Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 21

Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 21

Fiona Frost: Agent Nightfall

Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 21 officially introduces Fiona Frost, one of Loid’s colleagues. We’ve seen her in the ED all season. And she made a brief appearance in Episode 20. But, she’s finally here as a named character.

Something you may have noticed is the similarity between Loid’s and Fiona’s codenames. Loid’s is Twilight and Fiona’s is Nightfall. We also know there’s an “Agent” Daybreak. Well, their codenames actually represent where they’re from. I didn’t make the connection until we learned Fiona’s codename.

You see, Twilight and Nightfall are spies for Westalis, the country in the West. And Daybreak is from whatever the Eastern country is called. The sun rises in the East and sets in the West. That’s why Daybreak is from the East and both Twilight and Nightfall are from the West. Though, I should point out that Daybreak gave himself that name to be the opposite of Twilight.

Fiona Frost visiting the Forgers from the anime series Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 21
Fiona Frost visiting the Forgers

Anyway, Fiona is one of the top spies in WISE. We don’t know exactly how high up she is. But, we know Loid is the #1 spy in the West. We know he helped train Fiona. And we know that other WISE agents view Fiona as competing with Loid.

From all that, we can assume she’s a competent spy, unlike Daybreak. But, Fiona has one major flaw — she’s obsessed with Loid and wants to marry him. In fact, she wants to go beyond marrying him. She wants to give him everything.

I’m expecting this to cause Fiona to make a few mistakes during their joint mission in the next episode. And I’m also expecting to be disappointed by her character. The fact that she’s obsessed with Loid feels like Yor being the clumsy housewife all over again.

Yor Forger’s Greatest Foe

I’m not sure why the author is unable or unwilling to write normal, adult female characters. Well, that’s not entirely true. Sylvia Sherwood’s character isn’t bad. But, she’s a much more minor character than Yor. And I’m assuming even Fiona is going to surpass her in relevance.

But, at least Yor now has a rival. I can see Fiona being to Yor what Yuri is to Loid. And my hope is that having a rival will give Yor some better content. Is that actually going to be the case? Probably not.

Still, what could a Fiona and Yor rivalry look like? Well, let’s look at Yuri and Loid. Yuri wants to separate Loid from Yor because he believes Loid isn’t good enough for her. That’s pretty much the same for Fiona. She wants to separate Yor from Loid because she believes Yor isn’t good enough for him.

Yor reacting to Anya hugging her from the anime series Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 21
Yor reacting to Anya hugging her

On top of that, Yuri is pretty sure that Loid is working for Westalis. So, part of their dynamic is that Yuri’s trying to out Loid as a spy so that he can have Loid arrested. I could see something similar happening with Fiona and Yor.

I doubt she’ll ever get concrete proof. But, Fiona could start to suspect that Yor moonlights as an assassin. And, if she does, outing Yor as an assassin would become Fiona’s goal. If Fiona manages to do that, Yor won’t be able to be with Loid anymore.

Also, Anya is a key component in both of these rivalries. When Yuri saw how happy Anya makes Yor, he didn’t want to make Yor sad by separating them. And when Fiona saw how much Anya loves Yor, she realized how hard it will be to get Loid to replace Yor.

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Agent Penguin Is Dead

If you stopped watching the episode when the ED began, you missed about a quarter of the episode. In the post-credits scene, Bond destroys Anya’s Agent Penguin plush she got at the aquarium. He bites and scratches it because he’s jealous that she slept with it instead of him.

And because this is a plush that Loid got for her, Agent Penguin means a lot to Anya. She doesn’t want to replace it. So, Yor offers to fix it. And, who would have guessed that Yor offering to fix it would only make things worse?

Seriously, the author should kill Yor off at this point. As a viewer, that would be less painful than seeing how he writes her character.

But, the good news for Anya is that Loid saves the day by actually fixing Agent Penguin. At least, to the best of his abilities.

Loid and Anya discovering Agent Penguin's mutilated corpse from the anime series Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 21
Loid and Anya discovering Agent Penguin’s mutilated corpse

To be fair, I didn’t think this part of the episode was all that good aside from Anya freaking out. Well, the entire episode wasn’t that good. But, at least we got to see an iconic panel from the manga animated. It’s when Anya asks to sleep with Agent Penguin.

The panel itself isn’t really anything special. However, I’ve seen so many edits of it of Anya asking for and Loid giving her different things. It’s become one of those scenes that I can’t take seriously at this point. You know, like those Tokyo Ghoul and Magical Girl Site panels that have become memes.

Anyway, this was the first time Bond has been relevant in a while. Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s for the best that he isn’t one of the main characters since there aren’t that many ways to use him.


What do you think of Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 21? Did you realize the agent codenaming conventions before I pointed them out? Do you think Fiona is going to get the Yor treatment from the author? And, do you know the manga panel I was talking about with Agent Penguin? Let me know in the comments.

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