Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 18

Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 18

Eden College Exam Time

Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 18 introduces a new weakness of Anya’s telepathy. Apparently, she can’t use her power on days when there’s a New Moon. Why is this the case? We’re not given an explanation. All Anya knows is that she overheard scientists say that.

And, Anya has experienced many New Moons since she became a telepath. So, she knows that what she overheard is true, even if she doesn’t know why. But, the real reason for this is a little thing called plot convenience.

Anya’s upcoming exams wouldn’t be much of a problem if she could simply read the minds of her classmates. So, of course, the exams happen to fall on a day with a New Moon. It seems Anya will have to study for her exams the old-fashioned way.

Damian bragging about his quiz score to Anya from the anime series Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 18
Damian bragging about his quiz score to Anya

We also need to keep in mind that exams are one of the times throughout the year when students can earn Stella Stars. The exams cover 4 subjects, and the top 2 students for each subject in each grade earn a Stella Star. On the other hand, any student who fails an exam earns a Tonitrus Bolt.

If Anya can manage to be in the top 2 for all 4 of her exams, she’ll earn 4 Stella Stars. With those, her total would be 5 of the 8 she needs. And if she fails all 4 exams, which is much more likely, she’ll have 4 of 8 Tonitrus Bolts.

Another issue is that these exams are only the midterms. If Anya fails all her midterms and fails all her finals, she’ll reach 8 Tonitrus Bolts and get expelled. So, while it’s unlikely Anya will earn any Stella Stars, she needs to make sure she doesn’t fail any exams.

Yuri-Sensei Tutors Anya

After Loid has little success tutoring Anya, Yor decides to ask Yuri to take over. Naturally, Yuri immediately accepted. It didn’t matter what Yor asked him to do. He would have accepted anything his sister asked of him.

Something you may have forgotten is that this was the first time Yuri and Anya met. The last time Yuri came over, Anya was already asleep. And, of course, Anya became very excited when she figured out that Yuri is a member of the secret police.

Yuri, however, wasn’t immediately taken with Anya. As far as he knows, Anya is Loid’s biological daughter. And since Yuri views Loid as the man who stole his sister away from him, Yuri doesn’t like Anya by default. And when he learns about Anya’s lack of general knowledge, his view of her only gets worse.

Yuri and Yor reacting to Anya saying the nice things she'll do for Yor from the anime series Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 18
Yuri and Yor reacting to Anya saying the nice things she’ll do for Yor

Anya may not be very book-smart. But, it didn’t take very long for her to figure out that Yuri is an absolute siscon. And so, she tells him about the nice things she hopes to do for Yor after she passes her exam.

With his new motivation, Yuri begins working even harder to tutor Anya. Unfortunately, all his hard work was for nothing. By the end of the tutoring session, Anya didn’t even know what subject she had been learning. And with that, Yuri quit his job as Anya’s tutor and exited the apartment.

In the end, maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing that Anya didn’t know what subject she was studying. After Yuri left, Loid picked up the book he was using to teach Anya with and noticed it was a foreign language book. Anya doesn’t have a foreign language exam.

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From Twilight to Daybreak

In the final part of the episode, we’re introduced to a new character, Agent Daybreak. Daybreak is Loid’s foil character. Imagine someone who’s the opposite of Loid in every way, and you have Daybreak. Even his code name is the opposite of Loid’s.

I can never remember if Loid works for the East or the West. But, that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that Daybreak works for the opposite side. And he’s the most incompetent spy imaginable. Though, even calling him a spy seems like a bit of a stretch.

You see, Loid is a real spy. He works for WISE, which is a secret government agency. As far as we know, Daybreak doesn’t work for any similar organization. He’s a free agent whom someone hired to alter the Desmond brothers’ scores on their exams. Specifically, his mission is to lower their scores.

Agent Daybreak celebrating a successful mission from the anime series Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 18
Agent Daybreak celebrating a successful mission

As you might expect, Loid wanted nothing to do with Daybreak. But, they were both breaking into Eden College’s vault at the same time. And because of how sloppy Daybreak was, Loid had to cover for him so he wouldn’t jeopardize Loid’s own mission.

This cover included helping Daybreak get passed security and into the vault. But, it also included stopping Daybreak from doing things like autographing his work. In the end, he even had to undo the alterations Daybreak made to the Desmond brothers’ exams. Why? Loid needs both Anya and Damian to become Imperial Scholars.

If Damian were to get expelled for receiving 8 Tonitrus Bolts, Loid’s mission would be a failure. And the same is true if Damian doesn’t earn 8 Stella Stars and become an Imperial Scholar. But, that’s not as extreme of a failure. There are other ways to get Anya close to Damian.


What do you think of Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 18? Did you expect Anya to get any Stella Stars or Tonitrus Bolts? How did you feel about Anya meeting Yuri for the first time? And do you think Daybreak is going to be a recurring character or a one-off? Let me know in the comments.

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