Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 22

Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 22

The Campbelldon

Loid and Fiona’s joint mission begins in Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 22. Their mission is to acquire a painting currently owned by a member of the government. This painting is important because it may hold information that could start a war.

The exact information held within the painting isn’t clear — if it even exists at all. It could hold secrets about war crimes committed by either country. But, WISE’s mission is to prevent war from breaking out at all costs. So, no matter what the information in the painting is, they can’t let it come to light.

So, how are Loid and Fiona going to get their hands on this painting? By entering and winning an underground tennis tournament, of course. The winners of the tournament can take any one piece of artwork from Mr. Campbell’s collection.

Loid and Fiona disguised as tennis players from the anime series Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 22
Loid and Fiona disguised as tennis players

Since the Campbelldon is an underground tournament, the rules are more like suggestions. Competitors can use performance-enhancing drugs. They can use specialized equipment, such as a jet-propelled racket. And they may even need to dodge traps built into the court itself. But, the one thing the event organizers frown upon is rigging matches.

The thing is, it’s hard to say where the line is when it comes to rigging matches. Everything I mentioned in the previous paragraph is fair game. But, we can assume that paying off the opposing team would cross the line. So, what about drugging the opposing team so that they play worse?

You could make the argument that it’s fair. You could view it as drug use or a trap. I mean, just because the other team is drugged doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to lose. It’s not the same as throwing a match.

Fiona’s Mission to Win Loid’s Heart

Despite not having any real experience playing Tennis, Loid is a pro. In fact, he’s better than a pro. And Fiona is just as skilled as Loid is. However, I have a feeling she’s not new to the sport.

I don’t think she mentioned this in the episode, but she definitely practiced a lot. There’s no way she didn’t spend every waking hour training for this tournament. This is her best shot at showing Loid how much better she is than Yor. She’s not someone to let that chance slip away.

The only problem is that Fiona doesn’t realize that she can’t replace Yor. She’s so busy obsessing over Loid that she doesn’t see the issues that would cause. Fiona can’t replace Yor for the simple fact that Yor was already chosen to play the role of Loid’s wife.

Fiona fantasizing about winning the Campbelldon with Loid from the anime series Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 22
Fiona fantasizing about winning the Campbelldon with Loid

Remember that Eden College has some very strict rules for the families of its students. Why did Loid need to get married in the first place? Because students needed to have 2 parents who were married. Appearances are everything at Eden College.

How would it look if Fiona suddenly took over as Anya’s mother? Not good. The only reason Yor was acceptable is because of the backstory Loid came up with. His first wife died years ago and he only married Yor after a proper mourning period. Also, he retconned their marriage date back a year.

The school now knows Yor as Loid’s wife and Anya’s mother. So, nobody can replace her without causing problems. Even if Yor died, that would be an issue.

At the end of the day, Fiona’s fantasies of being with Loid won’t ever become real. And it has nothing to do with him loving Yor.

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Campbell vs. Phony

In the final match of the Campbelldon, Loid and Fiona face off against Campbell’s children. And this is where the legality of drugging your opponents comes into play. The Campbells have been drugging their opponents before each match.

But, the thing is, they seem good enough to have won all those matches on merit anyway. Well, as long as you consider their specialized rackets to be legal. So, was there a reason for them to resort to drugging the other competitors? Not really. They’re definitely the best players other than Loid and Fiona.

Anyway, in the first match of the finals, the Campbells sweep Loid and Fiona. This is because Loid and Fiona are feeling the effects of the drugs. They didn’t get a very high dose. But, it was enough that they weren’t able to respond to the Campbell’s pressure.

Fiona missing the ball in the Campbelldon finals from the anime series Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 22
Fiona missing the ball in the Campbelldon finals

In the second match, it’s Loid and Fiona who do the sweeping. Up until this point, they had been playing as if it was a singles tournament. But now, they begin to play like a real team. It’s the only way they can keep up with their opponents.

And at the very end of the episode, the third match of the finals begins. This is when traps on the court come into play. By traps, I just mean that parts of the court can raise and lower to throw players off balance. It’s not as if buzzsaws are coming up out of the floor — yet.

I’m expecting Loid and Fiona to win in the end. And I’m looking forward to how they celebrate their win. Whatever Loid does, Fiona will probably take it as him confessing his love to her, or something. It should be entertaining.


What do you think of Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 22? Do you prefer Fiona’s tennis player look over her normal appearance? How do you feel about Fiona as a character overall now that we’ve had an episode focusing on her? And, do you think Loid and Fiona will win? Let me know in the comments.

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