Spring 2018 Week 11

Spring 2018 Week 11

Love To-LIE-Angle

This week Hanabi and Iori go to the Summer festival together as Iori’s prize for winning strip ping-pong last week. Although Konomi also wanted to go to the festival with Hanabi, she goes with some other girl from her club instead.

That was basically the whole episode which was surprising because there was a distinct lack of the fan service I’ve come to expect from this series. I don’t think there was any sort of hint about what might happen next week, but it should be the final episode.

Comic Girls

In the first portion of the episode the girls had to fill out forms for school which ask about what careers they want to work towards in the future. Ruki wrote that she wanted to be a preschool teacher if being a manga artist doesn’t work out, and Koyume wrote that she’ll take over her family’s sweets business.

Kaos and Tsubasa had more trouble with coming up with alternative careers. In the end, Tsubasa wrote down “manga artist” for both her primary and secondary choices because she decided she doesn’t want to do anything else.

I believe Kaos did the same thing, but more because she wants to commit to doing something and work towards it. She mentioned that she fails at everything she tries doing, but she wants to work hard so she doesn’t fail as a manga artist.

The second part of the episode follows Kaos as she works to make her dream of becoming a manga artist come true. She submits four storyboards at once for review with the hopes that one of them will be good enough.

The first three of the four storyboards are clearly rip-offs of the manga the other main characters make, but the fourth and final one is a slice of life manga about Kaos’ life at the dorm. Since this is the only manga she’s made based on her own experiences, it’s actually good and gets accepted.

I have mixed feelings about Kaos getting one of her storyboards accepted. On one hand, I want her to succeed, but on the other hand, being a complete failure is part of her charm. We’ll see if she manages to mess it up in the next episode.

Finally, as usual, Fuura was the best character in the episode even though she only played a few small parts. I really wish her character would have gotten a bigger role after she was introduced.

Megalo Box

Every week Megalo Box is better than the last, and this week was no exception. At the beginning of the series I was predicting that Joe was going to win the entire Megalonia, but now I’m more convinced he’ll end up with a tie against Yuri since they’re so similar.

Nanbu was supposed to get Joe to throw the match against Burroughs, but I never expected it would actually happen. What I expected was for Nanbu to sacrifice his life in order to tell Joe to win Megalonia, thus reminding him of why he chose to stop throwing matches in the underground to begin with.

Instead, something similar happens, but Nanbu sacrifices his remaining eye instead of his life. While this may have been less predictable, I’m not sure if it was as impactful. I felt somewhat similar about the choice to have Joe go into the ring with Megalo gear equipped.

I actually really liked this decision at first, but I wanted Nanbu to yell at Joe to win instead of throwing the match, and then Joe would take off his gear and get serious. However, I still liked how over the course of the match Joe’s gear slowly gets broken off until he’s gearless once again.

As a final note, Burroughs’ voice actor reminded me of bad dubbing.


This week’s episode of Hinamatsuri was pretty good as expected. The first half of the episode was about a reporter who was shadowing Nitta in order to film a short documentary about his life as a top Yakuza member. Unfortunately for the reporter, Nitta is just a nice guy.

The second half of the episode was about Nitta babysitting Anzu alone since Hina is at a skiing camp in the mountains. At first Nitta thinks that Anzu is just hiding the fact that she’s a terror like Hina, but then he gets angry when he realizes she’s actually a good kid.

He’s not mad because Anzu is a good kid, however, he’s mad because Hina isn’t a good kid in comparison to Anzu. At the end of the episode Nitta gets a phone call that says Hina has been lost in the mountains during the skiing camp.

I’m hoping this final development isn’t simply glossed over and we get to see Hina wandering around in the wilderness. This might even be a good chance to reintroduce that pink-haired psychic girl we met for one episode.

My Hero Academia S3

This episode was the best episode of the season, not just for My Hero Academia, but across everything I’m watching. We finally got to see All Might defeat All for One by using his ultimate move, United States of Smash.

Along with the fight, we got to see some more of All Might’s back story which I believe a movie is being made about. Due to the stress this fight put on his body, and the way the One for All quirk works, All Might will have to retire as a pro hero after this episode.

Let’s just take a quick second to look at the moves used by both All Might and Deku. The most basic punch is called the Detroit Smash, and the next level up is the Delaware Detroit Smash (I don’t know why; Detroit isn’t in Delaware, it’s in Michigan).

Then, even more powerful than those is All Might’s United States of Smash, which is probably the best name I’ve ever heard for a single punch. I think it’s safe to say that later on in the series we’ll see Deku also use this move, but what comes after that?

It’s implied that each successor of One for All has the potential to be stronger than their predecessor, so this implies Deku may be able to use a move more powerful than the United States of Smash. What do you think this move will (or should) be called?

I’m expecting something either like Global Smash or Worldwide Smash, and maybe he’ll even develop attacks which are even stronger than that.

Gun Gale Online

Team LF teamed up with the rhythmic gymnastic girls this week in order to take down team PM4. The rhythmic gymnastic girls devised a plan beforehand to take down M’s shield by using an anti-tank rifle, and they actually succeeded.

However, Pito was shot in the eye (and through her head) by another sniper who was then taken out by LLENN. Somehow Pito survived this, which would never be the case since this is supposed to be a video game and headshots are typically one-shot kills even when not from a sniper.

Pito was then taken by M into a nearby building which was ambushed by one of the other teams from the first Squad Jam. During this assault, the four mercenaries on team PM4 were defeated and it seemed as though Pito and M were about to be killed.

But that wouldn’t make for a good ending, so of course that was never going to happen. Instead, Pito breaks out a red photon sword (lightsaber) and kills all of the attackers with it because she’s literally female Kirito.

Although I think this series is entertaining while I’m watching it, I don’t really have high hopes for the finale. Also, I wonder if there’s going to be a second season or if this is just a one-off.

LLENN gets serious (from the anime Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online)

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