Space Patrol Luluco

Space Patrol Luluco

Space Patrol Luluco Cover Art featuring Luluco and Alpha Omega Nova
Space Patrol Luluco Cover Art


Space Patrol Luluco is an original anime mini series made by Studio Trigger which is known for other popular series such as Kill la Kill and Little Witch Academia. The series follows the titular character Luluco as she is forced into being a member of the Space Patrol against her will after her father freezes himself.

Unfortunately for Luluco, all she wants is to live a normal life and the Space Patrol is anything but normal.

This series takes us through one crazy couple-minutes-long episode after another. Some of these episodes also feature other series made by Trigger such as Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia, and more.

Luluco morphing into a gun
Luluco morphing into a gun


Middle school student Luluco is the main character of the anime. As mentioned before, all she wants is to live a normal life, but this is impossible due to her father being a Space Patrol officer and her mother being a space pirate. She also lives in the craziest city on Earth which is home to both humans and aliens alike.

Alpha Omega Nova is one of Luluco’s classmates as well as her primary love interest. Surprisingly, he is also a member of Space Patrol, but is much more accepting of his job than Luluco is.

Finally, we have Midori who is another one of Luluco’s classmates. She was originally the leader of an underground criminal organization which was distributing an illegal black hole app, but she joined Space Patrol after being caught by Luluco and Alpha Omega Nova.


Space Patrol Luluco is probably my favorite series by Trigger that I have seen so far, however, their newest series Darling in the FranXX which is currently airing might end up surpassing Luluco. That said, the anime is a solid 7/10 which I feel is pretty good for a mini series considering the only other one I’ve seen is One Room.

That’s it for this mini series mini review. As always, the OP for Space Patrol Luluco is available here.

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