summary at that for now so as to avoid spoilers for any masochists who want to watch this anime.

The characters are all terrible; except for Kotonoha that is.  She’s the only redeemable one, but just barely.  All the other characters are terrible people and you can’t help but root against them.

Sekai and Itou (left) and Kotonoha (right)
Sekai and Itou (left) and Kotonoha (right)



I don’t think you can really say much about School Days without talking about how it ends since that’s the most (in)famous part.  Fortunately for you I forced myself to watch the anime so you don’t have to.

So the show ends up with both Makoto and Sekai dead.

To understand why, let’s go back to before the final scenes.  Makoto is introduced to Kotonoha by Sekai, as stated before, and then he starts to date her.  That’s all fine, except that Makoto is literally the worst.

He then proceeds to cheat on Kotonoha with every other girl in the school, starting with Sekai.  Poor Kotonoha, suspects his cheating, but doesn’t want to believe it’s true.  She also gets bullied by all the other girls because high schoolers are brutal.

So this brings us to the ending.  It’s been a while so things are a little fuzzy, but I’ll do my best to recount it.

Sekai ends up stabbing Makoto because technically he was cheating on her too.  Kotonoha then finds Makoto’s body and decapitates him because she’s literally crazy.

Next, Kotonoha confronts Sekai with Makoto’s head in a bag, and promptly kills her too because Sekai had claimed she was pregnant with Makoto’s child.  Upon checking, Kotonoha finds that Sekai wasn’t pregnant after all.

The final scene is Kotonoha laying on a boat holding Makoto’s head.

I know, it’s a terrible ending.  The only thing that really made sense is that Kotonoha is crazy because we watched her slowly become more and more broken as the anime progressed.

As I mentioned at the start, some people think that this ending redeems the show because they hated Makoto and so they think he finally got what he deserves.  I, however, felt that the ending was rushed and made little sense.  Sure, Makoto was terrible, but so was everyone else.


As I stated earlier, School Days is a bad anime.  That said, it’s not the worst anime I’ve watched.  I gave it a 3/10 because much of it is generic high school anime drama, but with terrible characters.

For anyone who wants to skip the series and just watch the ending unfold, it can be viewed here.

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