Spring 2018 Week 8

Spring 2018 Week 8


This week none of the six anime I’m watching (which started this season) have changed in ratings from last week, so I won’t be adding their ratings to the reviews this time around.  Other than that, this week has gotten me excited once again for the rest of this season.

While I had been getting bored with the anime this season for the most part (including those which are continuing from the Winter 2018 season) this week seemed to be a revival in which I suddenly regained interest in the various series.

Love To-LIE-Angle

I know I just said that I suddenly became more interested in the series this season, but let’s face it, Love To-LIE-Angle is a short so it doesn’t really count. Somehow this week’s episode became even more yuri and included more fan service than any before.

I feel like it can’t really go beyond the episode that aired this week, so if that’s the kind of material you’re looking for then it’s probably all downhill from here. I’ve come to accept this anime for what it is, as I think I mentioned last week, and so I don’t mind the fan service any more.

Comic Girls

Both halves of this week’s episode of Comic Girls were related, although the second half was far superior to the first. This episode was about how Kaos is a failure of a manga artist with the first half centering on her being depressed about never getting her storyboards approved.

Overall, I didn’t like this first half and I was expecting the second half to not be much better. However, I was pleasantly surprised when the second half of the episode shifted focus to the older group of girls made up of the teacher, Kaos’ editor, and the manga artist matron.

These three girls all originally wanted to be manga artists as well when they were in high school, but ended up following different career paths. Out of the three (I don’t remember any of their names) the teacher is my favorite character, and is possibly the best character in the anime (sorry Fuura senpai).

The teacher wearing an old school uniform is definitely the kind of fan service I can get behind. Just make her one of the main characters already.

Kaos' editor, the girls' teacher, and Fuura senpai from the anime Comic Girls
Kaos’ Editor, The Girls’ Teacher, and Fuura (From Left to Right)

Megalo Box

Last week I predicted that the fight between Joe and Mikio was going to happen this week. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but the fight does now appear to be happening next week.

While there was no official fight, this week’s episode was still good due to the amount of information we received. It was learned that the reason Mikio didn’t want to fight Joe was because his AI infused Megalo gear predicts movement based on his opponent’s Megalo gear.

This means that Joe should have an advantage since he doesn’t use Megalo gear at all.

There was also plenty of suspense because it was unsure if Joe would really be able to compete for the final spot of Megalonia or not. At one point during this episode, I thought he would officially be disqualified from the tournament and simply end up fighting Yuuri in an unofficial match afterwards.

However, Joe made sure he got a second chance to fight Mikio, and that’s a fight I’m looking forward to.


Hinamatsuri had a Hina-centric episode this week so obviously it was a good one. A member of the organization Hina and Anzu belong to came to this dimension in order to perform a checkup on how Hina is adjusting to her new life.

Most of the things being tested were simple, such as stopping for red lights while walking, but the organization member still expected Hina to fail every test. It was also revealed that Hina was originally banished to this dimension after she went on a rampage and destroyed an entire city.

Surprisingly, Hina ends up passing every test, which means she’s set to be sent back to her own dimension. On the other hand, Anzu is allowed to stay where she is because she’s already been registered as MIA (the organization figured Hina killed her).

Hina’s psychic powers are also discovered by one of her classmates who begins to believe that she too possesses the same powers that Hina does. Spoiler: she doesn’t.

In the end, Hina is unable to go back to her dimension because, as we learned with Anzu, espers apparently need those red ball things to travel through dimensions. Anzu’s was broken due to going through the washing machine, and Hina’s was thrown out by Nitta after he got trapped in it.

Hina catches Nitta celebrating that she's leaving (from the anime Hinamatsuri)
Hina catches Nitta celebrating that she’s leaving

My Hero Academia Season 3

This week was the second setup episode in a row for the mission to save Bakugo from the League of Villains. Because of that, there wasn’t really any action, but we were introduced to the two different groups who will attempt to save him.

The group of students who are going to rescue Bakugo is made up of Midoriya, Iida, Todoroki, Kirishima, and Yaoyorozu. Their plan is to sneak into the League of Villains’ hideout and rescue Bakugo without confronting the villains. To do this, they gathered disguises this week.

The official group that was put together to save Bakugo is made of pro heroes such as All Might, Endeavor, Gran Torino, Mt. Lady, Kamui Wood, Best Jeanist, Tiger from the Wild, Wild Pussycats, and some Orca hero who I don’t think was introduced prior to this (I may have missed a hero or two).

While I’m not sure that we’ll actually get any good fights next week, we should finally be introduced to the main antagonist of the arc, All for One.

Gun Gale Online

Finally, we have Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online. In this episode we’re introduced to the avatar of LLENN’s friend (I don’t remember her avatar’s name or her real name). As I previously predicted, she is, in fact, the grenade launcher wielding loli.

Aside from P-chan, I think she’s probably the best character introduced in the series so far. One of the highlights of the episode involved her referring to M as her and LLENN’s “sugar daddy” since he gave them 10 million in-game credits to buy new gear.

Squad Jam 2 officially began at the end of the episode, but prior to that we were shown a few of the teams who are expected to be major rivals for this arc. While LLENN and her friend are a team of two like she was with M, the other teams they’ll be fighting appear to have more members again.

The second place team from the first Squad Jam made up of the rhythmic gymnastics girls is back again and looking to go head to head against LLENN once again. The third place team from the first Squad Jam is also back and seem to have some sort of plan in place for taking down M this time.

The third and final opposing team we’re introduced to is the one which M and Pito are a part of. I originally expected them to be a team of two, but they instead have four other members who are all unknown. Each of the four mystery players have their faces covered and appear to possibly be military.

I think what’s more likely is that they’re Pito’s bodyguards, following my theory that Pito is actually the famous singer that LLENN and her friend like. Maybe we’ll learn their true identities next week.

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