Spy x Family Episode 3

Spy x Family Episode 3

Yor’s New Home

In Episode 3 of Spy x Family, Yor moves into the Forger household. While Loid is bringing Yor’s belongings into the house, Anya gives Yor a tour. This may have been my favorite part of the episode, which I don’t expect many people to agree with.

A significant amount of this series is slice of life content. But, I would assume that most people are more interested in the comedy side of the series. The comedy is definitely good. I prefer the slice of life parts, though. I like seeing Anya acting like a normal kid.

Something we also learned during this part of the episode is that Loid and Yor will not be sharing a bedroom. Loid does mention that if they have guests over, they’ll make it look like they share a room. But, outside of that situation, they’ll be sleeping in separate rooms.

Anya showing Yor around the house from the anime series Spy x Family Episode 3
Anya showing Yor around the house

There are two reasons why I brought up Loid’s and Yor’s sleeping situation. First, it appears to support my theory that the two of them aren’t going to learn each other’s secrets. At least, I don’t see that happening any time soon.

Also, the introduction to this week’s episode seemed to support that as well. It mentioned how people have secrets that they even keep from their families. To me, this is hinting at the fact that they’re all going to continue keeping their secrets.

Second, I’m now wondering if Loid’s and Yor’s sleeping situation will change over time. They’re sleeping apart because sleeping with Yor isn’t necessary for Loid’s mission. But, what about once Loid and Yor get to know each other better?

Their sleeping situation may never get brought up again. But, it could be a way to illustrate the development of their relationship.

A Totally Normal Family

Despite Loid’s best efforts, his family doesn’t come off as members of high society. They don’t even appear to be a normal family at all. And, Loid recognizes this fact. He’s good at keeping up appearances. But, he can tell that there’s something wrong with his wife and child.

Let’s start with Anya. You’d think that the issue with Anya is her telepathy. But, her telepathy doesn’t seem to get in the way of her acting like a functional human being. Instead, the main problem with Anya stems from her not being the brightest kid around.

Many of the things Anya thinks are helpful aren’t. For example, she thought she helped Loid clean the house before Yor moved in. But in reality, all she did was spill a bucket of water that Loid then had to clean up.

The Forger family from the anime series Spy x Family Episode 3
The Forger family

Okay, so it’s probable that Anya isn’t any dumber than other kids her age. But, in Loid’s mind, Anya can’t do anything right. And he has to teach this kid who can’t do anything right to pass the school interview.

If only he knew Anya was a telepath. Then he could tell her what to say during the interview with his mind.

Yor is a problem for Loid in a different way. In most situations, Yor is able to look and play the part of Loid’s wife. But, there are times when her true nature shows, and she’s not great at hiding it.

There were a few times in this episode when Loid caught Yor staring at and admiring sharp objects. That’s not normal behavior. But, I doubt Loid suspects that this obsession of Yor’s is anything devious. Rather than suspecting her of being an assassin, he’s wondering how he managed to find both a weird kid and wife.

Anya’s Telepathic Limits

Something that didn’t come up until Episode 3 is how Anya’s telepathy works. We still don’t have too much information on it. But, we can infer some things about it. For example, we can assume that it’s an ability that’s always active.

The evidence for this comes from Anya becoming overwhelmed when in crowded places. If there are too many people around, Anya’s brain gets overloaded by all their thoughts. The second time this happened, Anya’s nose even started bleeding. So, it’s pretty clear that this is a serious issue for her.

There is some good news, though. Being in a public setting isn’t enough for Anya to begin suffering negative effects. We’ve seen her out in public a few times with no problems. She also never had problems while living in the orphanage, at least as far as we know.

Anya using her telepathy from the anime series Spy x Family Episode 3
Anya using her telepathy

It’s unclear if this is going to be an issue for Anya once she begins attending school. I’m guessing that it’s going to be a problem at the start of the school year. Otherwise, what was the point of bringing up this limit on her power?

Still, we didn’t see her having any issues when taking the written test for admission. So it’s possible that she’ll be fine. But, again, there must be a reason for bringing up her limits. It could be that this is what makes Loid suspect there’s something different about Anya.

Anya believes she’s not supposed to tell anyone about her telepathy. So, how would she react to Loid suspecting her of being different from the other kids? That seems like a pretty good setup for some comedy to me. We’d get to see Anya coming up with excuses for her actions like she did with her drawing this week.


What do you think of Spy x Family Episode 3? Are Loid and Yor ever going to share a bedroom? Are Anya and Yor going to be successful in acting like normal humans during the interview? And what do you think is the importance of Anya’s telepathic limits? Let me know in the comments.

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