Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 15

Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 15

A New Family Member

Bond Forger finally becomes a member of the family in Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 15. But, this almost wasn’t the case. Because he was one of the trained dogs used by the terrorists, WISE was originally going to take him.

Now, it’s possible that Anya would have put her foot down and demanded Bond anyway. But, it seems like the future she saw through him is what made her choose him. In the future Bond showed Anya, he was a member of their family. So, Anya wanted to make this future a reality.

Something I found interesting, but that probably doesn’t matter, is Handler’s child. After allowing Anya to keep Bond, she mentioned to Loid that she once had a daughter Anya’s age. I took this to mean her child died. But, it could be that the father has custody or she simply grew up.

Anya saying she wants to adopt Bond from the anime series Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 15
Anya saying she wants to adopt Bond

Again, Handler’s daughter likely doesn’t matter at all for the story. But, I still liked this minor piece of character-building. This whole interaction between her and the Forgers in this scene did a lot for her character. She’s a real character now.

Also, my guess is that Anya understood who Handler was. At the end of their conversation, Anya refers to her as an important lady. That could be because she introduced herself as a government agent. But, there’s another clue here. Anya also brought up not going to school if she didn’t get Bond.

She could have been saying this because she knew how her father would react. But, it seems more likely to me that she understood Handler is her father’s boss. So, in this instance, her threat of not going to school had more weight. Loid and Handler can’t jeopardize their mission.

Operation: Anya Has a Dog

I forgot that the reason Anya wanted a dog was so she could help her father with his mission. After receiving a Stella Star, Loid told Anya that he’d get her a dog because she previously asked for one.

But, the reason she asked for one in the first place was so she could use it to get closer to Damian. She knows he has a dog, and so she figured she could score an invite to his house if she had a dog too. And, that would help Loid get close to Damian’s father.

Before telling Damian about Bond, Anya did a test run with Becky, who also has a dog. After telling Becky she got a dog, Becky’s reaction was to ask if she could come over to see it. That’s not exactly what Anya was looking for, but it’s close enough.

Anya telling Becky she has a dog from the anime series Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 15
Anya telling Becky she has a dog

So, with her trial run a success, she confronts Damian with her big news. And, as expected, it didn’t go as Anya intended. She didn’t even consider the fact that Becky and Damian might react differently. Damian isn’t her friend like Becky is. So, why would he care that she got a dog?

Luckily for Anya, she got a second chance when Damian asked what her dog’s name was. But, this is where Anya shot herself in the foot. At this point, Bond didn’t yet have a name. So, Anya was going around bragging about her new, unnamed dog.

It might be too early to call Operation: Anya Has a Dog a failure. It’s possible that Damian meets Bond later on and does invite Anya over to meet his own dog. But, I feel pretty confident in saying that’s not going to happen. It’d be too easy.

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Bond Forger

Do people actually train dogs to use litterboxes indoors like cats? When I saw Anya doing that with Bond, it seemed very strange to me. I get that the Forgers live in an apartment in a city. But, it still seems like taking the dog outside would be the best course of action.

It’s also not like Bond’s a small dog. He’s larger than Anya. I could maybe understand someone doing that with a very small dog. But definitely not a dog as large as Bond. Also, maybe don’t get a large dog if you’re in an apartment anyway.

Moving on, I brought this up in the Episode 14 review, but I’m not convinced Bond is going to have much of an impact. He can’t actually communicate with the other characters. So, that limits the ways in which he can participate in the events of the series.

Anya and Bond sleeping from the anime series Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 15
Anya and Bond sleeping

Sure, there are a lot of fun ways to incorporate Bond’s future sight ability. For example, he could see a future in which Yuri uncovers Yor’s or Loid’s secret during a visit. And then it would be up to Anya to prevent that future from coming to pass.

But, how long will it take for Bond’s future sight ability to get old? If it’s used often, it won’t take long at all. So, this seems like something that’s going to be relatively rare. My guess is that it won’t happen more than 2 more times for the rest of the season.

The good news is that since Bond is the family dog, we can have episodes that don’t include him at all. If there’s an episode focused on Anya at school, Bond wouldn’t be present. And that’s good because it takes the pressure off Bond to do something interesting.


What do you think of Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 15? Do you think we’ll ever learn more about Handler’s daughter? Would you invite Becky over to meet your dog? And, do you think Bond is a good name? Personally, I prefer Lucky Vanilla Princess III.

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