Spy x Family Episode 6

Spy x Family Episode 6

Stella Stars and Tonitrus Bolts

Spy x Family Episode 6 was much better than Episode 5 because it furthered the plot of the series. And, as I’ll explain later on in this review, Episode 6 fixed one of my complaints with Episode 5. As a whole, this was a good episode.

Anyway, now that Anya’s enrolled in Eden College, we learned how the school works. The students at the top are the Imperial Scholars. They excel in academics and also contribute to the prestige of the school with their actions. This is the status that Anya needs to achieve for Loid’s mission.

To become an Imperial Scholar, a student must earn 8 Stella Stars. In case you’re wondering, stella is Latin for star. That’s not too important, but I figured I’d mention it since the opposite of Stella Stars is also half Latin. They’re called Tonitrus Bolts.

Stella Stars from the anime series Spy x Family Episode 6
Stella Stars

Tonitrus is Latin for thunder. So we have Star Stars and Thunder Bolts at Eden College. But, how does one get a Tonitrus Bolt? If a student does something that dishonors the school or themselves, they’re given one (or more).

If a student collects 8 Tonitrus Bolts, they’ll get expelled from the school. But, what’s important here is that, as far as we know, Stella Stars and Tonitrus Bolts don’t cancel out. If you have a Tonitrus Bolt, getting a Stella Star doesn’t remove the Tonitrus Bolt. So, you could have 7/8 Stella Stars and still get expelled for earning 8 Tonitrus Bolts.

On top of that, we don’t know if there’s an annual reset. Students attend Eden College for 13 years, from ages 6 to 19. To me, it makes sense that Stella Stars and Tonitrus Bolts would reset yearly. That’s because students should have to earn the rank of Imperial Scholar each year.

Anya and Yor

Only yesterday, in my review of Episode 5, I complained that Yor was more of a supporting character. For the most part, she’s taken a backseat to Loid and Anya. And in Episode 5, she got sidelined for most of it after getting drunk.

Luckily, Yor got plenty of screen time in Episode 6. Of course, Anya was still the star of the show. I expect Anya to be the main focus out of herself, Loid, and Yor. But, it was nice to see that Yor got to share the spotlight this time around.

Something I noticed in this episode, though is that I get very distracted by Yor’s voice. Saori Hayami is Yor’s voice actor, and she has a pretty distinct voice and way of speaking. Every time Yor says something, all I can think of are other characters voiced by Saori.

Anya wearing her school uniform from the anime series Spy x Family Episode 6
Anya wearing her school uniform

What’s weird is the character I mainly think of when I hear Saori’s voice. It’s not Yotsugi from Monogatari, Shinobu from Demon Slayer, or even Atalante from Fate. No, when I hear Saori speak, I usually think of Maria Campbell from My Next Life as a Villainess. And I didn’t even like that anime.

Moving on from Yor, Anya got a character design update with her new school uniform. I’m going to assume that we won’t be seeing her old outfit from this point forward. But, it’s always possible that she wears it when not at school. I find that unlikely, though.

I’m also not expecting to get character design updates for Loid and Yor. They both already have their casual and professional outfits. In a series like this one, characters don’t need to have a wide array of outfits. But, I wouldn’t say no to seeing Yor wearing different things.

Damian Desmond

Something I noticed pretty early on was that a lot of character names have alliteration. Franky Franklin, Henry Henderson, Damian Desmond, and Becky Blackbell are just a few. I doubt there’s any significance to this, though. It seems to be nothing more than a fun thing the author threw in.

I’m not sure why, but I didn’t expect Damian to be a major character. He’s still a supporting character, not a main character. But it seems like he’s going to be more prominent than I expected. I wasn’t thinking Anya would be interacting with him right from the start of the school year.

Also, I don’t know what kind of relationship Anya and Damian are going to have yet. Based on Damian’s initial impression of Anya, I thought he might have a crush on her. He still might. But, I was thinking that he would be trying to impress her and Anya would be trying to avoid him.

Anya punching Damian from the anime series Spy x Family Episode 6
Anya punching Damian

Then, before the episode was even over, Damian swapped to being Anya’s bully. Of course, he may be bullying her because he likes her. But that’s a different dynamic than him trying to impress her. And then their relationship took a 180 when Anya punched Damian in the face.

It looks like the bully became the bullied.

I’m interested to see how Anya manages her relationship with Damian. It’s obvious that he annoys her. But, at the same time, getting close to him is her secret mission. And if there’s one thing we can count on, it’s Anya being serious about her mission.

Though, being serious and being successful are two very different things. I’m sure there will be countless times like this when Anya’s emotions get the better of her. I have high expectations going forward.


What do you think of Spy x Family Episode 6? Was it better than Episode 5? Are you glad that we’re finally to the Eden College content? And which alliteration name is your favorite in the series? Let me know in the comments.

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