Spy x Family Episode 7

Spy x Family Episode 7

First Day of School

Spy x Family Episode 7 covers Anya’s first real day of school. While Episode 6 took place at school, that was only the orientation. Classes didn’t begin until this week’s episode. And the three classes we saw Anya in were math, science, and language.

Of the three classes Anya was in, the language class seemed to be the best suited for her age group. They were reading aloud from a book that didn’t appear to be too complex. And since these kids are around 6 years old, reinforcing their reading skills makes sense.

The science class could go either way. I don’t remember what I was doing in science classes in first grade. But, the specific lesson shown in this episode is a little suspicious. The teacher is showing a bunch of first-graders how to burn things by directing sunlight.

Yor and Loid seeing Anya off to school from the anime series Spy x Family Episode 7
Yor and Loid seeing Anya off to school

Now, the math class is one that I can say with certainty was not grade-level appropriate. They were being taught trigonometry. In first grade, I learned addition and subtraction. I’m not even sure if we started on multiplication in first grade. That might not have been until second grade.

Classes aside, we also learned a bit about how students get to school. Much to my surprise, there’s a regular school bus for the commoners like Anya. I figured Eden College wouldn’t have that considering it’s for children of the elite.

Becky falls into the second category, which is students who ride in private vehicles. She also offers Anya a ride in the future, so it will be interesting to see if Anya takes her up on that. The third category is the students who live in the on-campus dormitories. Damian and his friends live in the dorms.

Time to Apologize

Anya’s mission in this episode is to apologize to Damian for punching him in the face. This is a vital part of Loid’s Plan B for his own mission. Plan B, of course, is to get Anya to befriend Damian so that she (and Loid) gets an invitation to his house.

The problem is that Anya’s new best friend, Becky Blackbell, keeps getting in the way. Every time Anya is about to apologize to Damian, Becky tells her not to bother and drags her away. And so, it’s up to Loid to push Anya toward apologizing (from the shadows, of course).

Now, I kind of anticipated Loid doing something like this. In my review of Episode 5, I pointed out that we could see a return of Loidman in this capacity. Loidman didn’t make a return, but Loid did wear disguises as he tried to help Anya at school.

Anya feeling under pressure from the anime series Spy x Family Episode 7
Anya feeling under pressure

My favorite of the ways Loid attempted to help (pressure) Anya was during her science class. Loid used the same lesson that was being taught to send Anya a message by reflecting light. But, Anya didn’t understand what was going on and so she thought she was receiving a divine message.

In the end, all Loid had to do to get Anya to apologize was remove Becky from the equation. He did this by calling her to another part of the school’s campus. And once Becky was gone, Anya was able to muster up the courage to apologize.

Unfortunately for Loid, Anya’s apology didn’t go as planned. Or, at least that’s what it seemed like from Loid’s perspective. Damian runs away after saying that he won’t ever forgive Anya. But, we know that Damian actually has a crush on Anya, so all hope isn’t lost yet.

Plan A or Plan B?

If we assume that Loid is going to complete his mission at some point, how is he going to do it? Is Anya going to become an Imperial Scholar and help Loid complete his mission (Plan A)? Or, is she going to befriend Damian and get invited to his house (Plan B)?

Of course, there’s also the possibility that a Plan C comes about. I don’t remember what the specifics of Loid’s mission are, though. He’s not supposed to kill Damian’s father. So is he supposed to gather information from him? Let me know in the comments if you remember.

Anyway, I don’t know how else Loid could get close to Damian’s father. For the sake of the series, it still has to involve either Anya or Yor. Loid running into Damian’s father at random and befriending him wouldn’t make sense. But, it’s possible that even if Anya fails, Yor could connect with Damian’s family somehow.

Anya falling asleep while studying from the anime series Spy x Family Episode 7
Anya falling asleep while studying

We know that Yor’s brother works for the Office of Foreign Affairs. And we know he’s going to make an appearance in next week’s episode. So there could be a connection point there. Yuri might be able to get Yor a job in the Desmond household.

If I had to guess, I’d say that both Plan A and B are going to work to an extent. I don’t see any reason why Anya wouldn’t be able to earn Stella Stars if she puts her mind to it.

I also think Anya will be able to befriend Damian over time. But, an issue I see with that route is that Damian lives in the dorms. So, if he invites Anya over, won’t he be inviting her to the dorms instead of his family home?


What do you think of Spy x Family Episode 7? Do you think Anya will get a ride to school with Becky? What was your favorite way Loid tried to get Anya to apologize? And which plan do you think will succeed in the end for Loid’s mission? Let me know in the comments.

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