Spy x Family Episode 12

Spy x Family Episode 12

Loid’s Side Missions

It was only yesterday, in my review of RPG Real Estate, that I mentioned most anime series flop at the end. It’s surprising how difficult it seems making a good ending is. And while I know Spy x Family isn’t over, Episode 12 is an example of a poor ending.

Spy x Family Part 2 is coming. We’ve known that for a long time now. But, Episode 12 is still the ending of Part 1 and should feel like it. Instead, it wasn’t much different from a normal episode. If I didn’t know this was the last episode, I’d think there was one more.

My biggest complaint with the episode, though, is how it began. We don’t need a recap of who the main characters are at the start of Episode 12. We know who they are. If you’re going to add that, put it at the start of Part 2 Episode 1.

Loid Forger receiving his next mission from the anime series Spy x Family Episode 12
Loid Forger receiving his next mission

After the recap, we see that Loid has been receiving extra missions to complete on top of Operation Strix. For the most part, completing these missions hasn’t been an issue for him. But, because he’s always out, his neighbors have begun spreading rumors.

If rumors are being spread about him, that’s not good for his job as a spy. And so, Loid plans to get his side missions out of the way so he can spend more time on Operation Strix.

I kind of like that Loid has other missions. It reinforces that he’s a spy. If he spent all his time on Anya, he’d lose that part of his character. Also, his other missions add some excitement we wouldn’t otherwise get.

Unfortunately, Yor has missed out on this development. We don’t get to see her working as an assassin.

The Great Penguin Caper

The whole middle part of Episode 12 that took place at the aquarium was great. This is exactly what I’m talking about when I say that Loid’s side missions add excitement. Yes, they were going to the aquarium anyway. But, his mission made the trip more interesting.

If Loid wasn’t on a mission, we would never have seen him disguised as an employee working with the penguins. That’s not a situation that would arise under normal circumstances. So, all that is to say that I’m glad Loid decided to continue taking on side missions in the end.

Now, something I was pretty interested in during this part of the episode was Anya’s use of her ability. It turns out that she can read the minds of animals, too. That’s not something that has come up before. But, I have a feeling that it’s going to be important.

Anya at the aquarium's penguin exhibit from the anime series Spy x Family Episode 12
Anya at the aquarium’s penguin exhibit

This is getting a bit into spoiler territory, so there’s your warning. But, despite the fact that I don’t know much about what happens in the manga, I know the Forgers get a pet dog. I’m on the internet, so I’ve seen people post the family picture with the dog.

Also, earlier in the series, there was foreshadowing that they’re going to get a dog. Remember, after earning her first Stella Star, Anya asked for a dog. In response, Loid said that he would consider it. We also even saw the dog at the end of Episode 11.

When we saw the dog, it was implied that it’s part of some experiment or something. So, I doubt this will be a normal dog. And, since we now know Anya can read the minds of animals, that sets up her being able to read the dog’s mind.

Agent Anya

The final part of Episode 12 focused on Anya playing make-believe. She was pretending that she, her stuffed animals, and her parents are spies. Well, Loid actually is a spy. But, she was pretending that he’s one of her underlings, so it still counts as make-believe.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked this part of the episode. It wasn’t as good as the stuff at the aquarium, though. But, my issue with this part goes back to what I was saying toward the start of this review. I would have preferred some sort of ending over this content.

We could still have the content from the end of this episode placed somewhere in Part 2. I’m not saying to cut it out entirely; it’s good content. But, some sort of foreshadowing or cliffhanger leading into Part 2 would have been nice. Give me something to look forward to.

Anya playing with her stuffed animals from the anime series Spy x Family Episode 12
Anya playing with her stuffed animals

Episode 11 ended with foreshadowing the dog. So, yes, that’s something to look forward to in Part 2. But since it came at the end of Episode 11, I thought we were going to get the dog in Episode 12. And I actually forgot the dog appeared in Episode 11 until I started writing about it in this review.

Nothing from this episode was a clear setup for the future of the series. We could have gotten something about what’s coming up for Anya at school. Or, what about something involving Yor? She needs more content spread throughout.

A simple scene of Anya and Yor telling Loid what’s coming up for them would have been perfect. Anya could mention a new opportunity to get a Stella Star that’s coming soon. And Yor could mention that Yuri is going to visit again while Anya is awake.


What do you think of Spy x Family Episode 12? Am I being too harsh on it? Did you think this was a good ending to the season? Or, would you have rather it included something for us to look forward to, too? Let me know in the comments.

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