Spy x Family Episode 11

Spy x Family Episode 11

Anya’s Plan for Cheating Better

At the start of Spy x Family Episode 11, we see that Anya has failed all her tests. The highest score she got was a 7 in math. But, it seems safe to assume that this isn’t a 7/100.

In fact, based on what we’re shown, it looks like all the tests featured in this episode were out of 10. So, Anya’s best score was actually a 7/10. That’s not too bad. But, it would seem that a 7/10 still counts as a failing grade at Eden.

Out of the 4 tests Anya took, we only got to see 3 of the scores. Besides math, she got a 2/10 in science and a 0/10 in language. I would imagine that the test we didn’t get to see had a similar score.

Anya plotting how she's going to cheat better in the future from the anime series Spy x Family Episode 11
Anya plotting how she’s going to cheat better in the future

Loid has figured out that Anya’s higher score in math is the result of her connecting math to the anime she watches. So, his plan is to make the same connections for her other subjects. But, this doesn’t seem to work as Anya can’t remember most of the details from episodes.

Anya has a plan of her own to achieve better test scores, though. The reason she didn’t score well is that she attempted to cheat by using her telepathy. But, since Anya didn’t know which of her classmates are good at each subject, she copied wrong answers.

Her new plan is to figure out who’s good at what before the next test. That way, she’ll be able to make more effective use of her telepathy.

It’s unclear if she’ll actually follow through with this plan. She doesn’t want to score too high because she thinks her classmates will hate her.

Telepathy Saves Lives

I’m not sure what the limits on Anya’s telepathy are. As far as we know, she never had an issue with it in the orphanage. But, as we saw in Episode 3, she can get overwhelmed when in a crowd. And yet, she doesn’t seem to have any issues at school, either.

In this episode, we see Anya use her telepathy in a way that would have seemed impossible earlier. She’s able to pick out the voice of a boy who’s drowning in a different part of a hospital. I would have thought all the other voices would get in the way.

I guess the internal voice of someone in danger stands out more than the rest. But, regardless of how Anya managed to hear the boy’s cry for help, she knew she needed to do something. And, what’s pretty messed up is that she might not have been doing it for the boy’s sake.

Anya trying to save a drowning boy from the anime series Spy x Family Episode 11
Anya trying to save a drowning boy

When I say she might not have saved the boy for his sake, I don’t mean that she saved him to earn a Stella Star. I mean she saved him so she wouldn’t have to hear him drown. Think about how traumatic it would be for Anya if someone died near her.

Because of her telepathy, she’d be able to hear whatever that person thinks in their final moments. And as far as we know, she’s incapable, or at least not very good at, blocking voices out.

Let’s also not forget that she almost revealed her secret to Loid. When she tells him someone’s drowning in the pool, he asks how she knows that. But rather than telling him the truth, she plays it off. It wouldn’t surprise me if Loid still suspects Anya is hiding something, though.

Starlight Anya

Episode 11 was a good episode. There was a lot of nice content in it. But, my favorite part of the episode is when Anya insists Becky calls her Starlight Anya from now on. Of course, Anya deserves this modicum of respect for earning a Stella Star.

Anya correcting Becky and telling Becky to call her Starlight Anya was funny. But, what was even funnier was later in the episode when Anya doesn’t respond to her name. Instead, she only responds once Becky calls her Starlight Anya. That was a great way to circle back to the joke.

Wanting Becky to call her Starlight Anya seemed like it was going to be a one-off joke. So, by the time we got to the callback, I had pretty much forgotten about it. When Becky called Anya’s name, I wondered why Anya wasn’t responding. And then, “Starlight Anya.”

Anya getting attention because of her Stella Star from the anime series Spy x Family Episode 11
Anya getting attention because of her Stella Star

After Anya received her Stella Star and began wearing it on her uniform, I had a question. Would someone with 7 Stella Stars have them displayed on their uniform? That seems like it would be a lot. But, I guess once you hit 8, you swap them out for the Imperial Scholar cloak.

Well, it looks like I asked that question too early. Based on Anya’s classmates’ comments, most students don’t wear their Stella stars. So, after this episode, I don’t expect to see Anya wearing hers anymore. But, I can definitely understand why she would want to.

I doubt Anya has ever won an award before. Unless they’re giving out awards at the orphanage, I don’t see when she would have had the chance. This Stella Star is a big accomplishment for her. And, it’s even more important to her because of Loid’s mission.


What do you think of Spy x Family Episode 11? Do you expect Anya to use her new cheating plan? Were you surprised Anya could swim? I was. And do you think Starlight Anya should continue to insist Becky call her that? Let me know in the comments.

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