Spring 2018 Week 9

Spring 2018 Week 9

Love To-LIE-Angle

This week we’ll skip the introduction and get right into the action with episode nine of Love To-LIE-Angle (I still don’t understand the title). As usual, not much happened in this series since the episodes are only about three minutes long.

Hanabi caught a cold and stayed home from school with Sonoa (who either doesn’t go to school or is already out of school?). I’m assuming she’s already out of school, but I thought Sonoa was the one the blonde girl (I don’t remember her name) brought home one night.

This episode was less about ecchi fan service and slightly more heartwarming. Hanabi tells Sonoa that she sees her as a dependable older sister and the rest of the girls living in the house are like her family.

Comic Girls

Tsubasa and Koyume took the spotlight this week in Comic Girls. Unlike how episodes are generally split into two halves, this week it was split into three parts.

The first part of the episode followed Tsubasa as she struggles to come up with a “girly” chapter for her manga to fill the gap after just finishing an action-packed arc. She originally uses Koyume as the basis for her princess character, but Koyume then teaches Tsubasa how to be more girly herself.

Part two followed the same pair, but this time focused on Koyume who discovered that she gained some weight. Unfortunately, the stress of dieting was negatively impacting her manga and so in the end she chose her manga over her weight.

However, it seems everything ended up working out since she lost weight simply by focusing more on her manga work.

The third and final part of this episode followed Tsubasa once again as she lost her manga manuscript somewhere in the school. Instead of finding Tsubasa’s manuscript, Kaos ended up finding one made by their teacher from back when she was a student, but the teacher quickly took it before anyone could look inside.

At the end of the day, it was Fuura senpai who ended up finding and returning Tsubasa’s manuscript. However, with her hair done properly and her glasses on, the rest of the girls didn’t recognize her at first.

Megalo Box

This week’s episode of Megalo Box may have been the best episode of the series so far. Not only did we get to see the fight between Joe and Mikio, but we also got to see the back story of Mikio and Yuri’s relationship.

The fight alone wouldn’t have made this episode one of the best because we generally know by now that Joe will always be behind at the start of a fight, but end up winning in the end. The part that made the episode really good was the back story for the fight.

Mikio developed his Megalo gear specifically for the purpose of taking down Yuri, who we learn used to work for him, not his sister. We also learned that Yuri’s cybernetic Megalo gear functions much like a “gearless” human body instead of like standard exoskeleton Megalo gear.

Because of this, Mikio’s latest version of his A.I. infused gear, ACE, works against Joe despite him not using any Megalo gear. I thought this was a great background explanation to make the fight more interesting. If Mikio was using his old ACE gear, Joe would have easily won.

With the conclusion of this fight, Joe is officially the fourth and final competitor of Megalonia. He was also recognized as the superior fighter by Mikio after the match which was a nice touch. It made Mikio’s character feel a lot more relatable.


At the beginning of this week’s Hinamatsuri episode we were introduced to a new psychic girl (whose name I forget, but I’ll be sure to write down next week if she returns). This girl was summoned by the organization to bring an extra transportation orb with her, but it, along with her own, got washed out to sea.

This left the new girl stranded on a deserted island for weeks where she made dolls out of coconuts to represent both Hina and Anzu. In the end, this girl never actually joined the rest of the main cast, but I expect her to show up as a real character next week.

The rest of the episode followed Nitta and the Yakuza. Nitta was tasked with getting one of the lieutenants selected to be the next boss of the Yakuza, but in the end his plans somewhat backfired. The lieutenant who wanted to become the boss find out that Nitta was selected instead.

Because of this, Nitta wakes up to find himself stuck in a barrel full of cement and about to be thrown into the ocean. However, at the last second, the current boss appears and confirms Nitta’s story that it was all a misunderstanding and that the lieutenant will be the new boss after all.

Due to this misunderstanding, the lieutenant promises Nitta a promotion, which then brings us to the final part of the episode. After learning of his promotion, Hina decides to throw a party for Nitta, but as expected, she does everything wrong.

She even made him a cake entirely out of salt.

My Hero Academia S3

My Hero Academia is really getting intense this season with the major fight between All Might and All for One fast approaching. This week the pro heroes split into two teams to attack two different League of Villains hideouts simultaneously.

One of the hideouts is the bar where the League of Villains brought Bakugo after kidnapping him, while the other is a Nomu warehouse where All for One is currently hiding out unknown to the pro heroes.

The first team which goes to rescue Bakugo is made up of All Might, Gran Torino, Kamui Woods, Endeavor, and a few other heroes including the paper ninja guy whose name I don’t know. While the heroes managed to capture all of the villains at this hideout, Bakugo was lost once again.

I’m assuming that the portals which opened up to release Nomu and also take Bakugo away were the creation of All for One since the teleportation villain was incapacitated at the time. When Bakugo was kidnapped once again, we see All Might get angry for the first time in the series (pictured below).

His anger is most likely directed at himself for not being quick enough to save Bakugo. Midoriya mentioned an episode or two ago that All Might once said that he’ll save anyone within his reach, and for Bakugo to slip between his fingers like that must have really hurt his pride.

The second pro hero team, which attacked the Nomu warehouse, was made up of Best Jeanist, Mt. Lady, Gang Orca, and Tiger from the Wild, Wild Pussycats. After destroying the warehouse, they rescued Tiger’s teammate, but her quirk was apparently stolen by All for One.

Speaking of All for One, he officially makes his appearance by wiping out the pro heroes and the rest of the warehouse in a split second. I assume this will be shown in more detail next episode and we’ll see what became of the heroes.

All Might gets angry (from season three of the My Hero Academia anime)
All Might gets angry

Gun Gale Online

The second Squad Jam is now underway in Gun Gale Online and appears to be much more interesting than the first one. This time around, we’re following four different squads as they make their way through the competition instead of just LLENN’s team.

LLENN and Fuka are still the main team we follow, but we also get to see things from the perspective of Pito and M’s team, the rythmic gymnastic girls’ team, and the third place team from the first squad jam. Each of these teams spawned in the four corners of the map.

Since the team Pito and M are on has been holed up in a mountain range, seven of the other teams have grouped up in order to take them down together. Next episode we should see Pito and her team launch an ambush attack on this large group.

Meanwhile, LLENN and Fuka have already taken down at least two teams and are making their way to a large stadium on the map. LLENN took out the first group with her P-chan, and Fuka rained grenades down on another team from long-range.

Fuka is continuing to show that she’s the best character of the season (other than P-chan of course).

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